Diabolik Lovers: Episode 3 – Unappetising Abuse

You know, those of you who predicted that I may not finish this series are probably not too far off. It’s one of the most sexist, misogynistic, problematic pieces of shit I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some stuff, let me tell you. There’s fetishizing abuse and then there’s fetishizing abuse.

DL Eps. 03 a

Thanks for that fucking understatement, Shū.

In this episode Yui is suffering from a significant lack of appetite. This is more than likely brought on by the stress and trauma of being attacked at every corner she comes across, not to mention the significant amounts of blood loss. The girl is annoying, but she doesn’t deserve this at all. To make matters worse, she keeps being yelled at for saying “no” when people want to drink her blood or for trying to explain that she’s sick because they won’t leave her the fuck alone. Like… seriously? My reaction has mutated from eye-rolling to face-palming to straight up shaking my fist at the screen while spewing vulgarities of all sorts (mothercunter did come out of my mouth on more than one occasion).

Every single one of these kids are spoiled-rotten little brats who’ve never had someone tell them “No, you can’t do this, and if you do it anyway, you’re fucking getting whipped.” On top of that, with more backstory that we get on each individual wanker—this episode was about Shū—it becomes more and more apparent they all have mommy issues. Holy kitty cats.

DL Eps. 03 b


Honestly, at this point I can’t even complain about Yui being an irritating damsel because she is a victim of abuse of the worst kind and multiple forms. The girl is just taking it one day at a time and trying her best to get through them, which is a miracle in and of itself. I feel genuinely bad and mad on her behalf. I mean, there’s even a scene where a couple of these berks play a bleeding game of darts to determine who gets her for the night. DARTS! Talk about the inherent lack of value of an individual… geezuz…

DL Eps. 03 d

“Because I don’t have the bollucks to fight you like an adult!”

I promised my friend I’d watch at least half the series before throwing it out the window (metaphorically, although if I were watching it via DVD/Blu-Ray discs, I’d definitely fucking throw that shit out the second floor windows, no hesitation), so that leaves me with two more to drudge through. FUN STUFF, YOU GUYS (is the sarcasm too heavy? Not heavy enough? Can you hear the tears?)

Send help. Chocolate… or just some really strong whiskey. Whiskey and chocolate make a great pair, actually! Now accepting gifts via telepathy.

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10 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: Episode 3 – Unappetising Abuse

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  2. I don’t have enough time in my life to keep plowing thru a bad anime unless it is so bad that it becomes good.

  3. I saw an episode of Halloween Wars where one person was supposed to combine whiskey (or some other alcohol) and chocolate in their cake, so I will telepathically send you the best combination of that.

  4. Haha….lol 😂😂 No….that wasn’t sarcastic at all. I really can feel the love that you hold for this series. Wait…what do you mean am I being sarcastic😂😂
    Well…as Karandi already sent you some telepathic whiskey, I guess I will be sending you some telepathic chocolates. They are on their way right now! 😊😊

  5. Sending positive thoughts your way. Man, this does sound more and more suffering as time goes on.

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