Spring Anime Weekly Reactions: Week 2 – So Many Excellent New Serials

Welcome, chums! This is my very first time attempting to do seasonal episodic reactions/musings. I didn’t want to do full reviews for each episode and get too analytical because I don’t want to burn out, and possibly lessen my enjoyment of watching these serials on a week-by-week basis. I will try my best to be honest and entertaining. If you have advice for segments like these, since this is my first whack at it, I’ll gladly accept them! Thank you so much!

So, I shall be covering all of the anime that I’m currently watching. Fruits Basket is the only anime that I will not be doing episodic reactions for starting next week. I’ve chatted briefly about why in its respective section. Sine this is the first weekly post for the season, I’ve also included links to my first impressions for all of the shows mentioned somewhere within their relative spaces.

Dororo Episode 13 & 14:

One of my favourite aspects about Dororo is how each episode imparts important, life lessons in one shape or another. Even if the episode is entirely plot-driven and focused, there is still something there that gets into your head and makes you ponder a lot about what it means to be a living person, and how privileged you are regardless of the struggles or hardships you may be facing. That is one of the facets that makes this series so bloody brilliant. The other thing that makes it so remarkable is that even though each episode is episodic to an extent, it’s constantly driving the overarching plot forward with phenomenal pacing and writing.

In episode 13, we get to learn about greed and how the unhealthy obsession of needing to be perfect or to craft something that is flawless, can consume a person to the point where their individualism and morals can fade away from their very heart and soul. I love the continuously dark subject matter that is infused with the good-natured camaraderie that is shared between Dororo and Hyakkimaru.

Eps. 13 i

Gorgeous craftsmanship.

Episode 14 brings us a little bit of backstory for Dororo as we learn about what their father’s true ambition was. I liked the question that is posed by this revelation. On the one hand, do you abide the legacy of the person whom you respected above all else? Or, do you put that legacy aside for the times that are changing and for your current circumstances? It’s kind of a typical hero’s impasse, and I’m curious to see what Dororo will choose. Also, on a side note, I must say that I wasn’t expecting motherfucking Mothzilla to make an appearance, but holy hell, did it ever.

Eps. 14 n

Mothzilla has been angered, everyone RUN!

Shōmetsu Toshi Episode 2:

Ah, the first episode was a hot mess of crap (check out my rant here), and this one didn’t disappoint with that streak of unsatisfaction. The show is basically a glorified escort mission on a Vespa. It keeps asking all of the important questions without taking a single step towards answering any of them. We keep getting a bunch of action, a few George Martin inspired deaths, and a constant pile of ambiguity. If this keeps up in episode three, then I will for sure just drop it. It honestly doesn’t feel like a worthy investment at all. The only good thing about this episode was that it was slightly less all-over-the-place, and it wasn’t as heavy-handed with the obnoxious use of CG.

Afterlost Eps. 02 c

It would be nice if your show could start answering those questions, wouldn’t it, buddy?

Fairy Gone Episode 2:

Holy hell, this was a vast improvement over the pilot, which wasn’t a bad start, really. Originally it felt a bit average to me across the board, but this second episode has shown me that Fairy Gone has kick-arse potential to be one of the best shows of the season. This one brought it with fast-paced, brilliantly executed action; better animation quality over the first episode (this may also be contributed to the fact that the atmosphere was far less dark and shadowy than the pilot); a basic introduction of how soldiers obtained the ability to wield faery powers during the war; and some forgotten yet familiar faces that will possibly makes the story a lot more greyer than it already is in terms of ethics related to faery experimentation and eradication. Fairy Gone may just end up being one the serials for the season that I will be eagerly anticipating each week.

Fairy Gone Eps. 02 a

That doesn’t sound excruciating at all…

RobiHachi Episode 2:

This ridiculous fucking show, which stars two morons who argue like bickering boyfriends, is so outrageously unforgiving in how it pokes fun at may science-fiction influences, such as H.G. Wells and classic robot anime. I fricking love it so much. It makes me laugh-out-loud and shake my head with second-hand embarrassment all at once. I’m not someone who usually cares for satire or spoofs, but this one is just too irresistible to pass up. I loved the second episode as the Baka Boys (what my nephew and I call them) end up on Mars and basically change the Martians’ entire way of living, but potentially for the better. It was funny and feel-good. If you want a hysterical anime to keep things light and entertaining for you this season, then definitely check out RobiHachi.

RobiHachi Eps. 02 b

Getting some strong BL vibes… 😂

Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 2:

Every single time Tōru hugs one of the Sōma fam, I fricking die laughing, holy shite. That’s it, that’s the whole reaction for this week’s episode. Also, since this series is very special to me, I’m going to refrain from doing weekly musings for it past the second episode. I want to take it all in as one season/series and then do a proper review for it afterwards. Thanks for being understanding.

Fruits Basket 2019 Episode 2 a

Poor Tōru. Also… LMAO.

Senryū Girl Episode 2:

This week’s episode was more on the funnier side than the cutesy side, but I didn’t mind it one bit. Nanako’s constantly talking in senryū form also didn’t feel stale and it hasn’t started to feel like it’s too much. My guess is that this may be because the rest of the cast members speak normally. I also think that this episode may rub some viewers the wrong way as it kind of pertains to a girl going on a diet because some boy made a comment about her being “rounder.” Her tactics at working-out were quite hilarious, but that’s mostly due to whom she turned to for assistance. Overall, it was a fun episode. I thought that I would start to feel unsatisfied by the shorter episodes, yet it felt very comfortable for me given the nature of the series. Then again, it is only the second week, so we’ll see how things turn up. My only complaint is that there aren’t many senryū aspects to the series aside from Nanako talking in verse. I was sort of hoping that there would be some morsels of information about this particular poetry style. However, it’s just a standard slice-of-life series for the most part.

Senryuu Eps. 02 c

The workout coach.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 2:

Man, this series continues to have absolutely brilliant fucking animation. I love the action sequences and the intensity of watching Tanjiro’s fortitude drive him towards becoming something remarkable all for the sake of his lone surviving family member. The second episode showed us that Demon Slayer also won’t be shying away from precious comedic elements in an effort to break-up some of that heaviness that the plot has been bringing in in sufficient quantities, and it does it in a beautifully natural means. Another thing that I appreciated about this week’s episode is how much content is packed into it, when compared to other shōnen serials, and everything is always paced so immaculately. Lastly, that motion picture-like musical score is absolutely astounding. I’d watch the series simply for that if it didn’t have any of the other things mentioned. I’m quite excited to see how Tanjiro’s apprenticeship shall treat him.

Demon Slayer Eps. 02 e

Kicking the living shit outta you, apparently.

Kono Oto Tomare! Episode 2:

Episode two was a continuation of the laughter and light-hearted feel-good elements that was in the pilot. We also have a new member who has joined, and let me tell you, my chums, I am crushing hella hard. She’s a long-haired beauty who’s a bit arrogant and so immensely talented at playing the koto. My heart has swooned the fuck off into the sky for her. Speaking of the koto, we also got to hear what the instrument sounds like when it’s played well! I was filled with fanhumaning giddiness!! The music nerd within me just cannot be contained. One of the things that I mentioned in my first impressions was how this serial would be about unlikely people coming together to tackle their issues and become friends. We see some of that when Ms Beautifully Irresistible is taught a lesson in checking her arrogance at the door, especially when it comes to being on a team. I can’t wait for next week. Kono Oto Tomare! is going to be my self-care anime of the season (in addition to Fruits Basket, of course) because it really makes me feel so wonderful.

Kono Oto Tomare Eps. 02 e

QUEEN! Marry me?

That does it for this week’s musings. What shows are you guys following this Spring season? Have you dropped or been disappointed by anything yet? Or, contrarily, been utterly mind-blown by something you didn’t expect to like?

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  2. I am enjoying Fairy Gone, so much so that I can even overlook the CG. Senryu Girl is brill. Puts a smile on mice face with its cuteness.

  3. I like the format you used for this, it really is great for contrasting how each show is holding up against the competition so to speak 🙂 with some clear front runners and others who are going to drop out of the race completely!

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