Weekend Reads: Fantasy, YA Contemporary, & Japanese Thriller

Good morning, chums! I have to be honest with y’all, Ramadan has me feeling sleepy all the live long day. I’m going to blame the outrageously hot weather that we’ve been having in California, along with the long days (approximately 16-17 hours). Normally, I would be thrilled to have an excuse to nap for extended periods of time with my kitties, however, I have so many projects that I’m working on, projects that I’m super excited about, and this nappy-business has been making that rather difficult. Nevertheless! I am doing it and I’m doing decently with it, so I will show gratitude for that and move on with my day… while yawning tremendously.

Reading good books and playing video games has helped me to alleviate some of the sleepiness that I’ve been plagued with as of late. Gaming-wise, I’ve picked up Tomb Raider and decided to re-play the first two games before I get my hands on the third one. It’s been a wild-ride! I’m always amazed with how much faster the plot can feel after you’ve already played through something once. If y’all haven’t played these, I highly recommend them!

Book-wise, I have been sticking to monotony, which has had unexpectedly excellent results for me! Usually, I like to have my fingers in multiple titles as away to cope with my ADHD, as it can become quite active whilst reading. Yet, for the past couple of weeks, I have been focusing on one book at a time. Thus far, I haven’t felt any reading slumps, or the need to DNF anything or any other sort of pressure, and it’s been regulating my reading pace as well. It feels extraordinary.

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Since I am only hitting one book at a time, today I wanted to share with you my current read and the two books I shall decide from once I’m done with that one. I like to give myself a couple of options to choose from after I finish a novel that way I don’t bottleneck myself into a genre I may not be in the mood for, or as a way to provide a back-up title in case if the other one ends up being a bore or I just can’t get into it for whatever reason. Does that ever happen with you?

Anyhoo, come check out these books down below and let me know in the comments what you are currently reading this weekend!

Internment by Samira Ahmed

Internment is an #OwnVoices Islamic young adult contemporary novel that takes place in a near-future United States where the president has decided that there is a precedent for putting Muslims into Internment camps. The story follows a young girl as she tries to fight this injustice with some help from both inside and outside of the camp.

I’m only a couple of chapters into this book, but I can tell it’ll be one of my best novels of 2019. I adored Love, Hate & Other Filters (review to come), which was the author’s debut, and I can safely say that her writing style is a beacon of humble quality. What I mean is that her works are written to be brilliantly accessible to adolescent readers while still being smart and honest with its examination of extremely relevant topics in today’s climate, such as Islamophobia and the violence against Muslims everywhere. Internment is going to be very tough for me to read as a Muslim, but I know that it’s going to be one of the most important books I’ve read in years.

The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson

The Bird King is an #OwnVoices Islamic historical fantasy novel that is about a young woman named Fatima who is a concubine in the royal court for the sultan, and her close friend, Hassan who is the palace mapmaker. When the Spanish monarchy arrives to court to negotiate with the sultan, Fatima is tasked with welcoming their women. However, what Fatima doesn’t realise is that with this arrival comes the Inquisition and how they view the sultan as a threat to the Christian rule. As things unravel quickly, Fatima and Hassan flee the sultan’s court on an epic voyage across Spain in an effort to locate a mysterious and mythical island to seek refuge.

After reading the disappointment that Ms Marvel Volume 1: No Normal, I was quite hesitant with reading The Bird King. However, I came to realise that sometimes people are much better authors of novels than they are of comics. Plus, I have heard fantastic things about Ms Wilson’s prior book, Alif the Unseen. So, I decided to keep an open mind with The Bird King. I did read the first chapter out of curiosity, and it is exquisitely descriptive, which can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how the pacing balances (or imbalances) it out.

Penance by Kanae Minato

Penance is an #OwnVoices Japanese thriller by an author who wrote one of my favourite reads from last year, Confessions. The story follows four girls who were tricked with leaving their friend, Emily, with a stranger. Then a mother’s worst nightmare occurred: Emily was found murdered. The four girls weren’t able to provide any concrete details about the stranger and the murder turned into a cold case. Asako, Emily’s grieving mother, never stopped blaming those four young girls and vowed they would be the once to give penance for her daughter’s death.

Minato is bloody brilliant when it comes to writing suspenseful and unsuspecting thrillers. Confessions was such a fantastic mind-fuck of a psychological story and I cannot wait to see how she will shock me with Penance.

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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