30-Day Book Challenge: Day 20 – Favourite Romance Book

Day 20: Favourite romance book.

None so far, at least nothing that is strictly from the romance genre as it is not a genre that I read from much at all.

Spance Dandy Kitty

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9 thoughts on “30-Day Book Challenge: Day 20 – Favourite Romance Book

  1. Space Dandy! Lol. Yeah, I ask the same thing as moyatori up there. Any side romances you liked? I don’t read much romance genre either, but once in a while I’ll read pure smut. *shrugs* I’m a lonely housewife lmao.

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  2. Well…I have read one, but….it’s a fantasy novel, and pretty much the most unique romance you might have ever read about. It’s a novel in the Dragonlance saga called The Legend of Huma, which tells the tale of a romance between a silver dragon and a human knight. 😊

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