30-Day Book Challenge: Day 11 – Book You Hated

Day 11: A book you hated.

The Geisha with the Green Eyes by India Miller as it does nothing but fetishize and sexualise Japanese people and is loaded with incorrect information about Japanese history and culture. This is the perfect example of cultural appropriation and use of romanticised stereotypes as a means of lazy and disrespectful writing.

geisha green eyes

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15 thoughts on “30-Day Book Challenge: Day 11 – Book You Hated

  1. *cough* Maze Runner*cough* O my God how can you write a book about a group of kids trapped in a horrible situation, and not MAKE ONE OF THEM REMOTELY LIKEABLE OR RELATABLE!

  2. Hmmm… A book that I hated. I think the one that comes to mind was The Silmarillion. I just could not finish that one. It was a very boring book, and after reading 100 pages of it and having encountered a gazillion characters I just simply quit reading it.

    • Yeah… I read it in its entirety once but it is super duper dense to say the least. I almost gave up on it, but due to the vast amount of characters and history, I honestly don’t remember much of what I read. 😩

      • It really is a boring read…it was just way too dense for my liking, and the amount of characters was just insane. Oh well…not all books can be winners 😊

    • The Silmarillion is not a book you want to read as a fiction prose, but more as a history book, as that is what Tolkien wrote. If you go into that way it becomes much easier to digest.

  3. I’ve been seeing and liking your 30-Day Challenge and I’m always curious on how this one works.. hehe.. I’m planning to do it next month… Can I borrow your challenge?

    • The challenge itself is something I found on Pinterest. The only thing that’s mine are the graphics; the one I use as a header/title photo in every challenge post and the one that lists all of the questions which can be found on my Day 1 post. 🙂 Aside from the graphics I made, the challenge is pretty much free game and you’re welcome to do it.

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