Top 5 Favourite Happy-Go-Lucky-Fuck-You-Depression Anime Songs!

Happy Friday, my fellow otakulings. I hope that you all have had a rather decent week so far and here’s to your weekends treating you well.

Apathy has been sneak attacking me again this past week, which when coupled with some minor cold symptoms and mama-drama, has left me feeling wholly depressed and miserable. Then this brilliant thing happened to me on Wednesday morning: “History Maker” from the YURI!!! On Ice OST began to play on my phone and it brought up emotionally uplifting memories of my brother. I smiled and told myself that while I feel like shite right now, I will be okay!

In celebration of that random moment of joy in an otherwise dreary day, I thought it would be nice to impart some joy to you all as well. So, for today’s Top Five anime-related post, I shall be sharing with you my favourite feel-good anime songs of all-time. These five songs are ones that can come up even when I am feeling my absolute worst and I know that I will be smiling by the end. Maybe they can help you too. ♥

05. “Lithium Flower” by Scott Matthew

This song is from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST and is one of my favourite songs to sing. I love the imagery from the eccentric lyrics, the chill music, and the overall sense of calm and coolness that I get whilst listening to it.

04. “Shiny Days” by Asaka

This was one of the catchiest songs that I had heard last Winter during the simulcast season. It’s the opening song for Laid-Back Camp, which also ended up being one of my most-loved anime serials from 2018. It’s quite upbeat and encapsulates the essence of youthful camaraderie and keeping your chin held up high.

03. “History Maker” by Dean Fujioka

I never expected to love the song, or the series for that matter, as much as I do. I’m not really sure what it is about this thing that fills me with so much hope, if I’m to be frank. The music is a bit cheesy to me, and even some of the lyrics follow that trend, yet every time I listen to it, I feel really inspired to keep doing my best at everything. On rare occasions, such as this past Wednesday, it makes me emotional and warm-hearted.

The next two songs that I will be sharing are driving-related songs, and I know the number one pick shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for the chums that have come to understand my love of a very specific anime. Most of the time when I’m feeling sad or depressed, I’ve found that driving really helps me out. This is also true for when I just have a lot of shite on my mind that I need to process through. Additionally, if I’m simply searching for a calm and chill evening to wind down with, then I almost always do it with the following songs.

02. “Driver’s High” by L’Arc-en~Ciel

Ah, the first opening song for the anime series GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, which also happens to be one of my best and most-loved feel-good anime serials of all-time, is such a fantastic tune. The music is pop-rock with some unique, jazzy type vocals and an ambiance of being a chill-as-fuck (that is me associating the song with Onizuka, who is a huge nonchalant badass). When I owned a Honda S2000, I would drive around at night with the top down, during the summertime and listen to “Driver’s High” on full-blast, vaping and enjoying the breeze in my hair. Great times.

01. “Running in the 90s” by Maurizio De Jorio

Literally the best fucking song EVER!!!!! It’s from Initial D. Who is surprised by this, really? I figured no one would be. I cannot have a happy-go-lucky-fuck-you-depression playlist and NOT HAVE EUROBEAT ON THE LIST!!!!! It’s impossible.

I can literally listen to this song on repeat, all the live-long day and feel it running through my veins. No song in existence makes me feel as pumped up and ready to drift through the bullshite the way that “Running in the 90s” does. I know that’s tacky, but that is the best way to describe my love for this 90s classic.

Also… I have raced to this song before, on numerous occasions, and I won every time. Fuck yeah, Initial D!

Thanks, everyone, for checking out my list of Top Five Best Anime Songs to Make Me Feel Like a Bonafide Bawse. While the title for this post has changed quite a few times, I know the list shall stay the same for years to come, or at the very least the top two songs definitely will. 😉

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Happy-Go-Lucky-Fuck-You-Depression Anime Songs!

  1. One anime song that never failed to make me happy is “Shutter Chance”, is one of Kise character song Oh and some Tachibana Makoto character song.

    As opening I would say “Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi!” which is Nanbaka opening. “Out of Control” the 2nd Psycho-pass opening, “Sen no Tsubasa” the opening of the 2nd season of Hamatora and “naru” which is Tsurune’s opening.

    I agree with the comment about “History Maker” having a Disney feel to it, the first time I heard it I immediately thought about that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Out of Control and Sen no Tsubasa!! The latter makes me feel like kind of like a badass when I listen to it sometimes, LOL.

      I haven’t seen Tsurune yet, but I’m hoping to get around to it this year. And yeah, it definitely does. I actually didn’t make that association until it was pointed out, LOL. *hides*


      • I just love Se no Tsubasa opening sequence, that drums make me feel thing.

        The reason why we feel like “History Maker” sound like a Disney song it’s probably cause of the musical arrangement. Orchestra is typical of Disney OST.


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