October’s Blogsphere Highlights!

Happy late night to all! I hope that you had a safe and fun Halloween! I did some adulting things, like grocery shopping and doing laundry. I’m not a big fan of super large social gatherings, so it ended up being a comfy and kick-back gig.

Welcome to a very late edition of October’s Blogsphere Highlights. Some of you may have noticed that I kind of went on a hiatus this month, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep up with what y’all have been putting out. There were tons of amazing content being put out, including some brilliant bloggers starting up new segments over in their corners.

Please check them out below! As per usual, it’s all broken down by categories. If you’d like to be featured on these segments, please let me know in the comments.

Natsume Week Collaboration:

This month a fellow anime blogger named Scott shanghaied some people to celebrate the anime Natsume’s Book of Friends. I was lucky enough to be invited to participate and it was one of the most fun I’ve had all year with blogging. Our individual posts can be found below.

Books & Comics:

Vicky chats about brilliant Asian protagonists who were always Asian from the beginning. The post is about creating token characters and changing race like a flip of a switch, and how harmful that can be to marginalised readers, as well as how unethical that is for an author to do.

Jamie chats about why Jason Todd was a much better Robin than he’s ever given credit for. I really liked this post because it sheds light on Jason Todd in a contemplative way, and I feel this is an excellent read for fans of the Batman comics. He’s also written a glorious examination on the psychology of The Riddler character from the same franchise.

Bree shares with us a lovely book review for The Devil’s Heart by Candace Osmond that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is a fan of fantastic romance narratives. I don’t usually read from this genre, but Bree’s review is so full of heart that I plan on checking this one out.

Rose has written her first book review for a novel by one of my favourite authors, No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. It’s an #OwnVoices Japanese novel. The book is one of his most famous titles and a great place to begin if you’re interested in the author. Check out her review!

Resh has written a spectacular discussion post about a debate that has arisen on about Bookstagram folks taking photos with open books. Her words are filled with wisdom and phenomenal insight, and it’s one of the best discussions on the subject that I’ve read.

Anime, Manga, & Light Novels:

Jon Spencer has written some of the most beautiful posts on anime that I’ve read all month. The first on is a miniature review for the Napping Princess anime film. It chats about the good and the not-so-good that is very engaging. The second one is as much of a post on the Violet Evergarden anime special as it is an intimate exploration of Jon’s personal connection to it. It’s deeply evocative and so, so lovely.

Lina shares seven of her top anime openings that have been performed live! I love anime music and find most of them to be rather upbeat and inspiring. So being able to see videos of their live performances was extraordinary.

Irina chats about how she deals with unpleasant anime fandoms. I really enjoyed this as it’s intellective and makes a person think about their behaviour within fandoms, as well as how fandom mentalities can be rather toxic.

Ayano talks about top ten gory anime that are absolutely delightful for spoopy Halloween fun, or just the ideal things to check out if you enjoy dark, sensationally violent, and fucked-up narratives. It’s an amazing list of superb titles.

Marion has written one of the best posts on Banana Fish that I have read yet where they chat about how the series plays around with gendered archetypes, and how it really makes you think about gender moulds within the medium. You must read this if you’ve been a fan of Banana Fish.

Lumi, or Luminous Mongoose, has written up another remarkable post where they share three terrifically talented mangaka. These mangaka have such breath-taking art styles. If you are into comics or reading manga, then this is a post for you!

Rai has written the best post that I have ever read about anime that discusses fat-shaming in anime and why anime girls are always depicted to be dieting or obsessed with weight. Firstly, this was written on my birthday, so it makes it even more special to me. Secondly, it is so comprehensive and exceptionally researched, not to mention just so intelligently and passionately written.

TV/Films & Video Games:

Pete talks about five super creepy and terrifying creatures from video games. I concur that there are quite a few things on this list that will give you nightmares, or at the very least, make your survival horror experience quite fun and frightening.

Mike has written up such an in-depth and remarkable review for the video game Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. I love the different aspects that he examines, and with such a fun and interactive personality! Mike has one of the best video game review blogs around.

Kay talks about the shocking and unethical shut-down of the Korean streaming service, Drama Fever, getting shut down. It happened so quickly, without any notice whatsoever. It was one of the most terribly handled closings ever, and her way of talking about the whys of it all is outstanding.

Travel & Food:

Sam shares with us her awesome photos of the travels she had to Lake Ashi and Fuji in Japan. Her excitement and admiration for these places really shines in her post and will make anyone super eager to check out these locations for themselves. I know that I did.

Celia shows us the mouth-watering dish monjayaki, which is a kind of Japanese dish. Many people may be familiar with its sibling dish, okonomiyaki. As someone who loves okonomiyaki, I know that monjayaki is something I’ll have to try when I visit Japan myself. Check out this dish and see if you’re kinda gig.

That does it for October’s Blogsphere! Please do take the time to visit these amazing humans and their beautiful blogs. I’ll be back in the middle of November for that month’s first set of highlights.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🖤

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