Hitting the Brakes on Blogging with a Much-Needed Writer’s Retreat

Good morning, chums!

Today, I’m going to announce a blogging slow-down. Recently, I shared a Self-Care post where I chat about blogging slumps that can occur due to stress or simply burning out. While I’m not experiencing either of those things at the moment (well, there’s always stress, but it’s currently rather mild, which is a surprise), I do have other interests that require my full-focus, and I’d like to discuss that with you a little bit.

I know that I’ve chatted about this over on Twitter on occasion, but I am an aspiring author. My dream since I was a child has been to publish a book and become a semi-successful writer on a full-time basis, at least where I get paid to do it. Many, many stories have been stirring around in my brain lately, but due to my other obligations, I haven’t been able to really dedicate my heart and soul into writing like I have anticipated. Because of that, I believe, my depression and self-doubt as a writer has been getting exasperated. The truth is that the time has arrived for me to swing around my priorities.

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Presently, I try to share approximately 2-3 posts per day. Most of the time I’m able to do that, while other times I only manage 1 post per day. Creativity can be a shifty thing and I’ve learned not to kick myself in the arse too much when that occurs. However, now that I have made the unyielding choice to centre my life on author-related pursuits, I shall be lowering my posting frequency quite drastically.

I don’t want my blog to become an empty space, and I refuse to call this break of sorts a hiatus due to the negative connotations that go hand-in-hand with that word (for me personally). I’m not stepping away for an undetermined amount of time. Hell, I’m not even stepping away completely. I’m merely slowing down. As a workaholic the idea of not blogging at all makes me very uncomfortable in my skin and within my headspace.

Thus, I shall be posting content 3-4 times per week at the minimum, rather than daily. I understand that’s a big dive. Nevertheless, if I don’t do this now then I’ll never be able to put all of my heart and soul into trying to become a published author. It’s very important to me that I try with all of my energy. If it still doesn’t work out after everything, then at least I can take comfort in knowing I gave it my utmost damndest resolve. Right this second as I sit here typing away on my purple-glowing keyboard, I can’t say that with confidence (that I gave it my all, I mean).

I hope you won’t be too disappointed in me as I embark on this Writer’s Retreat. I’ll still be active on Twitter where I’ll chat about what I’m reading or potentially even what I’m writing. I’ve recently joined OWLS, so those are guaranteed posts you can expect to see every month (I’m SO excited to be a part of the specific community!). I have a couple of personal reviews and beta reading projects I’m working on that I shall be finishing up by next week at the latest, so folks who are awaiting my feedback, please have no fear about that. Additionally, I’ll remain open to queries. So, as you can see, I’m definitely not disappearing. Just hitting the brakes on my daily presence.

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This whole experience is terrifying to me. Never in my life have I wanted to succeed at something as intensely as I do at writing books. My brain has plenty of self-doubt and insecurities right now, which is why I must concentrate on it more so; to shut those voices and noises up. All I can ask from you is your continued support. It would mean the world to me and, honestly, it’s been so indescribably inspiring and motivating to me, not just as a blogger but as a person trying to follow their dishevelled dreams.

Well, that about does it for me. I apologise for the spontaneity of this announcement. I’ve been juggling it like hacky-sacks for the past few days. I realised that I need to just gut-up and do it before I chicken out.

If you’d like to chat with me at all, please drop me a comment here, or you can send me an inquiry, or DM me over on Twitter. If you’re comfortable with email, then feel free to email me here: capn.neko.baka@outlook.com.

I shall see you again in a couple days for some anime reviews. Much love and joy to all.

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

20 thoughts on “Hitting the Brakes on Blogging with a Much-Needed Writer’s Retreat

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  3. good luck with everything 😀 i know i wanted to do some writing a while back (book) but i’m so bad at writing long stories RIP. maybe one day i’ll go back to it 😛

    i’m super excited about what you’ll be writing about! keep us updated~ 🙂 and no worries on your blog, I think 3-4 posts minimum per week is still a lot! i’m impressed :00 i’ve only recently started to do one every day and even then i sometimes don’t make my quota xD

    • I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful lol. I’m currently working on two projects. One is a Queer contemporary and the other is a dark fantasy story. 🙂 I’m excited for both. Gave myself deadlines and stuff; hopefully it works out!

  4. Good job taking the time away you need to focus on what you want to accomplish! I know it is never easy to do it. I fully believe that you are going to write something you will be proud of and I can’t wait to pick it up and be like. “HEY I LIVE WITH THIS PERSON!”

    • After the past few days, I have noticed that blogging actually helps keep my writing mind very sharp and… well, motivated to keep writing. I think blogging has become such an ingrained part of my self-care and daily routine, that not doing it will impede my ability to write books. So, blogging will definitely stay rather regular moving onwards, just not as heft as it was. And thank you! If/When that happens, I will sob from joy haha.

  5. No one’s gonna be disappointed in you for following your dream. ❤️ And 3-4 posts a week is plenty you know. (says I who write 3-4 posts a month atm. If any. 🙄) I look forward to what’s to come out from your creative mind. 😊

    • Thanks so much, Lina! I really hope that I will get an opportunity to share my stories with the world one day. 🙂 🙂

  6. “I hope you won’t be too disappointed in me as I embark on this Writer’s Retreat.”

    Disappointed that you’re trying to advance your craft?

    That would be kinda selfish of me, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    I would love to know how the retreat goes, if you feel like blogging about it! It’s been about 30 years since my last writing retreat, and I’ll tell you this for free: I still remember it fondly. And I miss it!

    I hope it goes well!

    • I’ll definitely blog about it once it’s over. It’s only been a few days, but already I can say it’s been quite a learning experience lol. I’m going to stay optimistic about it helping me with my goals. 🙂

      Thanks for the support! I appreciate it. ♥

  7. You write a LOT! I don’t know how you manage! =) But I’m not complaining! =D Good luck on your writing journey! I can’t wait to read something from you!

  8. Good luck! Try not to stress about “slowing down” if you can — 2-3 posts a day is an astronomical amount of content compared to some people, and even 3-4 a week is plenty to keep people interested 🙂

    Best of luck with your authorial endeavours. I’m pretty sure I have several books (or possibly video games!) in me too, but I’m enjoying what I do with my site as much as potentially pursuing that right now, so that’s how I occupy my time.

    I hope you find a way to leverage that inspiration and produce something you’re happy with 🙂

    • Thank you, Pete! The past couple days, and probably a few more moving forward, has been teaching me about what helps me stay sharp or feel the most inspired to keep up with writing. I think this retreat will be great for me as a writer all around, including blogging, rather than just authorial stuff. I hope one day I can share my stories with others. 🙂 Thanks for your supportive words! ♥

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