Top 5 2018 SFF Releases to Read in 2019!

Recently, I was chatting with my cousin about an array of random things, such as mecha anime, video games we both want to re-play, and science-fiction books from last year that we’d both like to read, eventually. This made me realise that I haven’t heard much about adult SFF books as YA lit has been booming across many, many blogs and platforms. Naturally, I went on a search parade. Now, that my thriller mood has faded away, I’m ready to dive back into science-fiction across numerous mediums, especially the biblio medium, and testing out new titles sounds quite appealing to me!

Today, I wanted to share with you five science-fiction and fantasy books that were released at different times during 2018 that I hope to read later this year, probably during the Summer and Autumn seasons. I’m someone who doesn’t like to know much about an SFF story before going into it, so the synopsis that I will provide for each book shall be quite brief. But, have no fear! If they sound appealing to you, just click on the associated pink links to visit their GoodReads page.

05. The Ember Blades (The Darkwater Legacy #1) by Chris Wooding

The Ember Blades is an adult epic fantasy novel that follows a dude who gets tossed into a prison mine, along with his best buddy, after his daddy is executed for treason. Eventually he gets rescued by a bro that absolutely hates his guts but is obligated to save his arse. The mystery guy and an array of unravelling secrets causes the dude to realises that everything he ever knew about his life was a blatant lie. Also, there’s some kind of legendary sword that will eventually come into play.

04. Dawn Among the Stars by Samantha Heuwagen

Dawn Among the Stars is an adult science-fiction novel that is filled to the brim with intergalactic politics and warfare, told via three interconnected humans that are having some difficulties with understanding the vast scale of the universe. One person must deal with the challenges of working with an alien ally. Another person is stuck on the mistakes of the past while he’s tossed into the chaos of war. Finally, a third individual is solely focused on keeping her family safe and sound during a brutal attack, doing whatever the hell is necessary in the process.

03. Planetside (Planetside #1) by Michael Mammay

Planetside is an adult military space opera novel about an old Colonel who is called out of retirement in order to find a high councillor’s son that has gone missing from a space station that is orbiting a battle-beaten planet. The Colonel learns quickly that the base is nothing more than a secretive labyrinth of death and sabotage.

02. Stars Uncharted by S.K. Dunstall

Stars Uncharted is an adult space opera adventure story about three people who make up a band of explorers, however none of them are whom they claim to be, and they’re all after the biggest load of treasure in the galaxy, hidden on unimaginable lost world.

01. The Calculating Stars (Lady Astronaut #1) by Mary Robinette Kowal

The Calculating Stars is an adult science-fiction, alternate history novel that begins with a huge arse meteorite falling to earth during the 1950s, stirring up a terrible climatic cataclysm that will render the earth inhospitable for humans. Enter a brilliant and ambitious woman is positively determined to become the first Lady Astronaut in an effort to save the world, regardless of what society has to say about it.

I haven’t heard of any of these titles prior to my internet paroozing and I haven’t seen them on the local blogsphere either, which makes me kind of sad because they all sound so bloody brilliant in their own way! Have y’all read or heard of these books before? Would you read them if you had the chance?

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