Library Loot #19: Epic & High Fantasies

Fantasy is a beautiful genre. It can be filled with wonder and magic as equally as it can be jam-packed with horror and madness. Similarly to science-fiction, there are no bounds that cannot be reached with fantasy so long as the mind is capable of conjuring it into existence. I think this is why these two are my favourite genres, and ones that I never, ever get tired of reading. It’s also the reason why I’d love to write a fantasy novel (or series) of my own someday.

Last week, I announced that I was going on a writing retreat. What that basically means is that I shall be focusing on pursuing my endeavours towards becoming a published author. I currently have two projects that I’m working on. The first is a Queer contemporary that explores culturally sexist rhetoric that takes place between the older generations and the new. The second is a fantasy story that has been something I’ve wanted to share for many, many years. As I sat down to concentrate on creating the world and characters and everything else for my latter work, I became hungry for fantasy narratives.

Fantasy has a way of inspiring me to write across all genres, not just one. Since the stories tend to be about the people and their challenges as individuals rather than merely what’s going to doom the realms, I can always look to this specific comfort to get my imagination pumping. In an effort to maintain my inspiration and as a way to do research in how fantasy stories are crafted, I visited the library and snagged a stack of books that I cannot wait to begin devouring. Honestly the Game of Thrones finale didn’t help either because it left me with a massive hangover for more comparable tales.

Check out the four fantasy novels that I acquired! If you have any favourite novels or serials from the genre, adult and young adult alike, please share them with me in the comments! I’m always, always on the hunt for these sorts of books!

Child of a Mad God (Coven #1) by R.A. Salvatore

Child of a Mad God is a story about an orphaned girl who’s raised by a tribe of ferocious barbarians. Her goal is attaining her complete freedom by learning an enigmatic form of magical power that’s held solely by the tribe’s Coven. She eventually discovers that she’s the strongest witch to have ever lived, and that sort of power comes with a plethora of dangers she never expected, such as the attentions of a brutal warlord and prey for a mountain demon who hunts down everyone that wields this strange magic.

I have loved Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt series for so long—the good, the bad, and the in-between. While many people debate his writing talents specifically, I do love the worlds that he crafts and the characters he creates. They have a way of sinking into your bones and making you quite invested in their plights and journeys. Naturally, when I saw he had a new universe for me to explore, I couldn’t resist the temptation of it.

A Plague of Giants (Seven Kennings #1) by Kevin Hearne

A Plague of Giants is an epic fantasy story about an intricately carved world involving shape-shifting bards, fire-wielding giants, children who can talk to astounding creatures, and a group of normal, dysfunctional individuals who shall change the fate of the realm in impressive ways.

That’s really all I needed to know to be interested in seeing what this is about. I look forward to experiencing more as I read along (I just started this one last night). Characters who are messed-up yet have heroic destinies are some of my faves to read about, especially when they are vehemently against it. The parallels and contrasts to their journeys are so much fun to analyse and theorise about. Plus, the book has fire-wielding giants. How badarse is that?

Upon a Burning Throne (The Burnt Empire Saga #1) by Ashok K. Banker

Upon a Burning Throne is the first book in an Indian epic fantasy series inspired by the classical epic, The Mahabharata. When the Emperor of the Burnt Empire dies, the realm falls into chaos with leadership. Even though there are two princes left behind, in line to ascension, it doesn’t mean they have the right to said inheritance automatically. Before anyone can properly take the throne, they must first conquer the Test of Fire.

I haven’t read many Indian epic fantasy stories (not a lot has been translated into English, at least not the ones I’ve been keeping a watch on), and I’m super excited for this one! Mr Banker is someone whom I’ve spoken with occasionally on Twitter and he’s such a hard-working and inspiring author. Plus, the premise is sort of giving me Goblet of Fire vibes, which was my favourite of the whole HP series.

Sins of Empire (Gods of Blood Powder #1) by Brian McClellan

Sins of Empire is an epic, high fantasy series that I’ve been eyeing for some time. I’ll confess that I don’t know much about the serial’s plot except that it revolves around rebellions (or revolutions if they are successful) amid realms that are infused with power struggles and complex politics. My cousin has read the series and highly recommends it to fans of fantasy. He said it’s a great way to satiate the Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire hangovers. Since I love complex politics in my epic fantasies, I finally decided to visit my library and pick up the first book!

After I finish A Plague of Giants, I will probably read Child of a Mad God as I can’t really stop thinking about it since writing the snippet above. Do any of these novels sound appealing to you?

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  1. It’s a struggle for me to even crank out one blog post lol Yet you manage to write so many great posts and post them frequently. Whatever you’re doing is clearly working. A writing retreat sounds fantastic to focus solely on your goals! I haven’t had the discipline to read books on a regular basis so I enjoy reading your summaries and perspectives on things.

      • Lots of discipline and hard work I’m guessing. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are doing a great job! I love your blog posts ❤️

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