Upcoming Bookish & Otaku Birthday Shenanigans!



I know, so dramatic. But I have missed y’all so much! The much needed hiatus has been going well, but you know, I absolutely fucking suck at relaxing (go figure).  So, I thought it would be fun to pop in and briefly share with you some of the books that I will be reading this week as well as chat a bit about stuff I’ll do on my birthday that is coming up on the 24th. While I’m back for today, I’m not officially back to full-time blogging for another week or so.

Can y’all believe that I’m going to be 31 years old? I sure as hell can’t. 😱😱 I feel like this year just ran past me like The Flash, leaving me standing in the smoke, scratching my head at what the fuck just happened. While I can gripe about the bad, I won’t. All things considered, the year hasn’t been a complete arse-kicking. I still have my health (mostly), the beloved beverage of milo, the company of Sebastian Michaelis and Kheb, and my love for vulgarities. What more can a gender non-conforming hooman ask for?

Sebastian Bloody 01

I hope that y’all are healthy and happy. If things are rough for you, then that’s okay too. Don’t fret. Sometimes we need to let ourselves bask in the bad for a minute so that we can feel refreshed and ready to embrace the good. My support, love, and well wishes are with you always.

SO! Whatever shall Neko be doing for their birthday this year? Will they be having a rager with booze and good food? Will they be napping like a grizzly in winter? Or will they be sacrificing puppies to the Old Gods for rain because this is California and rain is a miracle around here? Honestly… I’ll probably be doing some combination of the first two. No sacrifices shall be happening unless they are of eight-legged critters. In that case, I have my ninja sword and rapier, as well as a bottle of spider spray ready to go (and no, I’m not joking; I legit have all of these things).

My “rager” will be me getting my hands on a 12-pack of YooHoo in juice boxes because I don’t know anything about drinking alcohol aside from the fact that I love Scotch (Macallan anyone? Also, if Irina wants to offer up some suggestions, I’m totally open to it. 😇😇) and watching anime and playing video games. There shall also be delicious food followed by a slice of green tea cheesecake to celebrate the getting older bit.

While this isn’t the most glamourous way to party, it’s perfect for my introverted self. There shall also be reading. Lots of reading because what kind of birthday can a bibliophile have if books aren’t involved?

So… check out the stuff I’ll be reading and watching and playing down below and know that I haven’t disappeared permanently. I’m just doing a spot of relaxing as ordered by my doctors for my both my physical and mental health. Relaxation is such a bitch of a boss fight, but I’m managing and eagerly counting the days until my return. I also wanted to say thank you to y’all for being the best blogging mates a person can ask for.

shinigami cutie

Reading Stuff:

The Boy in the Earth by Fuminori Nakamura

I have been addicted to Fuminori Nakamura ever since I finished two of his psychological thrillers. I don’t think any modern author can write for this genre quite like Nakamura-san. His stories embody everything that makes psychological thriller psychological and its blood brilliant. This specific book has also won the Akutagawa Literary Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in Japan.

The book follows an unnamed taxi driver in Tokyo working a night shift, picking up fares that gives him glimpses into the lives of ordinary, everyday people. Meanwhile, he can’t escape his own nihilistic thoughts. Almost without meaning to, he ends up putting himself into harm’s way by daydreaming of suicide and imaging himself returning to earth in disturbing fantasies that eventually become blackout episodes. When his long-estranged father reaches out to him, it triggers traumatic memories that forces him to wrestle with twisted truths from his childhood and a history of violence.

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada

Embracing this love of thrillers that I’ve had going on for the past few months, I decided to pick-up a classic in the genre, originally written in the 1980s. This novel is the epitome of a locked-room murder mystery, at least the foundation for it is. It then expands with serial killings that make the narrative highly intellective, suspenseful, and morbid. So… a perfect blend for yours truly.

It begins in the mid-1930s, where an old eccentric artist surrounded by seven women has been found dead. In a locked room from the inside, there’s a testament of alchemy, astrology, and a complex plan to kill these women. Afterwards, the plan is carried out and the seven ladies are found chopped-up and buried across rural Japan.

Flash forward to the late 1970s where these Tokyo Zodiac Murders have been baffling and terrorising an obsessed nation for decades. A mystery-obsessed illustrator and an astrologer decide to set off around the country, following discovered clues and misleads in an attempt to unravel the truth behind these killings as well as the ultimate culprit.

A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman & Rafael Albuquerque (artist)

For my last pick, I went with something a tad bit different. While it is still very much a mystery, one steeped in fantasy no less, it’s not as fucked-up as the others, and it’s a graphic novel! Neil Gaiman is Sir Betrothed’s favourite author, which was the main reason I snagged this from the library this past week, but they are letting me read it first for my birthday and well, they don’t have to tell me twice! Aside from the author, I’m also super excited about the illustrator who is the same artist that works on the American Vampire graphic novel series.

A Study in Emerald has been described as a complex combination of a Sherlockian-type supernatural mystery set amid the Cthulhu Mythos from the crafty mind of Lovecraft (ha ha, see what I did there? Yeah… I know…), while taking place in the slums of Whitechapel all the way to the Queen’s palace!

Gaming & Animu Stuff:

Anime wise, I’m going to stick to one franchise, which will be Black Butler! I will specifically be watching Black Butler: Book of Circus (re-watch) and Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic (first-time). I absolutely love that sexy, demonic butler man and when I get read for that birthday nap, I can’t think of a better way to lull myself to sleep aside from the visions of his sweet, sweet badassry. Book of Circus is my favourite of the three seasons so far because watching Sebastian get tiger-loved (bitten) is adorable, as well as watching him be a naughty, naughty butler with one of the characters is super amusing to me. Book of the Atlantic will be a new experience for me and I was lucky enough to get it as a present from Sir Betrothed this year. Although, I’m not physically allowed to open the package until Wednesday. That sadist. 😭 😭 There may also be an indulgent Initial D showing as well because I just can’t resist the best anime of all-time (for me).

For video games, I’m going to stick to my favourite genre: Japanese role-playing games (JRPG). Right now I’m trying to decide between a replay of Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5. After finishing the anime for the latter, the urge to dive into both has been bloody strong. Although, I haven’t seen the anime for Persona 4 Golden, so I could watch that and play P5. I’m also going to work on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. I know… ambitious, but I like to have tons of options to appease my blasted ADHD.

Well, that about does it for my ruthlessly planned birthday shenanigans. If none of these things can help me relax, then there’s no hope for this workaholic kitty, haha. Wishing you all a contented week ahead. I have a couple more things to share here on le blog between now and the end of October, but my full return shall commence on November 1st!

Take care, y’all!

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 💜


23 thoughts on “Upcoming Bookish & Otaku Birthday Shenanigans!

  1. I’m very glad to see you back here again: and I look forward to your full return! I hope you will have a fun 31st birthday!. Enjoy it to the fullest, as you deserve it. Really glad so see you back: I’ve missed you! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I think it’s going to be rather swell and I’m looking forward to that cheesecake, lol. I’m very excited about being back! I’m going to take more initiative on anime reviews/content and stop being afraid of not being good enough with that sort of content. I’m working on not letting fear/insecurities hold me back from doing things I am passionate about, which is what this break ended up being about. It was much needed and I’m glad I took it. 🙂 Thanks for your support. I cherish it, always. ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, that sounds really good! And honestly I would say that you have nothing to worry about at all. I love all your content! And your posts are always worth reading! 😊😊 But I’m glad to hear that the break helped you! 😊


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