Favourite Reading Holes #1: Buddhist Garden

Welcome to my blog, BiblioNyan! If you’re a newbie around here, I like to chat about things related to books, otaku culture (anime and manga), and Asian cinema! If you’re returning, then it’s lovely to see you again and I hope that your week is off to a good start.

Today I wanted to start a new and fun (hopefully) segment on my blog where I share with you some of the beautiful places that I come across that have the perfect reading ambiance. It will be one of those serials that I share whenever I have something to share and won’t have a set schedule or timing to it. I wanted to add a bit of spontaneity that is inspirational and comforting.

For the very first instalment, I am going to be sharing with you my favourite place to read out of anywhere else so far: the Buddhist garden at my local Buddhist Temple! Some of you who follow me on Twitter or my personal Instagram account may recognise the photos I’m going to share, and probably already know of my love for this place. It has the most-perfect ambiance for complete chillaxing and undisturbed reading. The garden, particularly on Spring when it is in full bloom, has gorgeous, vibrant flowers, plus there is also a koi pond.

Listening to the sound of the rain or running water amid nature (waves on the beach, creaks, thunderstorms, etc.) are the music to my personal biblio time. It allows me to escape some of the harsh stresses of my life and unwind in a serene means. The bright colours of nature create a positive and warm feeling in my heart, which almost immediately soothes any anxiety that threatens to rise (I’m agoraphobic, so being outside of my house is stressful in and of itself). I would co-relate reading at my temple’s garden to meditating because that is how calm and refreshed I feel when I’m done.


Cherry Blossoms






Koi fishies!


More Koi fishies!


BIG Koi fishies!


Koi Pond on a rainy day.

So, what did you think? Would you want to read here?

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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5 thoughts on “Favourite Reading Holes #1: Buddhist Garden

  1. What a fun idea for a series of posts😊 I can totally understand that you love this as a good place to read. What a beautiful and serene place. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing this😀😊

  2. I’d love to read in a place like that. I live relative close to Osaka Castle, so I get a chance to read with it in my view, usually under a tree. It’s so lovely. WHEN you get to Japan, you’re going to love all of the reading spots.

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