December’s Blogsphere Highlights #2! (2018)

Good afternoon, mateys! I hope you all had a good holiday season. If you’re like me and not too keen on holiday shenanigans, then I sincerely hope you made the most of this time of year in ways that brought you some sense of comfort. I spent most of it playing games and taking naps. Yay for naps as a comfort companion.

December ended with tons of brilliant posts from so many wonderful creators that it was so difficult narrowing down the choices. I tried to keep a variety going here so there would be a little something for nearly all sorts of readers and followers.

I want to take a moment and say thank you to every single content creator out there. Thanks for taking time to write about the things that you are passionate about, whether you do it full-time or as an accompaniment between personal busy schedules. Your hard work and dedication is so inspiring and I wholeheartedly admire you all.

Since the holiday season is a bit rough for me, most (if not all) of my personal posts that are highlighted shall pertain to mental health in one way or another!

As per usual, everything is categorised. If you are interested in being featured, or if you have a blog that you follow you’d like to see featured, please drop them in the comments section or send me an Inquiry. Thank you and enjoy!

The Best o’BiblioNyan

Autumn’s Asian Literature Book Haul (#OwnVoices)
A Self-Care Special: How Blogging Helps Treat My Depression
Top 5 Anime Characters Who Inspire Me to Fight Depression
Top 5 Obscure #OwnVoices LGBTQIA+ Non-Fiction Books
How Books Have Helped My Mental Health in 2018
Kuroko’s Basketball & the Uniquely Understated Homage to Kabuki Theatre – Anime Review

Books & Comics:

💜 My favourite human ever, Nafiza, has crafted a list of her favourite books from 2018. She has the freaking best taste in books and is one voracious reader that I know I can always turn to for recommendations of excellent titles across numerous genres. This should definitely be the first post you visit if you’re a bibliophile!

💜 May has gathered together emotionally evocative books that are absolutely divine for various reasons, and a must-read for bibliophiles everywhere! I loved the variety here and how there’s a title here for just about every sort of reader!

💜 Nandini has created a beautiful list of science-fiction/fantasy books (as a holiday gift guide) that is perfect for many kinds of readers. Whether you’re into MG, YA, or adult, there’s a book here for you! Please go check it out.

💜 Vicky has collected her favourite diverse books from 2018 into this brilliant list. If you’re a reader of fantasy and/or contemporaries, then pay her a visit and add some titles to your 2019 TBR.

💜 Shealea helps us readers kick-off our 2019 properly by bringing us Asian authors who’ll be making their debut this coming year. Nafiza Azad is on the list and she is such an extraordinary author and person, and that alone makes this thing phenomenal. However, the rest of the authors are just as jaw-droppingly fabulous. Go check it out!

💜 Shruti wrote up a rather creative post that I haven’t seen in a very long, or possibly ever (now that I’m typing about it) and it’s her sacrilegious bookish opinions. I completely agree with almost all of them. I respectfully disagree with number four, but then again, I’m a junkie for the genre mentioned in this bullet and as such, biased as all fricking hell. If you aren’t following Shruti, you should be. She’s a delight!

💜 M. Gupta has written up an article chatting about popular books that actually lived up to their hype. I have read a few titles mentioned and am inclined to agree with those ones, so that makes me hella optimistic for the rest!

Anime & Manga:

💙 Astral Gemini over at The Zodiac Room brings us a beautiful homage to Yōko Kanno, who is a Japanese composer that has created soundtracks for serials like Wolf’s Rain and Cowboy Bebop. A someone who is a huge admirer of Kanno-san’s, I adored every bit of this post.

💙 Dale talks about Kiki’s Delivery Service for December’s OWLS Blog Tour and the power of miracles involved in self-belief. If you’re looking for some positivity and inspiration this season, or just in general, then really do take the time to visit this post. It’s evocative and lovely.

💙 Ty-Chama participates in the 12 Days of Anime this year, and one of the posts they bring us is about The Legend of Galactic Heroes. I loved how they talked about the elements that make the series a classic and definitely worth watching. They also chat about the controversy and hatred surrounding Darling in the Franxx that I adored reading. It’s quite insightful!

💙 Rose shares her first impressions for an anime that is an adaptation of a Chinese graphic novel series, called Mo Dao Zu Shi. If you would like to watch something a bit different with lovely aesthetics, then you may want to give this series a shot.

💙 The Pantless Anime Blogger has written up an in-depth review for Wolf Girl and Black Prince anime series! They are one of my favourite anime bloggers, with some of the very best reviews around. If you’re interested in this shōjo, rom-com, then definitely visit this review!

💙 Karandi’s top 5 for Tuesday revolves around anime heroes during the 2018 seasons. It’s a fantastically fun post that gave me a reason to add some serials to my TBW that I originally felt were too hyped. But I’m weak for good heroes and that’s exactly what this post highlights.

💙 Otaku Central shares with us a fantastic review for the anime Uchōten Kazoku, and how it’s quite a unique experience. I didn’t know much about this title prior to the review, but after checking out this post, it’s high on my priority list. Anything with originality that can take my breath away in this manner is worth the time investment.

💙 Scott discusses the new obsession with live-action anime adaptations. The points he makes are articulated so marvellously and his musings are some that I wholeheartedly agree with. This is a discussion post that shouldn’t be missed.

TV, Cinema, & Video Games:

🧡 Kay has compiled a list of the 10 must-see Korean dramas for January 2019! If you’re a K-drama aficionado and are looking for some amazing suggestions, then you won’t want to miss this!

🧡 I am SO EXCITED to share this one! Reggie Reviews sits down and chats about one of my favourite mind-fuck video games ever, Killer 7! They go over the elements that kick-arse and the ones that could’ve been a bit better. I originally played the game on the Nintendo GameCube, but it can be played on a couple of other platforms. Gamers searching for classics that are brilliant should not miss this review or this game.

🧡 Drama With a Side of Kimchi chats about the worst dramas of 2018! A couple of the titles on the list surprised me since they had raving reviews on other blogs. Nevertheless, I love different perspectives on a show because it helps me stay pretty neutral when I go into a series for the first time.

Culture & Travel:

💚 Rise from Ashes discusses some of the things that they really don’t like about Japan, as someone who’s been a resident of the nation. I like the honesty in this post and the fact that it never disrespects the country while talking about it’s less-charming qualities.

💚 The Comic Vault gets an opportunity to interview Michiko Hashiba, who is a descendent of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, which really blew my mind! The interview is excellent and discusses samurai culture, what it means to be a part of that culture and it’s influences through-out time, as well as preconceived notions Westerners have about samurai in general.

💚 Japan Wonder takes us to a breath-taking gorge in Japan, the Kankakē Gorge! It’s nice to see some different sort of scenery from the country because it just shows us that there’s even more to admire about the nation.

💚 Celia brings us along on her journey to a gorgeous secret mansion in Ueno, the Kyu-Iwasakai-Tei. It’s a little piece of 19th century history tucked away in Japan with stunning architecture and a charming garden!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Please do show some love to these amazing humans when you get a moment. With that, I wish you all a lovely 2019 filled with tons of inspiration, self-care, and success to wherever your hearts’ pursuits lead you!

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15 thoughts on “December’s Blogsphere Highlights #2! (2018)

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m especially glad that you enjoyed my Darling in the FranXX post! I was a bit nervous putting my views out there, given that they seem to go against the grain!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Always thankful that you took the time to read my post and feature it! Again, as always now I have some more great posts to check out now that I’ve back from my travels!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for adding my post! ❤️

    I was worried about adding that bullet because I already knew that you and several other blogging friends loved the genre! But I felt like it was all the more reason to just spit it out. 😅

    I do quite enjoy some bits of it like time travel and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. It’s alternative life forms and worlds set in other planets that I run away from. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, it’s all good! I’ve learned that everyone has things they love and hate, or just really don’t like. For me, it’s straight romance. Can’t do it. I don’t mind if it’s surrounding dysfunctional families or anything like that, but straight ooey, gooey romance makes me feel weird, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. omg I bet narrowing this list down would be hard! (also, did you redesign your blog because I love it!!!) thank you so much for linking up my post and there are so many awesome books here I love ahhhh

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! I did re-design it a little bit. Thanks for noticing it. 😀 And you’re very welcome. It can be challenging to narrow everything down, but I enjoy uplifting content creators, so totally worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

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