February’s Blog Appreciation Award: The Flying Tofu!

For February’s Blog Appreciation Spotlight, I wanted to focus on an individual who I’ve been following for a very long time. In fact, their blog is one of the first Japan blogs that I came across when I initially began blogging and I have loved all their posts ever since.

The Flying Tofu blog is run by a wonderful human who was born in London and talks about being an opportunist that takes great interest in the culture of Japan. They describe themselves as being an introvert and extrovert who has a fiery spirit of anime, manga, and otome games for all eternity. (Found in their About Me section.)


The Flying Tofu

The Flying Tofu offers an abundance of posts relating to travelling to and in Japan, surrounding local culture, places to eat, and everyday life in general. Nearly all of their content is filled to the brim with gorgeous photographs that tend to do all of the talking it needs regarding the sights to see and experiences that lie hidden within the relative places. Some of my most-adored content are the ones surrounding Day Trips.

Something I’ve noticed in the corner of the world where I live is that when I have a spare day all to myself, usually out of sheer luck (I’ve had this happen to me on vacations as well), it can be a bit befuddling trying to figure out what to do. But Tofu’s day trip posts provide excellent ideas and suggestions for filling that void with an experience that will be quite fulfilling in many ways.

If you are more interested in the traditional parts of Japan, then Tofu has an abundance of cultural destinations for you to check out! I’m someone who adores places that are rich with traditional foundation of a country and culture, such as the various Shrines in Japan, and I pretty much live for Tofu’s content regarding these sorts of places. My being a Shin Buddhist may also have something to do with my enthusiasm. I can almost feel the sense of calm and beautiful essence that stems from these locations just coming through via the photographs, and I can’t ever get enough of it.

Finally if you’re a fan of food and trying out local cuisines when you travel, or if you’re just like learning about the different types of food from around the world, then Tofu’s foodie posts are a must! They take the time to showcase small treats and meals that they come across on their travels, whether it’s Japanese fast food of sorts, or treats from the local towns and cities.

Tofu also has many different posts in between everything I’ve mentioned here, from what it’s like to see Japan from an airplane, to riding the bullet trains, or cute and beautiful things and scenery they come across as they travel from one place to the next.

If you are a fan of Japanese culture and wish to learn more about it from a cultural and scenic standpoint, particularly if you want to travel there one day, then The Flying Tofu is a blog you absolutely cannot miss at all!

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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