Diabolik Lovers: Episode 4 – Full Moon of Absurdity

Confounded. That is what I’m feeling right about now. Utterly and truly bloody confounded that people watch this anime, or play the video games, and derive some semblance of pleasure out of it. I honestly don’t understand it at all.

I am someone who tends to like villains and assholes. If they are superficially gorgeous, have an arrogance that is irresistibly charming, have zero fucks to give about…anything really. I’m not above admitting that I tend to love deviously delicious bastards of the sort. Sephiroth, Deadpool, Hisoka, Orochimaru, The Joker, Sesshomaru, Mystique, O-Ren Ishii, Azula—you get the picture. But even though I have a love affair with people like this, I know when someone is just really motherfucking bad news and I absolutely draw the line at rape and behaviour of the sorts. Nope.

Episode four is about a big, bright, bleeding moon that is as full as these morons are of themselves and how it’s an excuse for them to partake in borderline rape because for some reason it gives them an unquenchable thirst. There’s a fountain in your courtyard, bruh. Go drown in it. Boom. Lay there until the moon goes away or you reach your very warranted demise.

DL Eps. 04 g

Then go find a garden hose!

I also don’t understand this culture that society has built surrounding the notion that if a person is screaming at you to stop touching them, kissing them, whatever-the-fuck inappropriate gesture that you’re gesticulating to them, that it automatically means yes. That the very act of saying no is some kind of foreplay that should be construed for you to keep on going. When I say no, I damn well fucking mean no and if you keep touching me, you will lose something that you will fucking need. Not, “Please, keep touching me. I’m obviously so-very-turned-on.” Um… again, NO.

I can’t believe that there people out there, especially young girls, who find this sort of stuff to be sexy at all. The fact that it’s even marketed as something taboo and erotic makes me sick to my stomach. We’re essentially telling girls that it’s okay to be a victim of abuse because it means you’re “special,” while telling boys to ignore women when they say “no” because clearly they’re just playing hard-to-get. Rape culture, particularly the fucking fetishization of rape culture, can go fuck itself. Yeah… I said it… I know.

DL Eps. 04 a

Talking about yourself I see.

With that… I’m tossing in the towel. It’s done. I give up. If I watch anymore of this, I’m just going to turn into an excruciatingly unhappy person and I like being a happy person (when I’m not nerd-raging at video games). I will be doing a review for the anime, though. There are some things I want to discuss (if they’re not obvious already) and this shitty excuse for entertainment is an excellent tool (see what I did there) to discuss said things.

In the meantime… Sono finito! Main isake saath samaapt ho gaya hoon! 私はこれで終わりましたI am done with this shit!

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10 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: Episode 4 – Full Moon of Absurdity

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  3. From what I’ve read of your reviews, you deserve the biggest hug and all the credit for making this far in, this just sounds absolutely terrible.

  4. Well, you made it three episodes further than I did! Although I guess you revealed to the world a way to torture you: tie you to a chair and put Diabolik Lovers on. 😈

  5. She cracked.
    Not that I blame you. Diabolik Lovers is not the most pleasant of viewing experiences and for most it is only something that can be watched for the sake of tearing it apart. Hopefully the next series you try for episodic reviews is a little more enjoyable.

    • I’m definitely going to shoot for a more positive anime for the next episodic experience. I had a feeling I would stop watching it after seeing the first episode, but I trudged on for a little while. My brain finally reached its limit though, haha.

  6. Haha, good for you! I’m glad that you gave this one the drop, as I honestly haven’t heard anything good about this anime at all. There are much more fun animes out there to explore😊

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