3 South Korean Dramas to Watch Before Summer Arrives

Can you believe that the summer season shall officially be here in a little over a month? I am finding it difficult to believe that it’s not here already given how blazingly uncomfortable it has been in my corner of the world for the past couple of weeks. Summer in California is going to be an excruciating monster this year. My bones are vibrating with dread for it. Nevertheless! The best part of weather that you are unable step into is the space it creates for binging things that bring you joy, which for this post and my pleasure shall consist of Asian dramas.

My jump into Asian dramas began last year and since then I’ve seen about three or four shows. All of them have been abundantly pleasant in their own ways, yet I have noticed that for some reason I still feel a bit intimidated by them. I’m going to chock it up to the fact that I have barely slipped my foot into the pool of creativity and narratives that is out there within the medium. My inexperience is probably making me hesitant from jumping right in (it’s ironic I’m using pool-type metaphors considering that I can’t swim to save my bleeding life).

In an effort to remedy my unfounded anxiety, I plan on watching three of my most-anticipated South Korean dramas within the next few weeks as I despondently await the arrival of Summer (and Summer college classes). There is a slight trend with the serials I shall be chatting about. Can you spot it?

Mother (2018)

Mother is a suspense thriller with sixteen episodes that follows an elementary school teacher who learns about the abuse that one of her students is undergoing. Appalled by the situation, she becomes determined to save the little girl at whatever the cost.

I love suspense dramas and I like narratives that focus on family dysfunction or even abuse because it leaves me feeling satisfied when those perpetrators are punished (wonder what that says about me). I feel like it’s a type of tale that can instil hope in the dreariest of circumstances. Also, I love exploring the psychological themes that tend to go hand-in-hand with such narratives.

mother kdrama poster

Two Weeks (2013)

Two Weeks is an action-thriller series that also has sixteen episodes and revolves around a man who is part of a criminal organisation. When his partner tells him that she’s pregnant with his child, he becomes determined to leave this life of crime behind to become a decent father to his kid. However, the organisation has drastically different plans for him. Refusing to release him, they instead set him up for a controversial murder, threatening him to take the fall or to watch his family die.

The actor who plays the daddy-dearest role is the same guy who played the arse-kicking lawyer in Lawless Lawyer (Lee Joon Gi) and I fucking love him! The swooning became quite serious after L.L. and I’m very excited to check-out his earlier works. Plus, action-thrillers are always my cup of chai.

two weeks kdrama

Defendant (2017)

Defendant is a legal thriller with eighteen episodes about a brilliant, budding prosecutor whose life suddenly falls into shambles when he awakes one day to find himself sitting in a jail cell accused of murdering his wife. His daughter has also disappeared, and he has no recollection of how any of this could have possibly happened.

Legal thrillers are my drug, whatever language they’re in or region of the world they stem from. I shall always and forever blame this on my brother who was a phenomenal lawyer himself, and the passion he instilled in me for the sort of challenging puzzles you can only find in legal situations. I’m also greatly intrigued by the premise!

defendant kdrama

Those are the three South Korean dramas that I look forward to watching during the remainder of the spring season. Have you seen any of these? Do they sound interesting to you? Please, come chat with me in the comments and make my day brighter! I’d love to hear from you!

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12 thoughts on “3 South Korean Dramas to Watch Before Summer Arrives

  1. now recommend some from the North Korea, lol. I kid
    I’ve always wanted to try K-drama. Any good place to watch them?

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  3. these all look good! i don’t really watch series (i’m more into movies) but all of these sound like something i’d love to watch. what service are you watching them on?

  4. These all sound like straight up your alley (just realized how dirty that phrase sounds), I hope they don’t disappoint!

  5. You’ve got quite a nice selection lined up there! Two Weeks is a classic, and one of my favorite thriller Korean dramas. And yes, you can expect Lee Joon Gi to be fantastic in it! Of course, he always is 🙂

    Defendant is excellent too. Ji Sung is another truly amazing actor, and this drama showcases that (you should seriously watch him in Kill Me Heal Me though where he has Dissociative Identity Disorder and has 7 personalities. He’s absolutely phenomenal in that one).

    I still need to check out Mother, just have to make sure I’m ready for the tears with that one, hehe

    • I’ll have to add Kill Me Heal Me to my list. That premise sounds SO much like something I’d love to watch! 😮 From this list, I’d definitely start with Two Weeks.

      • It really is an amazing drama. Out of hundreds of dramas watched, it’s my third favorite ever. But Two Weeks is a great one to start with from your list, especially if you’re in the mood for a few thrills 🙂

        • Oh wow, that’s amazing praise! I’ve noticed you have excellent taste in dramas. 🙂 I saw that it’s on Viki so I can definitely watch it, hopefully this year.

          • Haha, thanks for that 🙂 Hope you enjoy it if you ever get a chance to watch it.

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