Top 5 Megane Anime Dudes Who Warm My Heart!

Happy Friday morning, mates! I’m super excited for the upcoming weekend because I will be spending it with my parents, where I will get to eat tons of delicious food cooked up by my chef-tastic mum! Good food makes me happy and cheery. So, I decided to put my joy into conjuring up another fun post to shift the weekend shenanigans into gear.

Since I had a delightful time with concocting a list of Top 5 Megane Ladies that make my swoon, mostly in a lustful manner, I thought it would be cool to go the opposite route this morning and share my Top 5 Megane Dudes that fill my heart with warmth. Now, I have to be honest, this was a damn difficult list to create. I think most of that has to do with the fact that I haven’t seen (finished) many anime with guys who wear glasses. When I did a Google search of some of the popular ones, I was definitely left scratching my head. I suppose that means I need to watch a shite ton more anime, now doesn’t it?

Most of the people I’ve chosen are actually quite a contrast to my list of sultry femmes. While a couple of them are supremely badass, for the most part they are rather adorable and gush-worthy in a completely different way—the kind and compassionate way. I feel like this says something about me psychologically, but who’s got the time to dive into the hot mess? 😉

Megane Guys

05. Kaien Cross

Kaien Cross is the headmaster in the anime series Vampire Knight. The anime isn’t the greatest thing ever, but he is one of the reasons I like to re-watch it every now and again. Kaien is Yuki’s father-type-person and I absolutely love him so much. The way he gushes over Yuki is, as aforesaid, so fricking adorable. I also like that he has this serious demeanour about him when he’s not being all corny over his kid, and he’s a badass, legendary swordsman as well.

Kaien Cross

“Yuki! Give daddy a hug!”

04. Murasaki

Hamatora is probably one of my favourite serials that I have seen within the past five years, mostly because there’s so much depth to it, and Murasaki was the second character that I immediately fell in love with. He’s stylish, has a great set of frames, and is beautifully loyal to his friends. He’s also a wonderful balance to his goofy impulsive partner, who reminds me so much of Dazai from Bungō Stray Dogs. Murasaki also has an excellent smile and sense-of-humour, which doesn’t come out often, but when it does, it’s amazing.


“I’m a stylish motherfucker.”

03. Hirotaka Nifuji

Hirotaka from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku is such a loveable little nerd. He’s very awkward, smokes like a chimney, loves video games and is bloody brilliant at playing them, and is such a sweetheart of a boyfriend. He can also be pretty frightening when he’s upset or angry. When the megane shines, you run the hell away. Hirotaka is definitely one of my favourite specs-wearing dudes.

Hirotaka Nifuji

“Hmm…what would the offspring of a goomba and Toad look like? I wonder.”

02. Walter C. Dorenz

I can’t have a megane list for guys and not include Walter, especially when I included Sir Integra in the girly version. From the Hellsing franchise, he is the butler to Sir Integra and such an incredible fucking ass-kicker! I would never want to face him in battle because then I would become mince-meat in seconds. Sort of like that terrible laser scene from the American live-action of Resident Evil. Aside from being the vicious epitome of a badass, he’s very witty with a sharp intellect, and has quite a fascinating backstory to him.

Walter C Dornez

“Welcome to England. Wanna die?”

01. Ginoza Nobuchika

No other man shall ever be my number one… probably. Ginoza is a veteran inspector who works alongside Akane in the first season of Psycho-Pass. He is in season two, but in a slightly different role. He is hot fricking shite. Ginoza’s smouldering intensity that’s spurned on by a constant broody attitude is very sexy. His intelligence is impressive and the questions that he brings up during the show as a whole, really contribute to the serials very hefty themes. Also… did I mention he’s hot? Because WOW. Aaaaand watching him fight/argue/overall hate on Kōgami gives me so much life.


“You’re not clever. You’re just a moron.”

Honorary Mention:

You can’t have a megane list and not include Maes Hughes. If you’re looking for the ultimate of ultimate fathers who gush and fawn over their beautiful little girls, this guy is it. Also, he was an exceptional soldier and a friend to the Elric brothers, had some of the best humour ever in the entire series, and was an outstanding human being across the board. The only reason he isn’t in the actual top five is because my heart still hasn’t healed from his role in the series. Like most fans of Fullmetal Alchemist, it more than likely never shall.

Maes Hughes

“Elicia!! Daddy loves you SO much! Give daddy a kissy-wissy!”

Definitely far less blood-shedding happening stuff (yup, I just said that terribly structured statement, but fuck it; I’m not changing it) than the previous list. What did you think? Do you like any of these bros? Who are some of your favourite megane guys? Come chat with me in the comments! I’d love to hear from, y’all.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 💜

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Megane Anime Dudes Who Warm My Heart!

    • Mwahaha, I surprised you! Kyoya almost made the list, but I didn’t want to pick super duper popular people. The beast is definitely one of the most popular ones.

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  2. Great to see Murasaki getting some love. He was such a great character and he really rocked those glasses.

  3. Yay for Hughes, he is such a goof i love it, as for the rest they all sounds pretty awesome in their own right
    and who doesn’t love a glasses wearing bad-ass 😉 I love Walter in what I’ve seen of Hellsing!

  4. Yes, yes, yes… Ginoza for best megane! And I’m glad you reminded me of how badass Kaien Cross is. He was my instant crush when I watched the anime at 13-14.

    • Yes! Kaian’s doting is so adorable. He was one of the first non-young-teenager-type dudes I liked in anime haha.

  5. Not gonna lie that post grabbed my attention cause of takao wearing Midorima’s glasses… yes I am weak to Takao.
    But if we talk about megane weakness Fushimi (K-project) is sitting at the top position, right before Miyuki and… gonna have to look at my on list can’t even remember my own top 3…

    anyway I’m really happy to see Ginoza on that list even if movie Ginoza without his glasses and ponytails is really hot.

  6. I love a good post on megane dudes! 😍 I adore Nifuji in particular! He is such a cutie 😍 I’m happy to see Maes Hughes get an honourable mention too!

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