November’s Blogsphere Highlights #2 (2018)

Good rainy morning to y’all, my mates!! I hope that you’re all doing well.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Just wait a bleeding second, Neko, isn’t your arse on a hiatus?” Well… yes, I am. But in my defence… uh… I don’t have one. *shrugs* While I am taking a tad bit of a break from blogging, I still wanted to pop in and share some of the amazing content that has been going around the community. Just because I’m not doing my own gig doesn’t mean that others have stopped doing their gigs!

Unlike my other Blogsphere Highlights, this one is far shorter in length. Due to my being busy and also horrendously knee-deep in some horrid depression, I wasn’t able to compile as many posts as I normally do. As such, I am asking you guys to share your favourite posts that you’ve written or read during November down in the comments section below! Let’s share as much love as we can. 😊

Y’all should know the routine by now. Check out these phenomenal posts and have a beautiful weekend ahead! Sending you plenty of love, hugs, and self-care well-wishes. ♥

Best o’BiblioNyan:

Lawless Lawyer: A Powerful Exploration of Nature vs Nurture in a World of Justice – K-Drama Review
Sakura Quest & the Impact of Dying Small Towns on the Japanese Social & Cultural Economy – Anime Review
Yūri!!! On Ice & Inclusivity via Smashing of Offensively Stereotypical Gender Roles – Anime Review
The Narrative Significance of Japanese Animation – Why I Love Anime
Top 5 Translators of Japanese Literature
Top 5 Chinese Historical Fiction Recommendations (#OwnVoices)
A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman & Rafael Albuquerque – Graphic Novel Review
Down Among the Sticks & Bones by Seanan McGuire – Book Review

Books & Comics:

💜 The Comic Vault chats about how Batman is an extraordinary representation of someone with high-functioning depression. It’s one of the main reasons that I love this character, and the entire Batman universe so much.

💜 CW has written an exceptional review for a diverse anthology called Fresh Ink that everyone needs to check out as there’s a story for just about every sort of reader within it.

💜 Vicky shares distinctly Asian young adult recommendations with everyone based off the genres and stories of other books from the genre. A highly recommend list for fans of #OwnVoices diverse narratives.

💜 Kaleena presents us with an excellent review for a science-fiction book, Pitch Dark, that is equally spine-tingly as it is marvellously diverse.

💜 Cam talks about the importance of platonic relationships in narratives, and even shares some amazing recommendations with us!

💜 In the spirit of the previous post, Jenna shares her favourite platonic relationships from books that sound pretty damn awesome.

Anime & Manga:

💙 Mel chats about all of the reasons why she loves anime. It’s beautifully written and charmingly relatable. Mel has also shared a super fun post about her top 14 cursed Sohma characters from the shōjo manga series, Fruits Basket.

💙 The Otaku Judge has written up a brilliant review for what many are calling one of the best anime serials of 2018, Violet Evergarden.

💙 Phoenix has a discussion on how episodic anime reviews and re-caps can be a bit tiresome. I found the post to be rather enlightening as it spoke to a lot of the reasons why I have struggled with writing them, and why I decided not to keep up with it in the end.

💙 The Aniwriter shares top five of their favourite Studio Ghibli films! Sadly, I’ve only seen one on the list, but I like that it deviates a bit from the titles that most other people tend to flock to.

TV, Cinema, & Video Games:

🧡 Clkytta gives us a superb review for a K-drama film, This is Not What I Expected, which is perfect for folks who enjoy narratives involving food and food culture, as well as feel-good romance.

🧡 Anime Girls NYC reviews the Netflix original live-action film for Bleach! She talks about her reservations and the things she ended up enjoying quite a bit.

🧡 Kay, who is one of my fave bloggers ever, talks about a Korean drama called Where Stars Land, and her mixed feelings about it overall. This is a great read!

🧡 Pete discusses Super Smash Bros in one of the best posts that I’ve read from the franchise. I adored how detailed and well-thought out it is, as well as the points made in it. Definitely a must-read from people who are interested in the franchise.

Travel & Writing:

💛 Alexie has done the Create-a-Story tag and written up a sweet slice-of-life tale! They put a lot of work into it, so go show it some love.

💛 Spring Snow takes us to the breath-taking city of Hagi in a day trip! If you’re planning on travelling to Japan and want to visit lesser-known areas, I recommend you visit this post.

💛 The kick-ass Sam takes us on a cultural journey with her post on Todaiji Temple in Japan. It’s jam-packed with lovely photos and descriptions of her experience travelling there.

💛 Celia utterly takes my breath away with her stunning post on what mid-Autumn looks like in the metropolitan city of Tokyo. The poet within me was so blown away by its beauty.

💛 Jella brings us along on her amazing visit to Florence, Italy! There’s mouth-watering food, serene sights, and much more!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit these creators, please do so! Once more, if you have a post that you’re proud to share, or if you’ve read any posts that you feel deserve the spotlight, drop them down in the comments section so other can check ‘em out.

Thank you for visiting BiblioNyan today!

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24 thoughts on “November’s Blogsphere Highlights #2 (2018)

  1. “small recap” ahahahaha

    Thank you so much for linking my review of Pitch Dark, I really loved that book and really appreciate the boost!

    I hope you are doing okay and your depression is lessening.

    • You’re welcome! I put Pitch Dark on hold at the library and was able to pick it up yesterday. Your review had me so interested, I didn’t want to wait on picking it up. 🙂 And thank you. Life had made my depression worse, but I’m going to return to the things that always help me when it gets bad and I’m sure things will get better. Just have to take it one day at a time. I appreciate your kindness. ♥

      • Oh I hope you enjoy it (and YAY your library had it! I put in a request to mine because they need this in their YA section)!

        I know what you mean about depression and hope things get better soon. I’ve been struggling a lot myself the past couple of months with wild swings that I don’t normally get. It’s annoying.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this with us! Hope you are enjoying your Haitus and things are getting a little better.

    • You’re welcome! The hiatus… has been interesting, lol. Just taking it one day at a time and doing the best I can. Thank you so much. ♥

  3. Thank you for visiting and linking my blog 🙂
    I’m so happy you are intersted in my travel to such a small but beautiful town which is like a hidden gem.

  4. Many thanks for mentioning my latest review. We all value you making the time to post a November summary, even though you are on a blogging break. Hopefully the rain lets up soon. I find that feeling low tend to be linked to dreary climate.

  5. Ummm… excuse me this one is a small recap? It’s still huge at 20+ linked articles, plus your own thoughts?!! I hardly call that small. But I’m forever grateful for your round-up for this month since I again, have some great new articles to read! Thank you!

    (Also, as always thank you for the feature!!)

  6. So many great reads again! You seriously find such good stuff. And you’re totally making me blush with the shout out 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the link! I’ve had several people complement me on that piece, and to be perfectly honest I sort of hammered it out because I didn’t have much else ready to write about that day :3 don’t tell anyone! Haha. Well, regardless of my intentions I’m glad people like it!

    • I love it when that happens. I’ve had a couple posts with very similar intentions/responses haha. 💛💛

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