Top 5 Favourite Eberron Novels

The Eberron® universe is my favourite of all the fantasy universes there are (Forgotten Realms®, Dragonlance®, Warhammer®). It is dark and gritty, and has some unique twists on classic fantasy monsters, such as Dragons, Elves, and Dark Elves. I am lucky enough to own every Eberron® novel that has been released, and today I wanted to share my top favourites of those novels with you!

Each of these novels, with the exception of one them, are the first in a series or trilogy, and are perfect places to begin if you are new to the Eberron® universe and looking to learn more about the world of Eberron® outside of reading the original source books, which I also own all of (took me a long bleeding time to get them too, let me tell ya). The number one book on this list, aside from being my favourite fantasy novel written to date, is also one of the very first novels released for Eberron®!

So, please join me on this post that is very near-and-dear to my heart! May you be inspired to manoeuvre your way through an unfamiliar universe, where the stories are dark, the characters multi-dimensional, and the histories rich with lore, fantasy, and magic.

**I am not sponsored to do this post! I’m just really fucking obsessed with Eberron®**


5. Tales of The Last War edited by Mark Sehestedt

This anthology of short stories take place during the Eberron’s® most powerful, impactful, and violent war—one spanning 100 years—and tells tales of many of the characters that you will encounter via the individual novels from the universe, such as the origin of Diran and Ghaji’s relationship (main characters for the number one book on this list). It gives you a taste of where a lot of modern technology from the world originated, as well as fighting styles, noble families’ rise to power, and much more. It is an excellent foundation to begin your Eberron® journey as it covers much of the basics.

4. Bound by Iron (The Inquisitives #1) by Edward Bolme

This book is perfect for fans who enjoy hard-boiled, private detective type of stories. It takes place in the much poorer parts of Karnath, which is one of the Five Nations—the oldest of them actually—that is known for its martial heritage. It follows a Paladin of Dol Dorn (one of the faiths in the universe) named Cimozjen, who was a soldier for a special Karnathi unit. He’s a veteran of The Last War, and now spends his time solving mysteries or helping paying clients with their needs. However, when the body of a very good friend of his washes up in a river, Cimozjen, with the assistance of a couple of comrades, is determined to find out what happened and provide justice.

3. Storm Dragon (The Draconic Prophecies #1) by James Wyatt

Many people who read fantasy may recognise James Wyatt as he is renowned for the contributions he’s made for Dungeons and Dragons®.  The Draconic Prophecies were the only novels in the universe that had a hardback release. This is a must-read for readers that love magical relics, adventure, intricate intrigue, and dragons! It follows a war hero who had his mind fucked-up by the atrocities and wonders he witnessed on his last mission for his nation. Drowning in despair and on the brink of insanity, a band of strangers come across him and offer their assistance. Yet, it isn’t out of the goodness of their hearts. They are after a magical relic that may be the key to saving the world from destruction, and they don’t care if he’s dead or alive to get it.

2. Voyage of the Mourning Dawn (Heirs of Ash Book 1) by Rich Wulf

I will confess that this series is super close to being tied for my number one favourite series from the universe. I would say that readers who like narratives imbued with magic, steampunk and dirigibles, prolonged effects of war, beautiful and haunting landscapes, and complex characters, will find pleasure in this series. It’s also excellently written (they’re all good, but this one is particularly amazing). It follows a street-thief who gets caught up in a quest to find a super-weapon that was believed to be lost during the final days of The Last War. The only thing she’s ever known is poverty, but when she finds herself aboard an airship called Mourning Dawn, and on a trek into strange lands filled with horror and wonder, it is far beyond even her wildest dreams!

1. Thieves of Blood (Blade of the Flame Trilogy #1) by Tim Waggoner

I know, it’s so surprising to see this as my number one (dripping sarcasm). I couldn’t make this list and not have this on here somewhere. The novel (the series really) is absolutely marvellous for anyone who enjoys magic-imbued robots, vampires, tons of magical landscapes and creatures, a brilliant bromance of badasses with dark histories, and diverse relationships. It follows an assassin-turned-priest named Diran Bastiaan and his best friend, a half-Orc named Ghaji. They are travellers who go from place-to-place helping others. However, when they return to Diran’s home city of The Lhazaar Principalities, a dark and dangerous encounter with his past forces them to stay and fight an impending destruction that will be the most difficult fight of his life.

Please, do check out these books if you can! The paperback or print editions of almost all of these are out-of-print, unfortunately, but they can be purchased in e-book format, and are definitely worth the investment if you like classic fantasy with plenty of magic and adventure.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 💜

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Eberron Novels

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  2. This list is awesome and definitely my fav type of books! The Heirs of Ash is on my list for a while now but I hope I finally find time to read them… along with the rest of your recommendations!

  3. These are all excellent novels! I loved the Heirs of Ash series. I kind of want to reread them now, so thanks for that, LOL. it is definitely a darker, grittier world, that’s for sure. Their take on Dark Elves is awesome.

  4. It’s funny, when I mention to people how much I love 40k and it’s lore, as well as DnD, many people recommend this particular universe. This has made me want to shop around for some of the old print books next time I’m in my local used book store!

    • I definitely recommend it! It is a phenomenal universe. It makes me sad that there aren’t any more novels being published for it, as it wasn’t as popular as anticipated. But it definitely deserves the love. If you try anything out, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂

  5. I have been out of the Dungeons and Dragons universes for a while, but I never even heard of this one to be honest (except for you mentioning it ofcourse on an earlier post on your blog 😊). It has been a very long time ago since I last read a fantasty type novel. Lately I onlye seem to venturing into dark science fiction universes…but this setting does sound seriously cool. I will keep my eyes out for it, and your enthusiasm for this really does help in me wanting to check this out. 😊😊

    • It’s an excellent setting if you don’t mind dark, gritty worlds. One of the races are beings who can travel into the dimension of dreams, and they are inspired heavily by tribal communities, which makes them even more interesting and amazing. I definitely recommend you check ’em out one day.

      • Well, dark and gritty worlds are things that I like very much, so these have definitely been added to my to read list! 😊😊

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