30-Day Book Challenge: Day 14 – Book to Film That Was Total Bullshit

Day 14: A book that was turned into a film & completely desecrated.

There are two that I loathe (the films) equally. First, All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which was turned into a film by Hollywood called “Edge of Tomorrow.” All I’m going to say about it is: hell motherfucking no, and ew Tom Cruise, extra no.

The second one is The Hobbit Trilogy by Peter Jackson. A) It should only have been one, long film and B) Are you fucking kidding me??? It was a terribly messy film with some of the worst production that I have seen in a long time, which blows my fucking mind because The Lord of the Rings films (the extended editions mostly) were pretty decent.

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18 thoughts on “30-Day Book Challenge: Day 14 – Book to Film That Was Total Bullshit

  1. O man this is one of those topics that can be super decisive and polarizing based on someone’s enjoyment of the source material. There has been a lot of terrible adaptions, but the one that springs to mind based on my enjoyment of the books and the potential for some awesome films, would be the Percy Jackson films, this had a chance to be a better Harry Potter, but it seemed like they didn’t know if they would make more then one, so the first one had a lot of rushed story telling, and then the second one came out several years later and just couldn’t sustain the series.

    • I remember watching the first PJ film prior to ever reading the books and it was not good at all. But you’re right, the material is there for it to be phenomenal if we can someone to make the films who actually respects it.

    • I watched the film so long ago, but I do remember feeling very disappointed with it. I watched it shortly after reading the book.

  2. This is the first time I think that I am going to disagree with you (lol…well, there is a first time for everything I guess 😂😂). I really liked Edge of Tomorrow, and the first two Hobbit films I enjoyed very much as well. It’s the third one though, that really did ruin the trilogy. Oh well…it’s always fun to me that people always experience movies totally different 😊😊

    • Hey, that’s cool! We don’t have to agree on everything. 🙂 I think my disdain for EoT also has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t care for Tom Cruise–him as a person or his acting, and I felt he was a poor choice for the kind of character that he played.

      • Ahh I understand! Sometimes an actor could definitely ruin a movie. I really like Tom Cruise, but there are certainly some actors that ruin films for me as well 😂

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  4. Edge of Tomorrow was complete shit. Just another example of how Hollywood takes a brilliant concept and butchers it with their preconceived notions of what makes a “good” film. I adored the novel though. It was amazing. I also hated the girl they chose in Edge of Tomorrow. She DID NOT fit that role well at all. Well, neither did Cruise. Ugh. Oh man, The Hobbit trilogy WAS really badly put together, and you’re right, it never should have been extended with all of the unnecessary bullshit. I think these two would be my picks as well.

    • OMG YES! I didn’t care for her either. I was like, she is NOT right for this role! It was a cringey experience haha.

  5. My brother and some other bloggers I know really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. I understand why you didn’t like it though!

    My pick would be Netflix’s Death Note live-action.

  6. Lol honestly, I enjoyed both the movie adaptations! EOT was a fun film. I didn’t read the manga but I heard it’s completely different. I would say it’s moreso “inspired” by the manga vs based off of it. The Hobbit trilogy was also fun. Like they obviously milked it for all they could, but I didn’t mind it. I can see how hardcore fans might be more picky but I’ve seen way worse book-movie adaptations, ex. the tragedies done with Avatar: The Last Airbended, DBZ, & Eragon, to name a few.

    • It was actually a novel first. The manga was an adaptation of the novel, not the original source material. While it was a good adaption (the manga), the novel is the best.

    • Omg… Avatar and DBZ… you’re right, those were FAR WORSE, holy shit. I also just don’t like Tom Cruise as a person. He’s a shitty fucking person, so I tend to not like most of his works, I also don’t think he’s a very good actor. All personal pref, lol. I don’t think I would have hated The Hobbit films as much as I did, even with the extra stuff, if the production quality was better. But it was sooo lazy. I honestly couldn’t believe they were done by the same person who did the LotR films.

  7. Agreed. The Hobbit could have been on good film. But the producers knew that, given the fanbase, they’d make buckets more money with three mediocre films than one good one.

    • Yup, and that’s essentially what they were after. I just felt it was such a disrespect to Tolkien and the work he had so wondrously crafted. So disappointing.

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