Favourite Reading Holes #2: Duck & Flower Park!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Lately, I have been trying to improve my health and wellness—physical and mental—as a way to gain control of my life again and to live the absolute best life that I am able to do so. Sir Betrothed, my wonderful partner in this crazy journey called life, decided to join me on this adventure as well. So, yesterday instead of sitting around the house watching TV or playing video games, we decided to be more proactive.

We did a quick web search to find places that were close to us and also free since we’re trying to be more financially responsible as well (yay, impromptu cat surgeries). Our search led us to a large park about a half hour from our house that I will be referring to as W.L. Park. It ended up being so breath-takingly lovely with cute animals, tons of trees, and gorgeous flowers. There were also benches all over the place for reading/studying/board gaming/etc. I even managed to take a few photos for my Bookstagram account, The Book Polygamisst (woot, shameless self-promotion). We sat under the shade for a little while to read, but then became distracted with the beauty of our surroundings and hiked through the trails.

The stunning scenery combined with the most-perfect of companionship left my Monday as one of the merriest in a bloody long time. Check out some of our photos below!


A duck pond near a large, beautiful willow tree.


Caught a grazing Canada goose from behind some tree branches.


A small corner with a gazebo overgrown with lush, green vines. Perfect for reading!


There’s a small footpath behind the sitting corner that leads to another pond.


A gaggle of lazy geese.


Bathing and munching Mallards at the second pond beyond the footpath.


Relaxing fountains sit in the middle of one of the ponds.


Tons of benches beneath trees with humongous branches with plenty of shade.


A cute, little birdhouse just chilling off a side footpath.


Mr Moth was trying to evade me, but I managed to get a pic of him on these cool flowers.


Blooming sunflowers marking the end of the Summer season.


I’ve never seen such prickly, vibrantly red flowers before!


A neat little waterfall fountain that marks the halfway point of both sides of the park.

What did you think? Would you read in a place like this?

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

**All photographs were taken by me. Please do not use these without my expressed permission. Thank you!**

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7 thoughts on “Favourite Reading Holes #2: Duck & Flower Park!

  1. These are stunning photos! Very professional. You’re getting damn good with that camera, my darling. Love you, cous.

  2. It looks absolutely amazing. 😍 I sometimes go out into the woods with a book and read. It’s so soothing to just sit under a tree alone, in peace, with no one else nearby.

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