Static Ruin (Voidwitch Saga #3) by Corey J. White – Book Review

static ruinStatic Ruin by Corey J. White is the final novella in the science-fiction, space opera, galactic empire series, Voidwitch Saga. I’m a bit sad writing this review because I know that this is the end of a serial that I had grown immensely fond of. Now that I am finished, I can safely say that this is hands-down one of the best sci-fi narratives that I’ve read all bloody year.

Static Ruin follows the main character Mars Xi as she returns to her roots and comes full circle with the events from Killing Gravity (book one) and Void Black Shadow (book two).

The best part about this book is that it trades in its signature non-stop action for a more serious tone and focused attention on the further intricate parts of narrative development. This led to the character growth that I was waiting so eagerly for, and it truly blossomed out the entire story into its incredible potential. The dimension that is given to the story here may be a bit anticlimactic for some readers, however, I feel that it’s quite fitting as it illustrates to us that the expectations and presumptions that we as humans sometimes construct in our brains are usually never as complicated or outrageous as they may initially seem. The reality can sometimes lead to disappointment, but also a great sense of comfort and closure.

Since the amount of action and ass-kicking is a bit lessened in book three, the pacing is also a tad more gradual. The concentration on Mars’ past, her reactions and responses to the things she discovers, and her confronting long-held fears made me want to read it slowly and consume it with all my heart and mind. If you become as attached to Mars as I did, regardless of the slower progression in the volume, you will be spurred forward from one page to the next with hungry curiosity.

Aside from Mars, the world-building, and the battle sequences, the other facet that had me wholeheartedly swooning was the artificial intelligence that controls Mars’ ships. They’ve been around since the second book and I love their persona so much. The dry humour and sassy wit, their salty mouthiness, the colourfully sarcastic way they argue with Mars—all of it had me laughing and grinning, which comes as a sort of relief when the subject matter begins to turn rather austere. Speaking of, the looming dreary substance starts in book one, and intensifies in book two, but returns periodically in the final instalment; it’s marvellously balanced to each individual instalment’s advancement and design.

Lastly, the bittersweet finale was a near-perfect complement to everything that has occurred up to this point. It left my heart aching a bit, yet simultaneously it didn’t leave me unsatisfactorily yearning due to untied plot holes, under-constructed characters, or anything else.

All in all, and I’ve probably said something akin to this in my reviews for each of the preceding volumes, I love this series so much and I highly recommend it to all fans of science-fiction, especially if you are searching for something that is easy to digest and exquisitely fast-paced with a fabulously crafted universe. If you are in search of a heavier, and more complex hard science-fiction reading experience, then this may not be right for you. The technology is intelligent and fascinating, but it’s not as long-winded as something like Dune or The Expanse series. Nevertheless, it should still satisfy any love or interest you may have for a violent universe romp against oppressive galactic assholes.

4.5 clones outta 5!

Voidwitch Saga Series:

#1: Killing Gravity
#2: Void Black Shadow

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  2. Volume 1 is sitting on my table as we speak. I’m really glad to know that the series has such a satifying climax devoid of plot holes and dangling questions!

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