February’s Anime & Manga Haul! (2019)

Good morning, chums! I have realised that there haven’t been many otaku hauls on the blog lately. That is probably because I haven’t bought a ton of anime or manga things in quite a long time. Money has been spent elsewhere, like kitty surgeries and heart meds, which leaves little room for fun. However, that is the benefit of tax season (the only benefit of it, in my opinion). When I stumbled onto a massive sale via Sentai Filmworks and Right Stuf, I couldn’t resist. Sir Betrothed was kind enough to enable my fanhumaning shenanigans.

Check out all of the loot that I ended up hauling. I can’t really express how stoked I am in words because it would just come out a jumbled blubbering of excitement. The anime portion consists of titles that I’ve been wanting to get for such a long time, but the prices have been ridiculous. To find them slashed in half was a dream come true.


My Love Story!!! Limited Edition Box Set


Knights of Sidonia Complete Season 1 Collection


Knights of Sidonia Complete Season 2 Collection


Highschool of the Dead Complete Collection


Skip Beat! Complete Collection


Skip Beat! 3-in-1 Volume 13


Devils’ Line Volume 12


Dreamin’ Sun Volume 8


Attack on Titan Vols. 24-26 & Before the Fall Vols. 14 & 15

Out of everything here, I’m tempted to watch either Knights of Sidonia or Skip Beat! first as I positively adore both of those serials so much! 🙂 🙂

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12 thoughts on “February’s Anime & Manga Haul! (2019)

    • Me too!! It’s one of the anime I watch when I’m feeling depressed actually. Always helps me be cheerful, and it’s good if I don’t want to/don’t have time to marathon read the manga series lol.

    • Me too. I don’t typically like zombie type things, but that one was so entertaining and violent, I loved every bit of it.

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