December’s Blogsphere Highlights #1! (2018)

Happy Friday, campers! (Yay, for more Stargate watching today!) It’s that wonderful time of month again where I compile a list of goodies from around the blogsphere for y’all to check out! I’m feeling excited about today’s round-up because it ended up becoming rather decently-sized. That means there’s a lot of love to go around!

As per usual everything shall be categorised. If you are interested in having your blog featured, or if you’d like to share a blog you admire, please drop them in the comments section for me, or hit me up via Inquiries, and I shall go ahead and check ‘em out for next time. Thank you!

Books & Comics:

💙 Shruti talks about how harmful the notion of guilty pleasures are and ostracise people for enjoying things that they like. It’s a wonderful discussion I couldn’t agree with more and warrants a reading.

💙 Over on Books Ameya, Dr Apoorva chats about how she fell in love with reading and the ways it helped her in life. It’s very inspiring and perfect for anyone who needs a bit of joy.

💙 Sumaiyya offers us a fantastic discussion on bookworm shaming, how it’s petty and unnecessary, as well as discouraging and harmful! Recommended to all folks in the book community, especially content creators.

💙 CW brings us some marvellous diverse book anthologies, ranging in genre from Asian folklore and fantasy to supernatural tales on subjugation and oppression, to narratives written by disabled teens for disabled teens, and more!

💙 Mindy reviews a webtoon that takes a beautiful and modern twist on Greek mythology! It’s written superbly, highlighting the artworks as well as the characters who make the comic worth a read.

💙 Vicky (who is such a brilliant human being) sits down and talks about a difficult topic: the double standard that is applied to POC within the bookish community. It uses a recent, controversial event as the foundation for the discussion. This is one of the most vital discussions I’ve read this year, and one that will be constant within the community for a long time to come. I ask that if you read this post, please do so with an open-mind and be very respectful of Vicky, her opinions, and her space! No hatred of any sorts, please! Hate and racist commentary doesn’t help, ever. It only works to perpetuate existing issues. Positive discourse that encourages change and contemplation, not pain and aggravation. Thank you!

💙 The Comic Vault (I must include Jamie’s content as he’s is so bloody brilliant when it comes to comics) chats about a lesser-known supervillain known as Granny Goodness. I love the exploration of her backstory and the explanation of why she’d be the greatest supervillain.

💙 Carrie has written a really fun post where she talks to us about seven films that interested her in reading the original books they were based off of! Films can be a great way to get into reading, and this post shows us why and how!

💙 Kaleena (another amazing blogger, especially for fans of speculative fiction) has written one of the best reviews I’ve read for Roshani Chokshi’s The Gilded Wolves. If you want a well-written fantasy novel filled with diverse representation, please read this review!

💙 Resh brings us another fun post for the month that highlights some of the best book covers for the 2018 year! If you’re a person who falls weak at the knees for beautiful books, then this post is for you!

Anime & Manga:

💜 Nefarious Reviews reviews the 2006 anime series, Ghost Hunt. I liked their review so much because it talks about the good stuff, the bad stuff, and even mentions why it’s worth watching regardless of the bad and mediocre elements. It’s well-written and very engaging.

💜 Over on Pheonix Talks Pop Culture Japan has written up a beautiful review for the Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yūjinchō) film: Tied to the Temporal World. I recommend this to fans of the Natsume franchise! But wait! There’s more! They’ve also shared a discussion on returning to manga started eons ago to finally finish reading them! I related to this article quite a bit, as I’m rather guilty of starting serials only to finish them 532 years later.

💜 Lumi has a couple of posts that are remarkably thought-provoking and an absolute delight to read! The first one talks about Kyoto Animation’s narrative style and why it works so well. I’m a huge fan of KyoAni’s serials/films, so this was something I appreciated very much. The second post is a brilliant chat about the differences between character development and character growth, how one isn’t better than the other. They are two distinct storytelling dynamics that work wonderfully, whether independently of one another, or contiguously.

💜 Another one of my favourite reads for the month thus far, Lina shines a light on controversial subject and that is sexual harassment in anime via the boob grab. A lot of people feel that the boob grab is harless fun, which is fine and dandy, but it’s important to be mindful of those watchers who are very disturbed by this act. While it may look innocent, what it teaches girls, particularly young girls, is anything but. I feel victims of abuse especially (such as myself) will relate to this post quite personally. Please, go read this post. Please, don’t attack or harass Lina if you have a different opinion on the subject matter than her. We are all entitled to our own opinions and being rude or offensive to someone simply because you disagree is childish, immature, and wholly unnecessary.

💜 I love the Fruits Basket manga and I remember loving the anime when it released years ago. With the announcement of the new series that’s coming up, Lita talks about the first anime and why it holds a very special place in her heart! Fans of the series shouldn’t miss this post!

TV, Cinema, & Video Games:

🧡 Rose has give us two lovely posts this month that I’m excited to share! The first is her list of recommendations of Japanese dramas that are adaptations of manga! If you enjoy live-action J-Dramas, or are interested in watching some good ones, then make sure to visit this post! Additionally, she has played through the visual novel Ripples and briefly talks about what makes it lovely and why you should take the time to give it a try!

🧡 Kay chats about the best Korean dramas for the year, and I’m so ecstatic that two of my own favourites for the year made the list! There’s variety here for every sort of watcher from straight romance and rom-com to science-fiction to thriller and suspense to coming-of-age.

🧡 Don’t Call it Bollywood (a positively fabulous blog, by the way) lists off ten Indian films that are perfect for starting discussions relating to feminism. One of my favourite parts about this list—other than the fact that these films are brilliant—is that it isn’t limited to modern releases only. There are classics on this list from retro to vintage along with the newer titles that really helps broaden the discussions.

🧡 The Otaku Judge reviews one of my most-anticipated video games via Aksys called Death Mark for the PlayStation Vita. If you’ve seen or heard of this game and are wondering whether or not it’s worth the pick-up, please read this review. It’s supreme.

🧡 Reggie Reviews has totally caught my attention for the ARPG (action role-playing game) Omensight with their incredibly written review of it. The visuals and gameplay style are more than enough to have me utterly intrigued, and I can’t wait to pick up my copy in the near future.

Mental Health & Self-Care:

💚 Alexie opens up and candidly speaks with us about a difficult decision they had to make recently. I found this post to be so beautifully inspiring. There’s lessons here that they chat about that I feel many people will be able to relate to, especially if you have some pre-conceived notion on what you’re supposed to do to make life meaningful. I think we all have the potential to find meaning in our lives in our personal ways and it’s never a One Size Fits All sort of gig.

💚 Kath chats about ways to keep yourself from eating too much and fighting the stresses that come with big meals during the holidays. While I don’t celebrate the holidays, I do tag along with Sir Besty to their family functions once in a while. The holidays are fucking killer for me health and heart wise due to the amount of food offered and the expectation that if you’re not eating, then you’re a downer or unhappy (not limited to their family, but also my own). I love Kath’s tips in the post because they are simple, easy, and don’t intimidate you or place unrealistic expectations on you, which you may already be getting from family. So, if you struggle during the holidays like me, then definitely check out this post!

Travel & Food:

💛 The Flying Tofu blog has a couple of breath-taking places that I really hope to visit one day! I also found just reading about these places to be very relaxing. The first one is the beautiful Goryokaku Koen (五稜郭公園). The wisteria and the architecture is so charming. The second is the Hokkaido Shakotan・Shimamui Coast (積丹・島武意海岸), which is where the relaxation and the sense of calm came from. Japan truly is a gorgeous country.

💛 Celia goes to a wonderfully magical place that is a treehouse café in Tōkyō! It honestly looks like stepping into a fairy tale! If you’re headed to the city and want a truly unique experience, you may want to stop by here.

💛 Sam continues sharing parts of her trip to Japan with us, this time taking us to super charming Fushimi Inari Shrine, which is an infamous place in Kyōto!

💛 The Last Word blog shares with us their trip to Hong Kong, especially the mouth-watering eats that they had, and the kind charm of a local hotel they enjoyed staying at.

💛 Spring Snow shows us one of her recipe recommendations for the cold weather, which is a spicy Korean-style soup! It looks so divine and I can’t wait to try it out in the next day or two. If you like spicy foods, then this post is for you!

That does it for this round of blogsphere highlights! Please, do take some time to visit with these amazing people and the astounding content that they create! They are also lovely people who deserve all the love and support. Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. ❤️

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my latest travel post! It always means so much that those posts are enjoyable 💜 There are so many other amazing posts to check out too!

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the Death Mark review. Thank you very much for the mention and kind words. Hope you had a good time watching Stargate. That’s a series I haven’t heard of in yonks. I liked the movie and what little I have seen of SG1.

    • I LOVE Stargate SG-1. It’s tied for my number one favourite series with Battlestar Galactica (2004) and Scooby-Doo, Where Are you?, lol. I try to rewatch it every year. That and FRIENDS. 🙂 I can’t wait to grab Death Mark. My goal is to play more games in 2019 as I barely played any in 2018. *sobs*

  3. You are too kind with the double feature, as always thank you for sharing both posts! And again, thanks for introducing me to a bunch of more blogs to check out and read some more articles! Now for me to actually dive back into reading books lol.

  4. Thank you for sharing two of my posts!!! I appreciate you a lot!!! I just read Lita’s post (it immediately caught my eye in this post) so thank you for that as well. <3

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