Kuroko’s Basketball S1 – Episode 2 & 3: Introducing the Generation of Miracles Pretty Boy, Kise Ryōta

I feel that I should warn y’all right from the start that this may turn into a bit of a Kise Ryōta appreciation post! I remember from my first time watching through the series, he was the first character that I absolutely fell in love with. Episode two introduces us to Kise and episode three shows us a bit of what his unique skill sets entail, so there was a lot of gushing going on from me.

In the second episode, I was surprised to see that the coach (she is so creepy when she skips excitedly, by the way) ends up shanghaiing a practise game between Seirin’s and Kaijō’s teams, which takes place on the latter’s campus. After it’s all arranged, Kise comes to Seirin to visit Kuroko and the team that he chose to join. While it does feel slightly rushed, I also appreciate that it fits in well with the overall pacing of events. Things unfold fairly quickly in Kuroko’s Basketball, which helps to keep you engaged and fly through those episodes, and in hindsight it also makes sense for things to happen fast because there are five super-players that need to be introduced and established into the narrative.

03 b


My first impressions of Kise when he showed up was to grin maniacally. He is a grade-A dick who is arrogant and flirtatious (my kind of animu dude), and to add to his cockiness, the guy is dressed up in a suit and has a miniature one-on-one round in his slacks and fancy button-up shirt. I couldn’t help but enjoy every moment of it. While he comes off as a rather mischievous and silly person, he takes the game very seriously and doesn’t like to lose, and it forms this great balance in him that helps keep his personality from feeling exaggerated. Meanwhile, Kagami is thrilled that he’s finally got decent competition.

02 b

Tsk, tsk… Kagami, you naughty boy.

Episode three takes us to Kaijō’s campus with the practise game between the two teams. The anime is working hard to establish Seirin as the underdog team that will have to climb their way up, particularly as we learn more about how Kuroko’s abilities work and don’t work. I’m a bit split on how I feel about this, to be honest. On one hand, I respect the underdog trope and can easily see how Seirin fits the mould, especially against the Generation of Miracles. Nevertheless, I also feel like it’s being forced and unnecessarily obvious. The anime is being way too forward with how it wants the audience to react and it’s not giving the watchers enough credit to figure shit out on their own. It’s mildly irritating.

03 c

Yeeeah, they do.

The episode did drop off in small suspense as challenges were exchanged, and it made me recall that the series is known for leaving viewers on nasty cliff-hangers, so it should be interesting to see how I react to those things during this re-watch. I remember loathing them during simulcast season. At least I won’t have to wait a whole week to see what happens, and I’m very grateful for that.

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