500 Follower Q&A + Giveaway Winner!!!

HA! I bet you guys probably thought that I forgot about this GIVEAWAY shindig!! No way, friends!! I may have forgotten a lot of things over the past couple months, but this was not one of them.

Today, I will finally be answering all of the questions y’all asked me here on my blog and over on Twitter to celebrate the fact that I finally hit 500 followers! I will also be announcing the giveaway winner in this post, so keep an eye out for that.

I want to take a moment and say thank you once again to everyone who has ever taken the time to read, comment, like, and even silently visit my content. Your support over the past few years has meant so much to me. It has motivated me and inspired me to keep up with my passions, whether books or otaku things, as well as to work through my fears, insecurities, and disappointments. Blogging would not be my gig if not for you all, and I wouldn’t have found a home in the community if I didn’t blog. So thank you so much!

Alrighty, on to the questions and the winner. I will contact the winner within the next few days either via their blog or via twitter to discuss the reward stuff.

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If you could interview one character from a book/anime/manga who would you want it to be and why? – Ayano Kitsune @ Kawaii Paper Pandas

Shit, this is a tough one right off the start. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Shōgo Makishima. I would love to pick his brain as he is super intelligent and has some fascinating views on humanity and survival. I feel the conversation would be super enlightening and intellectually engaging. Plus, I’d get to stare at his handsome face the whole time.

What book recipe works best for you? (Ex: adventure plot + diverse characters, etc.) – Nandini

World-building with multi-faceted characters are my favourite, more so if the characters have an intricate history or backstory. My favourite books tend to have sweeping atmospheres and flawed, imperfect characters who show growth (good or bad) through the narrative. Diversity and Queer orientations are also always an added bonus for me.

Are there any goals that you want to achieve in the upcoming years of your blog? Like a certain post you want to write or something like that? – Michel @ Raistlin0903

Another one that really made me think! Of course it’s from Michel. 😉 I really want to write a few blog posts on the Dune books by Frank Herbert. One of them is a review for each of the novels in the series (the original novels, The Legends, The Prequels, and The Schools trilogies). The others consists of its influence, some of the themes, and things of the sort. Aside from that… I would also love to create an in-depth review catalogue for the Eberron novels. All of these will take time, of course.

Are there any books that have helped you cope with mental disorders, specifically with the protagonist suffering, particularly bipolar? Fiction or real, doesn’t matter, but it’d be nice to have a fictional world. – Lina @ Tiny Ugly Animal

I haven’t read them personally (yet!), but the two novels that come highly recommended include: Little and Lion by Randy Colbert. The MCs brother has bipolar disorder, and I’ve read that the representation of mental illnesses in this book is quite extraordinary. It’s a fiction contemporary novel, possibly young adult. The second one is called A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom. The main character has bipolar and the book is about her struggle with it, how it affects her family and relationships, and how she comes to terms with it. It’s emotionally evocative, but really focuses on bipolar and the individual.

I know you’re back in school, so what are you studying? – Scott @ Mechanical Anime Reviews

I am studying Japanese, firstly, so that I can get JLPT certified. My goal is to get full certification with the language so that I can translate novels from Japanese into English and Hindi. My educational goal is getting my Master’s in Asian Studies: Japanese and focus on the study of Japanese history, culture, and literature while living in Japan. Also, I want to be a writer, haha.

Do you have a favourite book reading anime character? – Karandi @ 100 Word Anime

It would have to be a tie between Shōgo Makishima from Psycho-Pass and Victorique from Gosick. A close second would be Masami Kandō from After the Rain. He has excellent taste in literature!

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What book started your love of reading? – Keiko @ Keiko’s Anime Blog

Oh wow… this is a difficult question because I actually don’t remember my very first book that kicked-off my love for it. I do remember reading The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare by Lilian Jackson Braun, which is a cosy mystery, and it made me fall in love with mystery books. Aside from that, the Goosebumps books are probably my earliest memories of loving books.

Do you take notes by hand or on the laptop? – Rose @ The Wretched and Divine

I desperately need a new laptop, so right now I take notes by hand, which is terrible for my carpal tunnel. When I have a laptop, I like to take notes by hand and then organise them on my laptop. I find it makes for an excellent study tactic. 😊

Worst book you’ve ever read? – Ya Boy Jack @ The Aniwriter

The Geisha with the Green Eyes by India Miller is the most prominent title that pops into my mind. Another would be Horror at Red Hook by H.P. Lovecraft.

If you could go back into time, what historical period would you visit? At what age would you visit yourself and what bookish advice would you give yourself? – Zezee @ Zezee With Books

This is such a cool question! And a hard one to answer. I love history and there are so many time periods I’d kill to witness (not literally, maybe). I think I would choose to go back into time to see if Jesus was a real person and to be able to witness what happened to him. So much of the world’s beliefs and conflicts are steeped in religious discord that being able to legitimately see what is real and what isn’t would be pretty damn mind-blowing.

For your second question, I’d go back into time when I was in junior high (when I started to experience literature aside from books like Goosebumps) and tell myself not to be afraid to read books that seem or feel like they’re too smart for me, such as science-fiction and epic fantasy. I think if I were introduced to these genres at an earlier age, it would have helped me out a lot more with some learning and cognitive struggles I had.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever won in a contest? – Krystallina @ Daiyamanga

I actually haven’t won many contests at all, but of the ones I’ve won, my favourite is the book that I won in Michel’s giveaway. It is the omnibus of the first trilogy written for the Dragonlance universe. It’s such a beautiful UK edition of the trilogy and I cherish it so much.

michel's giveaway prise

Look at that gorgeous white cover! ♥

Giveaway Winner:

Rose from The Wretched and Divine!!

Rose gets $30 to spend on Book Depository since they ship to her location.

There were 11 total entrants, so I rolled 2d6 with 12 being a re-roll! That is how I determined the winner. I wrote all of the people down on a list as they entered. I rolled a 7, which was Rose’s entry number. I thought it’d be a fun way to fairly determine the winner.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to ask questions and participate in the giveaway as a way to help me celebrate! The next giveaway will be at 1,000 followers. Hopefully, one day, I’ll hit that milestone. 💜

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 💜


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