Library Loot #15: Fantasy Horror, High Fantasy, & Alternate History

Recently, in my March Reading Wrap-Up, I chatted briefly about how I’ve stopped trying to force myself into reading specific things. Instead, I embrace the moodiness of my reading tastes and it has allowed me to enjoy my biblio-passions once more in a freer manner. A few days ago, I took this mentality and visited the library, allowing my moody instincts to lead me towards whatever sounded good in that moment. Staring at this stack, it appears I am currently in a mood for fantasy of various sorts!

I brought home seven books in my trusty canvas bag and they all stem from a myriad of fantasy subgenres, such as horror, epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, and high fantasy. I even have one alternate history book that is fantasy steampunkish. Not only did my haul consist of a mostly single-genre focus, I also noticed that the vast majority of them are large books! When I was younger, I could blow through a thousand pages within a couple of days. Now that I’m older, this is more difficult to accomplish. Nevertheless, I miss that feeling of consuming such a large and intricate novel in a short time span (presently it takes me more like a week). It left me with a sense of triumph and rejuvenation, excited and ready for the next treat on my pile. I think my brain is trying to tell me to jump back into the towering tome game. Let’s hope it works out!

 Black Feathers (Black Dawn #1) by Joseph D’Lacey

Black Feathers is a dark fantasy horror book that is the first instalment in a duology (I believe). Each era is marked by the relative condition of the world. For example the Bright Day consisted of long periods of peace, while the Black Dawn is marked as a time of death and decay. Within each era, a child is chosen and tasked with the mission of finding a dark and enigmatic messiah known only as the Crowman. However, no one knows if the Crowman is the saviour they’ve been waiting for, or the final embodiment of utter evil.

Storm Glass (Harbinger #1) by Jeff Wheeler

Storm Glass is a fantasy novel that is the first in a multi-volume serial about the roles that various clashing social statuses play in an enchanted realm. Within this realm, the rich and privileged reside in sky manors that are afloat in the skies with magic known as the Mysteries. Meanwhile, the poor are forced to be earthbound where they are subjugated via brutal factory work. Only the wealthy are permitted to learn about the Mysteries, thus upholding their power and stature. In this world, we encounter Cettie who is a waif that gets adopted by a wealthy admiral in the skies, and people around her never allow her to forget where she came from. Then there is Sera, who is a princess yearning to learn more about her father’s strange new charge. Both girls end up developing a friendship that they hope will help them escape their inevitable fates.

Spymaster (Dragon Corsairs #1) by Margaret Weis & Robert Krammes

Spymaster is a high fantasy, steampunk novel that is the first book in a trilogy (so far) about a privateer and smuggler named Captain Kate Fitzmaurice who lives to fly airships. One day she is hired by a notorious spymaster for the queen of Freya to go searching for a young dude who claims to be the true heir of Freya. However, when Kate’s past starts to catch-up to her, it will test the wits and luck of not only the fierce lady captain, but also that of her crew!

Heir of Autumn (Heartstone #1) by Giles Carwyn & Todd Fahnestock

Heir of Autumn is an epic fantasy introduction to a trilogy filled with brutal combat and palace intrigue about the Children of Seasons—men and women who are tested before the Heartstone and sworn to appease the needs of others. When the Heir of Autumn, named Brophy, is accused of murder, the city-state of Ohndarien falls into dangerous duplicity. Brophy is exiled to a place where his only chance at survival is via a treacherous gladiatorial game.

Seven Princes (Books of the Shaper #1) by John R. Fultz

Seven Princes is a sword and sorcery title that is the first in a trilogy. The kingdoms of Men rose to power beneath the vigilance of the Giants. Then the Giants slayed the last of the Serpents, bringing in an era of tranquillity and good fortune. However, with this prosperity comes the rise of a new threat against Men—an ancient sorcerer who slaughters the rightful king before his heir’s eyes, tossing the realm into doom. The prince goes on a quest to find six allies with whom he can defeat this great new power.

Three Princes by Ramona Wheeler

Three Princes is a stand-alone alternate history, steampunk fantasy novel about a prince of Albion and a professor-prince during 1877 in the year of the Lord Julius Caesar where Pharaoh Djoser-George rules a kingdom spanning across parts of Europe. When a treacherous plot against the Egyptian Empire is suspected, these two individuals are sent on a mission to expose the conspiracy that will take them on a long journey from Memphis to the Incan Tawantinsuyu with airships, blood sacrifices, and high diplomacy.

The Complete John Thunstone by Manly Wade Wellman

The Complete John Thunstone is a weird fantasy book that collects short stories originally created in 1943 following John Thunstone’s adventures as a scholar and playboy who investigated mysterious supernatural events with his iconic weapon of choice: a sword-cane forged by a saint. The stories were originally published in periodicals akin to penny dreadful.

Out of this massive list I shall probably begin my reading shenanigans with Black Feathers or Heir of Autumn. Between these two books specifically, Heir of Autumn is a beast with over 600 pages to consume. Political or palace intrigue are also some of my favourite things to read about in fantasy stories!

What do you think of these books? Do they sound interesting to you? Have you had (dis)pleasure of reading them? 🖤

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8 thoughts on “Library Loot #15: Fantasy Horror, High Fantasy, & Alternate History

  1. These all sound delightful in their own way, Black Feathers is really intriguing, and Spymasters cover is awesome! John Thunstone is probably going to be a great pulpy trip as stories in the adventure realm from that time period tend to be. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on these books!

    • They do, and I’m looking forward to all three that you’ve mentioned! 🙂 I haven’t read a good pulp type story (or stories, in this case) in SO long.

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  3. Getting old, huh? Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. And I’m probably not one of the best, so I know.

    I would run thru a novel a night as a teenager. Somewhere after college, I just stopped reading everything and got very picky about what I read.

    Now my reading is mostly on a screen and paper books are rare events.

    • I think I’m the opposite to an extent. I used to be very picky as a kid. While I’m still picky now, I also read from a many more genres than I used to, and far more willing to try unfamiliar things.

  4. I am OBSESSED with the cover of Three Princes. Don’t know who the artist is but they did a great job. I’m also wondering if Ramona is Jeff Wheeler’s wife?

    I’ll be curious to see what you think of Storm Glass. I loved Wheeler’s Kingfountain books but can’t bring myself to read any of his other series. Heirs of Autumn sounds interesting too.

    • I did some research and I couldn’t find anything connecting the two, so I don’t believe they are married.

      I have the Kingfountain books on my Kindle–got most of them during amazing deals–but lately reading ebooks is a pain in my eyes, literally. But I’ve heard so many great things, I want to try and pick it up soon.

      I’ll definitely do a review for Storm Glass after I’m done with it. 🙂

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