January’s Blogphere Highlights #2! (2019)

Good morning, chums! Welcome to the end of the month, which if I’m allowed to be honest, flew by hella fast while feeling like it was inching along slowly. How does that even work?

I apologise for being a bit absent around here. I under-estimated the time investment that my studies would require. But now that I’ve had three or so class sessions, I feel like I can balance everything much better. Thanks for being so patient with me. Y’all are the best.

Anyway, with the end of the month comes the celebratory post of brilliant content from around the community that y’all should check out, if you’ve the time to do so. There’s a little bit of everything here and they are all broken down via categories. Definitely blog-hop and show some love to these folks, if you can.

Books & Comics:

💜 Simone discusses KonMari-ing bookshelves and the controversy that surrounds it. This post meant so much to me because I agree with Simone and do the same things with my collection. I think KonMari-ing a library is healthy, especially mentally and emotionally, so when Simone talked about it here, I felt I found a kindred bibliophile.

💜 Elle chats about all of the reasons why they love books and it’s the perfect post if you’re a bibliophile looking for a bit of magic to smile. It reminded me of some of the reasons why I love reading and it made me feel joy. I loved it. They’ve also written up quite the brilliant review for a YA book called A Thousand Perfect Notes, which is about a boy and his abusive mum.

💜 Zaheerah writes up an #OwnVoices review for the novel Does My Head Look Big in This?, which is an Islamic YA contemporary. She talks about hijabi rep in a young teenage girl and how the audiobook version of it fairs. I remember this book being one of the first I read regarding Muslima rep, and I liked it for what it was. This review reminds me of that and is wonderfully written!

💜 Noura interviews Akemi Dawn Bowman, who is the author of Starfish and Summer Bird Blue. If you’ve read these books, and/or if you have always been interested in learning more about Ms Bowman, then I highly recommend you visit this charming interview!

💜 Sam gives us an in-depth look at the Urban Fantasy genre, where she talks about the history, characteristics, and some recommendations for folks interested in testing it out. I love her in-depth genre posts because they are so beyond fantastic, y’all.

💜 Resh shares a few diverse books that are all about fairy tales! I never used to be one for fairy tales, but over the past few years, as I’ve become more involved in content creating and evolving my love of literature, I’ve come to adore them very much. The titles shared here are a must read for fans of fairy tales!

💜 Vicky conjures up another “If you liked this, check this out list,” focusing on mental health recommendations this time around. I live for these book lists that she does, which sneak attack my TBR every time, but SO WONDERFULLY WORTH IT!

Anime, Manga, & Otaku Culture:

💙 Takuto chats about their fave anime of 2018, and their number one is probably a close tie for my own as it was a show that surprised me to no avail. I like that the choices on this list aren’t on others I’ve seen going around and that was quite refreshing. Definitely check this one out.

💙 Merlin has written up a review for the classic shōnen anime, Inuyasha that goes over why the show is still rather good despite following a predictable and repetitive formula. This is one of my fave anime serials and I really appreciated the review because it highlights some of the things that make it great.

💙 Irina reviews one of my favourite franchises of all-time, Skip Beat! and it’s an excellent one. If you’re ever wanting a series that is about the characters and something to inspire you after a big let-down, I highly recommend Skip Beat!

💙 Phi delves into the animation studio TRIGGER, with some of the work they’ve done and their upcoming film Promare. I’m a huge fan of TRIGGER’s works, so this post made me hella excited!

💙 Arthifis shares his thoughts on the My Cat is a Roommate Winter anime and whether it’s worth taking the time to watch. This is a show that I have been enjoying so much and I loved this post. It’s gorgeous to look at and pleasant to read, like a chat between chums. Definitely visit it if you can!

TV, Films, & Video Games:

🧡 Drama with a Side of Kimchi shares their unfiltered musings about a Korean drama called The Crowned Clown, which is a historical political romance drama. The premise for this sounded pretty neat and reading these thoughts on the first couple episodes has made me realise that it’s one I will have to make time to watch soon!

🧡 Will chats about his thoughts on the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo and I loved it so much! He takes the time to talk about the improvements and how the atmosphere and overall feel of the game comes off. This is one of my most-anticipated releases of the year, so naturally this was one of my fave posts for the second half of January.

🧡 Naja reviews the otome visual novel game, Ayakashi Gohan. I love visual novels and I’ve grown to find a lot of pleasure in otome games over the years, so when I saw her review for this, I had to check it out. It’s detailed, beautifully articulated, and chats about the game in a way that will help you decide if it’s a fit for you or not. I know that I will probably pick it up in the future.

🧡 Pete delves into Ace Combat 7¸ which is another franchise that I think is so bloody brilliant. Pete’s experience with the games is detailed and honest and makes me even more excited to play it. If you’re a gamer, you won’t want to miss this one!

🧡 Mike reviews Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, which is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and fans of Suda51 simply must visit this review. I always admire the way that Mike does his game reviews as they give you all the information you need about the respective title, without ever taking away the excitement surrounding it. I’m a huge Suda51 fan, so I will definitely be grabbing this when I can.

🧡 Ty-chama talks about Dangonronpa and talent in her review. This review was pretty amazing as it brings up so many brilliant things about the franchise that go beyond the superficial shock value that it gets the most credit for. It’s also one of the best musings I’ve read on the series in a long time.

🧡 Krystallina unboxes their Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition set!! I like that there’s a small review to go with it that explains what was special about the set and what could’ve been improved upon. I know this is the game of the decade for many people (considering they had to wait far longer for it), so this will be a post you’d wanna visit if you’re a KHIII fan.

Culture, Travel, & Food:

💚 Jennifer visits the Izanagi Shrine, which is considered to be one of the oldest shrines in Japan. I loved her photographs and the way she talks about the history of this shrine. As someone who is a huge Japanophile because of its history and traditional evolution of culture, I know I want to visit Izanagi Shrine one day for sure.

💚 If you’re running short on time and find yourself in Kamakura, Sheryl has created a charming post on the ways to make the most of the lovely city in four hours! She even includes how to get to the places listed and the rough cost of it all.

💚 The Flying Tofu takes us to the breath-taking Hokkaido Gokoku Shrine. She talks about how to get there from a local train station and shares a plethora of beautiful photos. If you find yourself in the Asahikawa area, then you may want to pay a visit.

💚 Rita shares a mouth-watering recipe for vegetarian butter soft shell crab (no crab, uses veggie subs) that I cannot wait to try out!! As a vegetarian, I find it difficult to replicate seafood dishes that I adored before making the lifestyle change. I love how Rita talks about texture replacement and how that can make or break a dish.

💚 Fravitch shares up an amazing and simple recipe for sautéed lotus root with miso sauce that I’m dying to try out as well. It looks so delicious and I’m a huge fan of miso-based flavours and dishes.

There are many content creators listed here who are perfect for just about any and all sorts of bloggers, so please do visit them and drop them a like and/or comment to show your love and appreciation.

If you would like to be featured on these bi-monthly posts, please drop me an Inquiry! Thank you, friends.

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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