September’s Blogsphere Highlights #2

Welcome to the end of September! You know, this month flew by hella fast! I’m in shock that October is here already, but I am also supremely grateful that we are getting closer to 2018 ending. This year has been a fucking shit year and I am so ready for a fresh start. But that is not what this post is about.

Blogsphere Highlights are celebratory posts that share all of the awesome content from around the blogging community that range from books and comics to anime and manga to mental health and travelling. If you’re new to these segments, you can check out the original post here. As per usual, everything will be broken down into respective categories depending on the content of the posts.

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The Best o’ BiblioNyan

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Books & Comics:

📖 Bree @ Falling for Romance has created a superb list of novels that are perfect for the Autumn season! One of the books on the list is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which sounds absolutely brilliant.

📖 Sumedha @ The Wordy Habitat has written an amazing book review for Radio Silence, which is a young adult contemporary novel.

📖 Valerie @ Let’s Book It has written a charming review for Ogre Enchanted, which is part of the Ella Enchanted book series! Fans of Ella Enchanted should not pass this up.

📖 Jenna @ Falling Letters shares with us a lovely book review for Front Desk, which is a middle-grade fiction book written by Kelly Yang.

📖 Jamie @ The Comic Vault has created a YouTube channel with his friend, where they will be talking about comics! I saw their intro video and it’s fantastic! If you’re a watcher of YT vids, then please do visit his channel and show him love.

📖 Vicky has created a “If You Like This…” list that has some wonderful recommendations for readers of all sorts! Additionally, she’s also written a review for Damsel by Elana K. Arnold, which she has described as, “A hard-hitting feminist fantasy that actually embodies the word ‘feminist.’”

📖 Resh @ The Book Satchel has created some mini-reviews of brilliant Japanese literature novels that is a must-read for fans of the genre!

📖 Jason @ The Grim & Gritty Age of Comics has done a retrospective honouring comic artist, Norm Breyfogle, who recently passed away. It’s phenomenally written and highlights some of the artist’s best works.

📖 Nandini @ Unputdownable Books has shared with us an incredible list of fantasy novels that are perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings books, and there is something for fan of all reading ages.

Anime, Manga, & Light Novels:

💫 Michel @ Raistlin0903 has written such a beautiful review for the anime film, A Silent Voice. He talks about the good points, and why it’s such an important film to check out, especially if you’ve ever been a victim of bullying.

💫 Average Joe Reviews shares with us a wonderfully detailed and fascinating review for the anime series How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. They do an awesome break-down of the series and talk about whether it’s worth seeing.

💫 Mistakes Cheerios for Chestos has also written a review for How Not to Summon a Demon Lord by comparing it to the anime Overlord. I found this post on Karandi’s weekly wrap-up post and found the comparison to be rather spectacular!

💫 Jon @ Jon Spencer Reviews has shared a review for the anime Island and chats about the controversy surrounding the show and some other aspects that make it less than great.

💫 Luminous Mongoose @ Otaku Essays & Analyses discusses the incessant need that people have to create waifus of just about everything. It’s a unique subject matter that is thought-provoking and entertaining.

💫 Arthifis @ Arthifis’ Place chats about psychological anime, the different aspects of it and what goes into making it distinctly psychological. He even offers his own personal interpretation of what he considers to be psychological.

💫 Jenn @ Welcome to Hell Zone has created a hilarious list of the best eyebrows of the Summer 2018 anime season. Some of these will make you cry tears.

💫 Karandi @ 100 Word Anime discusses the importance of leaving good final impressions with the finale of a series. Most of the time, we focus on the first impressions, but those lasting impressions are just as important, and Karandi brilliantly discusses how and why.

💫 Irina @ I Drink and Watch Anime talks about anime that she much preferred over their manga counterparts. All of the serials mentioned are absolutely remarkable! I highly recommend you visit Irina.

💫 Xenodude @ Xenodude Scribbles reviews Miss Caretake of Sunoharasō, which is a slice-of-life anime series. This is a great, succinct review that chats about the charm and the shortcomings.

💫 Ka-Chan @ Ka-Chan Anime Reviews has reviewed The Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These and discusses why the series should have been much longer than the 12 episodes that it was given.

💫 Aldael @ Aldael’s Attic explores the archetypal sides of the series Hisone no Masotan, which is a shōnen fantasy series produced by BONES. It’s wonderfully written and really helps focus on archetypes in narratives; how it works and its importance.

💫 Lethargic Ramblings shares his 5 worst anime serials for the summer season. A couple of them are super hyped serials, but he makes valid points on why these shows fell short and aren’t worth watching.

💫 Nefarious Reviews talks about Ponyo, which is a Studio Ghibli anime film, and how, when you strip away the visuals, the story is super one-dimensional and very flat. It was nice to see a review that didn’t rave about the film, as I felt very similarly about it.

💫 Krystallina @ Daiyamanga reviews the shōjo manga series Takane Hana. The review chats about how Hana (the female protagonist) is different from typical shōjo heroines and that adds to the series’ charm.

TV/Films, Video Games, & Entertainment:

📺 Kay @ KDrama Kisses reviews My ID is Gangnam Beauty, which is a South Korean drama about setting aside physical beauty and finding love in the person. It’s such a sweet and interesting reviews that made me very interested in checking out this fluffy series.

📺 Muse @ Dramas With a Side of Kimchi shares unfiltered first impressions for the series 100 Days My Prince, which is a historical South Korean drama show. If you’re a fan of historical dramas, and you’re in the market for something new, then visit Muse and this post!

📺 Kyrios @ Energised and Salty shares a list of 5 great shows currently on Netflix Canada. Peaky Blinders is one of the serials on the list and I am obsessed with that series. It is brilliant with some of the best acting ever, and only gets better with each season. The list has brilliant shows, so go check it out.

📺 Another one from Jon @ Jon Spencer Reviews, this time for a discussion on the value of re-watching. Should it matter? How does it add to a show’s appeal? As a person who gauges the value of a series (my enjoyment and my love for it) based on if I can re-watch it, I loved this post so much and related to many facets.

📺 Arthifis returns with a masterful review for one of the best video games around, Nier: Automata. If you’ve never played it and have been on the fence, read his review and discover that you must try this game out!

📺 Pete @ Moe Gamer reflects on the PlayStation Vita, how it’s such an underappreciated console, and chats about some of the awesome titles released for it. I love the PS Vita and this post resonated with my heart so beautifully.

📺 Mike @ Reggie Reviews plays and reviews the game Blade Strangers. It’s so entertaining, in-depth, and super engaging to read. If you’re searching for a new game on your Nintendo Switch, PS4, or PC, then give this review a read over and see if Blade Strangers is the title for you!

Mental Health & Blogging:

🖱️ Pop Culture Literary discusses self-care in anime, which I absolutely loved. The post focuses on strengths we have and how it can be a source of positivity, as well as how discouraging it can be when we aren’t able to see our strengths. It’s such powerful and extraordinary post. Highly recommended.

🖱️ Mel @ Mel in Anime Land also tackles the subject of self-care using the anime Psycho-Pass as an example. It’s candid and marvellously written. I also found it to be very introspective while reading, and it helped me realise a lot of things about myself.

🖱️ Mike @ Merlin’s Musings gets personal with a post about struggling with finding a place to belong, and how rewarding and comforting that feeling of belonging can be once you find it. He uses the Disney film Hercules as reference. This was another one I related to on a very personal level.

🖱️ Jamie @ The Comic Vault chats about reasons why comics can help improve mental health. This is a personal post for Jamie as he has experience with mental health, and I am someone who constantly struggles with mental health, I felt this to be a simple yet extraordinary post. Most, if not all, of the reasons listed are reasons why I love comics to much and appreciate their presence in my life.

🖱️ Shruti @ This is Lit gives some advice on how to write headlines that will make your blog irresistible! As someone who tends to suck so badly at concocting headlines, I appreciated this post and will refer to it as an active blogger!

🖱️ Rain @ Book Dragonism chats about the Dos and Don’ts of blogging, which is perfect for both newbie bloggers and veteran bloggers alike. There are always common don’ts such as DON’T STEAL OTHER FOLKS’ STUFF, but then there are some that you don’t ever think about even though you’d expect to. Check out this post and learn the good and bad of blogging.

Travel & Food:

🥢 Jella @ Asiana Circus takes us to Italy to a local gelato shop that has the best gelato in town! She talks about the owner’s story and shares some scrumptious photos!

🥢 Sheryl @ Thoughts of Sheryl takes us to Bangkok and shares some of the sights to see while visiting! The photos are stunning and the experiences super exciting!

🥢 Fragglerocking sweeps us away to Farne Islands and shows us puffins! This is by far one of the most adorable and cutest travel posts ever! I never realised how badly I want to see puffins in real life until I read this post!

🥢 Celia takes us to the Akan Mashu National Park in Japan with her post. The scenery is mind-blowingly stunning and if you’re a nature lover, this is a post you cannot miss! I am definitely going to visit this place when I go to Japan.

🥢 Yamnut @ The Last Word takes us to the Takaragawa Onsen in Japan during the snowy season. It looks so cosy and divine, with the snow giving it an appearance of a city pulled out of a fairy tale. Another place to visit on le journey of Japan.

🥢 Fravitch @ Your Home for Homemade Japanese Food shares a simple and wickedly yummy recipe for a tofu and tomato salad! It’s perfect for vegetarians and fans of tofu! It’s also gluten-free.

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