Favourite Reading Holes #3: A Japanese Garden

About one-month ago, Sir Betrothed and I decided quite spontaneously to get out of town for a little while. We were both undergoing some stress—them from work and me from school—that had been leaving us emotionally drained and rather depressed. By this point, it had been a good, long while since we had done something totally on random impulse, and we both enjoy taking drives. We will listen to music, have marvellous intellectual conversations, or simply delight in one another’s presence while basking in the silence and scenery.

We did a quick Google search of local parks that weren’t too terribly far away and of ones that we had never been to, which led us to discover a Japanese Garden that was only about forty-five minutes away from our home. Setting it as our location, I grabbed my camera and a couple of sweaters, then we headed off on our trip. What we discovered was such a stunning feat of nature and serenity. It truly is the absolute perfect place to read, or even to just sit in a corner and to allow yourself to be enveloped in the flora’s beauty.

Friends who follow me on either Instagram or Twitter may have seen that I’m a newly aspiring artist, at least in terms of drawing. My goal with that is to work up to painting. I would love to be a painter. However, my foray into hand-drawn art stems from my pursual of photography as an artform as well, specifically nature photography. Going to the Japanese Garden gave me an opportunity to practise my photography somewhat and play around with the focus technique. While I’m still very much a learner, I had the time of my life.

In this post, I have an abundance of photos to share that truly highlight the wonder and essence of this gorgeous place, and how versatile it can be. I feel like this is place that I can visit even when I’m feeling depressed; a place where I can sit down beneath a tree or within the confines of the small bamboo forest and allow the negativity to melt away. Please, check it out below and let me know what you think of this garden.

Please know that every photograph used in this post were taken by me and only me, and I would ask that you do not use any of the photographs without my expressed permission. The photos will be a part of my portfolio one day and I worked very hard to take them. They are also protected by copyright as they are my own intellectual property. I would be grateful for your respect in this manner. Thank you.


These tōrō lanterns were dispersed throughout the garden.


Japanese black pine tree.


Sasanqua Camellia.


I’m not sure what this flower is, but it was gorgeous.


Curly Lady Camelila.


Autumn berries, I’m not sure of the specific breed.


These surrounded trees that had Buddhist ribbons on the trunks.


More tōrō tucked away.


Stone statues in the massive koi pond.


A tōrō at the edge of the pond.


Lovely red bridge that goes over one of the koi ponds.


Such a calming and clean waterfall.


Stone steps that lead from one part of the garden to the next.


Beautiful koi fishes.


More koi fishes. One of them is wearing a leaf hat.


There are benches placed all over the garden. This is my favourite photo.


There’s a stone walkway leading from the small building to a secluded part of the pond.


The roof of the local building has a perfect Autumn aesthetic.


From inside the bamboo forest.


I LOVED the texture of this tree so much.

pink flower banner

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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13 thoughts on “Favourite Reading Holes #3: A Japanese Garden

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden. I envy you having it so nearby! It is certainly a wonderful place to read, write, or draw – or work on your photography! Or simply sit and meditate on the universe. Lovely. I’m very grateful to you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These photos are stunning! You are getting hella better at taking pictures. 😀 so proud of you, cousin. With the exception of a couple of flowers, if I didn’t know any better, I’d assume it was a garden in Japan.

    Liked by 1 person

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