One Day at Horrorland (Goosebumps #16) by R.L. Stine – Book Review

The next ride might be their last…”

goosebumps 16One Day at Horrorland (Goosebumps #16) by R.L. Stine is one of the titles from the middle-grade horror series that I have never read! It was both exciting and slightly nerve-racking to pick this book up as the cover brought back memories of how scared I used to get as a kid just looking at the hideous monster. But I’m glad I pummelled through my fears and read it!

I have reviewed the first ten books in the series in a single post that you can read here. I have also read volume eleven and the mini review for it can be found here. I’m missing volumes twelve through fifteen, so I jumped ahead to sixteen!

One of the big changes that I noticed in this volume versus the others is that is moves ahead pretty fast and jumps right into the nitty, gritty, and creepy parts. I liked it initially because it grabbed my attention much sooner rather than later. However, this ends up costing the story as a whole much later on.

Some of the twists in the last one-third of the book felt like they were pulled out of nowhere and rather random. This took away from the anxiety-ridden tone that the events up to the first odd twist had established. At this point I began to recognise that if the beginning took its time as per routine with the series than maybe the need for such dissimilar twists wouldn’t have been necessary.

Overall, One Day at Horrorland does a superb job of being very creepy, particularly when you consider some of the grotesque and gross descriptions of the scenery or creatures. It just rushes to an end with some awkward plot twists that take away from the scare-factor.

3.5 doom slides outta 5!

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