Favourite Reading Holes #4: Beautiful Botanical Garden

Happy Sunday, friends! I know that Sundays are usually reserved for self-care related posts, but the truth is that I have been struggling so much with self-care recently. I finally managed to outline a couple articles last week and once they are ready, I will start posting the Sunday special segment again. Since these pieces are near-and-dear to my heart, I don’t want to rush them.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you another place that I discovered that is perfect for reading and you can see that it is yet another type of garden. You know, prior to doing this Favourite Reading Places feature, I never would have associated myself with gardens, mostly due my horrendous allergies. Yet, here we are…

Ever since I began my battle with apathy, taking some time to leave my house and finding quiet places to read has done remarkable wonders for my mental health. My anxiety does get heightened, especially if the areas I visit have many people around. My agoraphobia also doesn’t allow me to venture too far from my home, but it’s a huge step for me and one that I think is a form of self-care in it’s own right. So, that’s why I wanted to share a new reading hole with you on this sunny Sunday morning.

This botanical garden is approximately fifteen minutes from my house and is so stunning! They have tons of flowers everywhere with benches strategically placed throughout that allow you to sit in solitude, but without feeling completely isolated from the rest of the park. I do have to take my allergy medicine and wear a face mask whenever I decide to visit this place because the fresh cut grass and the flowing fountains of pollen would be killer otherwise. Another characteristic about the park that I fell in love with are all of the trees. There are trees everywhere, making it a nice, shady place to hang out for extended periods of time. It’s a bit akin to walking through a forest with dirt pathways, if that makes sense.

20180504_193635514_iOS 1

Some of the pathways had fences around plants that weren’t safe for pets to chew on.


The colours of pink and purple were so lovely.


Roses that were planted to honour one of the donors of the park.

20180504_193343457_iOS 1

These flowers reminded me a bit of cherry blossoms.

20180504_193332080_iOS 1

These ones kind of reminded me red hibiscus flowers, like a cousin plant.


So many tall, beautiful trees.

What do you think of this park? Does it look like a place that you would sit and read at? Or a place to possibly lay a blanket in the shade and take a nap?

All photos were taken by me and are unedited. Please, don’t use them without permission. Thank you!

pink flower banner

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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8 thoughts on “Favourite Reading Holes #4: Beautiful Botanical Garden

  1. It looks like a good place to escape and relax. It’s not warm enough yet in Canada but there’s a place I often go to on campus which is an indoor botanical garden. Even tho I’m not in school right now I would often go there and write. Plants are very therapeutic 🙂

    • Yes, they can be super therapeutic! My appreciation for them has been gaining more depth recently. It’s nice not to take them for granted. 🙂 🙂

  2. Haha honestly to answer your question: it looks like a place where I could both take a nap and read a book 😂 Wish I had a place like that near my home. I think I would stay there every day. Wonderful post, and beautiful pictures as well! 😊

    • Thank you so much! I have taken a nap there (by accident lol) and it was nice. I actually woke up to a stray cat napping in the sun not far from me.

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