BiblioNyan’s 2019 Blogging Aspirations!

Good morning, chums! I woke up this morning in awe that 2019 has officially arrived. I honestly never believed in my wildest dreams that 2018 would end (even though most of those dreams were post-apocalyptic nightmares of my cat hunting me around the world, demanding fresh, ice-cold, bottled water… don’t ask). With the end of the Stress Mess (my official title for last year), I have decided that it’s time to begin anew!

Initially, I was going to call this post my Blogging Resolutions, but the more that I pondered it, the more I began to hate it. For me the word “resolution” is laced with so much negativity. It’s about solving a problem, or issue, or being extremely disciplined in the choice to not do or do something. I get my discipline and strict lifestyle shite from my doctors to the point that I don’t want to associate my personal passions and pursuits with it.

So… we shan’t have resolutions in this house. Nope. What we have are aspirations!

Aspirations are all about having hope in the pursuit of achieving something, usually something special or important to an individual. It’s far more positive mentally and emotionally, and since I’m all about that self-care smoothie, we’re going to make that our gig in 2019. I feel like it’s the perfect foundation for crafting a fresh 52 weeks of joy and success.

For 2019, I wanted my aspirations to be things that would help me evolve not only as a writer and a blogger, but also as a person working towards their dreams and an individual seeking intimate enlightenment. Awareness of hard work and dedication, along with compassion and respect of others are things that I want BiblioNyan to embrace with full-bodied sincerity because those are traits that I want to encapsulate entirely in myself. Not to get too Buddhist on y’all, but I want to make this year about decreasing suffering and increasing kindess. In acknowledgment of these desires, I have created a small list of aspirations that I’m hoping are realistic yet driven and motivating.

happy anime

Being More Positive with My Book Reviews

Writing is hard fucking work. I recently submitted my poetry collection for publication and am working on two distinct books from different genres with very different stories to tell. It requires so much diligence, patience, and compassion with yourself as much as the work that you’re doing. Because of this—and because of Nandini’s brilliant post on writing positive reviews—I have so much more respect for authors and books. My wish is to be far more mindful and respectful towards the art and the artists, which I hope to accomplish by focusing on more positive elements with my book reviews. My only exception to this is if the book is problematic as fuck (like Six Gun Snow White or Geisha with the Green Eyes).

Writing Anime Reviews as Contemplative Discussions

This is something that I started practising when I returned from hiatus at the end of October last year and after finding a wealth of comfort and enjoyment from it, I decided that I wanted to do this regularly; something that is different than the norm when it comes to anime reviewing. I love writing anime reviews that focus on distinct qualities that aren’t easy to identify from a first-watching, or to highlight a series/film from a unique perspective. It prevents me from getting bored and it allows me to be far more optimistically introspective and analytical with the things that I engage with. Even if the title I’m chatting about isn’t the greatest thing in the world (by far), I still want to put forth the effort to be more appreciative of it. Just like books, a shite ton of hard work and dedication goes into creating animated works. Whenever possible, I want to try and prioritise cultural traits above others, but I understand sometimes that non-cultural characteristics will be far more intriguing and that’s okay. I am also open-minded enough to understand that some anime will always be trash (Diabolik Lovers anyone?).

yuru camp hot springs

Schedule Two Annual Blogging Vacations

My biggest difficulty with blogging last year was that I would experience bouts of blogging burn-out from trying to do too much without any rest for myself. This caused me to go on plenty of sporadic (unplanned) hiatuses. It didn’t help that my health and my cat’s health were battling it out for the crown of Biggest Mental Fuck-Up of the Year. After discussing it with my cousin (my blog assistant, as I joke with him), I came to recognise that a vacation is the perfect solution. Since blogging is my full-time job, why shouldn’t I take a biannual vacation from it? If I had a traditional occupation, then I would definitely go on vacations as a way to unwind and refresh. There is no reason for me not to do it here! I will more than likely arrange these vacations around final exams for university. That way I can blow through those tests and then hibernate like a bear without any obligations or expectations for a week or so. Self-care win, y’all!

Not Feeling Shitty About Life Slapping Me in the Face (i.e.: Falling Behind)

Kind of going along the same vein as the one before it, I have learned that life fucking happens, and usually when you least expect it to. This may cause me to check-out of blogging for a while. I tend to feel terrible about it as I find immense joy in having a somewhat consistent output of content. When I can’t maintain that consistency, particularly when I’ve given my supporters expectations, I get depressed as fuck. This time around when things do occur—such as my health going on a rebellious rampage, cats getting sick, school being a hot mess of stress, etc.—I won’t be apologising for stepping away. Chances are those moments won’t allow me to make announcements on my blog and they will take up so much of my time and mental fortitude that it will be more damaging to me to worry about it so intensely. If shite like this does happen, I will make announcement on Twitter and Instagram, if I am able to do so.

fairy tail gift

One Giveaway Per Season

Okay, this one may be a bit too ambitious, but I wanted a way to give back to all the people who subscribe to me and support me with my shenanigans! The giveaways won’t be super spectacular or glamourous—two book giveaways and two anime giveaways—but I figured it’s better than nothing, right? The details will be revealed when each giveaway approaches. I will work on ironing out the details as I go along with it in a trial-and-error sort of way. There will also be milestone giveaways, but those are far more special and focus on celebrating successes and will be a tad bit more involved.

Monthly Blogger Spotlights

Once a month I will be spotlighting individual bloggers on BiblioNyan. This will not replace the Blogsphere Highlights that I do twice a month. The whole point of the Spotlights is to share love and support for an individual content creator. So many folks work their arses off for their passions and I want to do more to give them attention and adoration and respect. These will occur sometime within the first seven days of a new month. January’s shall be going up on Sunday the 6th!

ein tv

Watch One Anime Simulcast Per Season

Last year, I tried to keep up with as many simulcasts as I could, but I fell so far behind due to the sheer number of serials that interested me. I became intimidated by them all and sort of gave up. I’m currently playing catch up with all the serials that were left dangling over my head. Nevertheless, I love staying up-to-date with what’s hot during a respective season of anime serials/films. It keeps the flames of my otaku soul burning brightly. I’m going to limit myself to one series minimum and three serials maximum. The quantities are small so that I won’t feel overwhelmed, and it also allows me to enjoy the current happenings while being able to give my full focus to other priorities such as my studies. It shall also help keep me motivated to maintain the anime-related content on BiblioNyan.

Obtain 1,000 Supporters

Alrighty, time to move towards the more technical aspirations of BiblioNyan. The first one is to obtain 1,000 supporters on the blog. I refer to everyone as supporters more than followers because I feel followers can be demeaning. People make the choice to support me by reading, liking, and/or commenting on my posts. Without y’all’s support, there probably wouldn’t be a BiblioNyan. I’m currently sitting at 727 supporters, which utterly blows my fucking mind, holy cat cows! When I reach 1,000, I shall go ahead and set-up a Patreon, so I can provide some incentives to those who would be interested in supporting me in a monetarily means. If you are interested in this bit and have suggestions on the kind of content you’d like from me regarding it, please let me know! I’d be ever-so-grateful! Bookish, otaku, and video gaming related!

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Publish 1,000 Total Posts

I cannot express how huge of a milestone this one would be for me since I never truly expected to get this far with blogging to begin with. With this Aspirations post, my total published content will come to 684. That means I’d have to share 316 more posts to make this aspiration a success! I feel like it is quite possible, especially if I’m writing up multiple posts in a day. Either way, I look forward to splurging on a delicious piece of tiramisu when I finally bump into this wall of a milestone. (I’m so clumsy, that’s why most of my metaphor thingamajigs involve me running into or being hit by things. Just this morning I walked into a cabinet door that was open because one of my cats. Thanks cats.)

Get 60 Likes on a Single Post

I’ve come rather close to this one but haven’t quite hit the mark yet. The highest likes I’ve ever received on a single post, after a period, is approximately 48 to 50. My belief is that if I maintain a consistent blogging schedule and routine, then it will happen eventually. When it does, I will celebrate by… doing something dessert related because desserts are the best (even though I’m really not supposed to eat them, oh well. If Sir Betrothed reads this post, I know they will give me the evil Side Eye. Oops.).

Hit 7,000 Views in One Month

My last aspiration is one hell of a big one for me: hitting 7,000 total views on BiblioNyan in a single month. The most I’ve ever hit to date is 3,507, which I accomplished in September 2018 and came close to again in November 2018 (3,304). Doubling that seems quite far-fetched, but I figured it would be good for me to have one super ambitious aspiration that—if I hit it—would make me feel really fucking fantastic about myself as a content creator, particularly if it comes during a time of great stress or depression.

What do you think of these aspirations? Do you think they are too tame, or too determined, or too many? Do you have any aspirations for 2019 for yourselves, blogging or otherwise? Please, come chat with me in the comments. I’d love to hear from y’all.

Thank you again for choosing to support me and BiblioNyan. I raise my cup of soy toffee nut hot chocolate to you in the hopes of having many more years of blogging ahead.

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

Hello, friends! If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me with a one-time Ko-Fi ($3) donation, so that I can pay for my medications, and for the maintenance and upkeep of the blog! I would greatly appreciate any ounce of support you could provide. Thank you. 💕


23 thoughts on “BiblioNyan’s 2019 Blogging Aspirations!

  1. You have a big dedication for your blog, hope you spare sometime to rest too ^^. Your aspiration list give me some inspiration to develop my new blog. Hope you get what you are targeting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve accomplished a lot of great things so far and have some wonderful aspirations for the coming year 🙂 I wish you all the best in your blogging as well as your health. Keep it up! Take care 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Kay! ♥♥ I’m definitely hoping for a better year health-wise, I could totally use that positivity, lol. Wishing you all the very best with the new year. May it be filled with lots of joy. ♥

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You have some ambitious goals my dear 🙂 but the taking breaks one sounds a great goal in particular. I wish you nothing but luck with all of your goals. Hope we get to talk more especially about books 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Lita! They did get a bit wild, didn’t they? Haha. I’m definitely going to try to stay positive this year as I work on achieving them. Also, I’d love to talk more with you! You’re such a kick-ass person. Wishing you so many great reads, great memories, and overall great 2019!


  4. I’m excited for our 2019 in the blog world, and I hope you can achieve all of these! I know you are fully capable to succeed in the ones that are within your control! *evil side eye* 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I like how you’re differentiating between resolutions and aspirations. There’s a lot here but I think they are all great things to work towards throughout 2019 (especially not worrying when life gets in the way of blogging!). I hope you have a great year and best of luck with your aspirations! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Whenever I saw the word “resolution” I would feel so unmotivated and defeated before even getting a chance to try. So, I looked it up and “aspirations” as well, and it all started to make sense. Now that I think of them as aspirations, I feel energised and hopeful. Sometimes the little details can make a universe’s worth of difference, lol. Thanks so much for your continued support. You’re so amazing. Happy new year to you (again, if I’ve already said it). ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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