Mid-Season Episodic Mutterings: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 (Spring 2019)

Part 2 has finally arrived!! Attack on Titan Season 3‘s second half is my most-anticipated release for the Spring 2019 season, as I’m sure it is for tons other folks out there. I was originally going to hold-off on watching it until all ten episodes had been released, yet my excitement and impatience teamed up against me, causing me to cave. In some ways, I’m happy that I didn’t wait to watch the rest of this season, but the single thing that shall make me regret my decision will be having to wait once I’m all caught-up!

I shall be sharing with you my reactions to all of the episodes released thus far in their pure and natural forms. I did add a spot of analysing with certain segments where I could, or when I felt I had more things to say aside from, “This is what happened and this is how I reacted.” My brain is also telling me to provide you with a disclaimer that the last two episodic responses shall show you how truly strange I am in-real-life while partaking in my passions. I hope my weirdness won’t dissuade you from following my shenanigans.

Please note that this post is not spoiler-free, especially my mutterings for episodes 53 and 54. Do read with caution if you have not yet seen Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 (episode 50 and onwards).

Episode 50:

This episode is basically spent with the troops getting into position and figuring out if the enemy is on to them.

I loved the dialogue in the beginning of the episode between the original trio of comrades. To be able to see them feeling fear and anxiety about whatever they have to do in order to save humanity—the weight of their plan bearing down upon them, so to speak—added amazing layers to their personalities. Yes, they are all immensely talented and can do what many, many others are incapable of. Yet, at the end of the day, they are humans after all. Although, I do feel there were some subtle death flags tossed out there, but I’m going to hope not.

Armin’s keen perception never ceases to amaze me, and it may have saved the arses of quite a few characters in this mid-season opener. The one thing that has me a bit anxious is how nervous Armin seems to be getting with the heightened responsibilities placed on him, which felt a tiny bit uncharacteristic. I recall him tending to get uneasy, yet he always manages to get this shite together to do what needs to get done, more so recently. I sincerely hope that this lingering feelings of doubt won’t end up being his downfall.

The animation surprised me quite a bit. The fast-paced action and arse-kicking sections were superb and do an excellent job of kicking your adrenaline into gear. There is some roughness here and there with the more panoramic shots, but even those look far better than they did in the second season.

Also, Captain Levi is all kinds of gloriously handsome.

Episode 51:

Here the scouts are sort of improvising their plan as obstacles start to rise up and it’s been so fucking amazing! I didn’t realise how invested I had become in this episode until after the end credits rolled around.

I really love watching Titan Eren fight other titans. The animation is usually so incredible, and the intensity of those fight scenes are further heightened because of it. This episode may not have been perfectly polished, but it also wasn’t bad either. I feel like things are happening so damn quickly that it becomes more challenging to keep it all consistently crisp and sharp. Either way, when you take the badassry of it all and combine it with battle strategies, you’ve got something that I absolutely cannot resist.

During this episode as Reiner and Eren are fighting, I had a feeling that the scouts had something special in plan for the Armoured Titan, but a glorified, exploding cattle rod was not it. I’d be lying if I didn’t laugh a little while Hange was explaining its uses.

My predictions going into the third episode are simple: things seem to be going way too damn well for the scouts, so naturally something is going to arise to royally fuck them over, and we may finally have an unexpected character death. Help me Holy Fury of Boss Man, if it’s fucking Hange or Levi… or Mikasa…

Episode 52:

Reiner gets taken down in the third episode, which was such a relief to watch. Colossal Titan makes an appearance and seems to have wiped out some very important scouts during his transformation.

I will admit right off the bat that a huge part of me refuses to believe Hange was among the death toll when Bertholdt transformed. Part of it can be blamed on the fact that she’s my favourite character and the rest can be credited to me refusing to acknowledge that she’d die in such a seemingly miniscule manner. We’ve been teased with her dying before in other situations and to see her go out in this way feels wrong. I could also be in fucking denial because I fucking love Hange.

Things that I greatly appreciated about the episode is the way it continuously amps up the suspense and the tension. My anxiety is so hard-core from watching everything unfold, plus I’m holding on for dear life as I witness who shall survive and who shan’t, that I’m not sure if my heart can handle what comes next. The pacing and the level of the intensity of everything that is constructed thus far has been absolutely brilliant. I almost don’t want it to end.

My discussion of the next two episodes will have major spoilers. Please, read at your own discretion!!!

Episode 53:

This is the kind of stuff that I feel like I have been waiting for since the first season! The stakes have skyrocketed into space, and everything is becoming so daunting and seemingly hopeless. Just as the scouts try to square away tactics to handle the hurdles that are bitch-slapping them out of left field, things come flying at them amid their blind spots from the right side.

The giant hairy bastard of a Beast Titan starts to shoot them with what is essentially shotgun pellets in the shape of boulders that he’s tossing at them like baseballs going well over a hundred miles an hour or so, vastly decreasing the numbers of the remaining scouts, most of whom are the newbies. Then you also have the Colossal Titan who is determined to kill everyone before he steals Eren away into the horizon as the hero for his side of the fight. Basically they’re flanking the remaining troops and their only means of escape (horses) against the wall and smacking them down like flies. It’s bloody fantastic.

Everyone is getting their collective arses kicked. The titans are playing with filthy tactics because they know they can get away with it. What’s humanity going to do? Everyone is the size of a fucking thumb-pin. It’s an absolutely petrifying situation and the uncertainty is unfathomably beyond the realm of conceivable that you can feel it in your veins. There came a point before Erwin’s last shot at trying to convince people not to crumble with defeat where I could feel my heart racing so hard because on some strange level, I could feel the sheer helplessness that was overcoming the scouts; that feeling of looking death in the face and recognising that today won’t be a “Not Today” for you (still hungover from Game of Thrones) is agonisingly disheartening.

When the end credits rolled around, hastily after highlighting a big potential death scene, I had to take a few deep breathes to brace myself for episode 54. Not only do I understand that whatever arrives next is going to push that envelope of trepidation and terror to the next outrageous extreme, I saw Scott’s reaction tweet, and knew that my anxiety is about to be lit on fire. Time to hit play.

Episode 54:

Before I jump into any attempt at cohesively stringing together my musings after this colossal mind-fuck of an episode, I’d like to share my direct reactions upon hitting those end credits (and the preview that came afterwards).

This episode was one-hundred percent about humanity finding a way to survive, which led to them taking down a couple of jaw-dropping titans, and it also led to a couple of brutally heart-wrenching deaths. It’s not an easy episode to watch at all, particularly if you are one of the many people who adored the cast member(s) that fell victim to death.

I confess that I had a friend look up the main character death of this episode for me. It was too stressful for me to go into it without any head’s up whatsoever. My immediate reaction upon learning about their demise was pure shock. To see it physically happen, especially in such a vicious fashion, was astonishing. Yet, if I am to be perfectly honest, I always knew that one of them would have to die eventually. Very few stories as savage as Attack on Titan’s can be told without it, particularly when it’s already gotten into the habit of taking lives. They were the pillars of what humanity’s future looked like; a beacon in the storm, if you may. All good narratives that focus so much on the characters themselves and their struggles as individuals instead of a big unit, with a grand destiny to fulfil, has loss such as this at one point or another.

 In an effort to avoid naming this person, I won’t get into the discussion bits, at least not quite yet. A part of me is still grieving and I need to allow that to fully process. But I believe that it was time for them to die and they died in a supremely honourable manner. It’s just my personal opinion as one watcher out of the millions, so I hope that people won’t hate on me for it.

Other things that had me so shaken that I became incapable of human speech were the scenes with Levi. We already know that Levi is a force of fucking Boss Man to be reckoned with, more so when he is pissed the hell off or enraged with gut-punching grief. Seeing him slaughter the fucking Beast Titan was a dream come true. I always knew he would have a large hand defeating him, but to see it done as such, helped alleviate a shite ton of my anxiety for the briefest of moments with unadulterated fanhumaning glee and exhilaration unlike anything I’ve felt (with regard to anime) in years. It’s the quintessential act of badassry.


Reactions aside, I have no idea what to expect with episode 55. There will be much grief and much anger. There shall be questions about what to do with the newly captured titan and the one(s) that got away. Predictions are rather difficult for me to ponder as my emotions are still quite fresh. Upon seeing the previews, I’m wondering what causes Levi to turn on Eren in the way that he does. If I had to take a gander, I’d say it’s learning about The Person’s death in conjunction with another death, or simply from being overwhelmed by the sheer loss of lives altogether. Desperate times do call for moments of insanity and unclarity. It’s a distinctly human trait.

Thus far, Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 has been extremely pleasant for me as watching experiences go. It has been throwing my heart and my brain into a blender and creating a concoction of a variety of different thoughts and feelings; things I didn’t realise a person could experience concurrently. It is far better in terms of production quality, pacing, and storytelling than season two ever was, which I’m enormously grateful for. Taking a break in order to give the series proper focus was an excellent decision by Wit Studios, even if this is their final run with the franchise.

Plot aspects that I would like to see occur within the final six episodes includes: Bertholdt’s death and/or torture at the hand’s of Hange and/or Levi; Levi finishing off a missed opportunity; Eren finding the remnants of his house, if it’s still standing; the remaining scouts finally make it that godforsaken fucking basement (although I’m not holding hope for that one).

Are you currently watching Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2? What do you think of it? How would you personally like the next few episodes to go?pink flower banner


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22 thoughts on “Mid-Season Episodic Mutterings: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 (Spring 2019)

  1. I like the format of this post! How you talked about a few episodes of it in one post. Maybe I shall try that out for a series… Yes Hange!! I was so happy about that. Same, I had to process what happened last night too… I was fangirling over Levi in the first bit of the episode then was left in shock for the rest. I love this post because the feelings are still fresh and I can see the passion and love you have for the show! XD

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! I wanted to try something a bit different since I’m terrible at posting my thoughts with each episode. It also helps me feel more organised when I blog. 🙂 I’m glad my random experiment is turning out well! I also really wanted my reactions to be genuine because how we respond to something is usually far different than after we’ve had time to process and analyse it, if that makes sense. Let me know how it works for you!

      I think Levi had many people fanhumaning! The last time we saw him go razor-saw on anyone was Annie and I’ve been waiting for another scene like that! I truly love this show very much. ♥

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes! I’m hoping that all of the death and mayhem to get there shall be worth it in the end… I think there’s going to be another season after this, however, and I believe there will also be a new animation studio taking over. So, that’ll be an interesting development when it finally happens.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ” A part of me is still grieving and I need to allow that to fully process. ”

    Just thinking about it still makes me stop in my tracks. I’m practically in awe that an action/adventure show like this could make me care so much about a character.

    No. I’m in awe fiction could make me care so much about a character.

    There’s one thing that helps balance that death. And it’s in another quote from your post:

    “Other things that had me so shaken that I became incapable of human speech were the scenes with Levi. ”

    In that world, we just witnessed the birth of its god of war. A very angry god of war. I’ve never seen such a savage attack! I’d try to describe it more, but I think I’ll just point out your said it perfectly:

    “unadulterated fanhumaning glee and exhilaration unlike anything I’ve felt (with regard to anime) in years. It’s the quintessential act of badassry.”

    My god, what a scene!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I love about fiction so much! It can really make you care and get so attached to the characters and their stories and experiences in ways that is akin to forming a bond with people IRL, sometimes more so. Fiction that does it well, such as this season specifically, is my favourite thing in the whole world. 🙂

      I have re-watched that scene so many times because of how outstanding it was. His emotions and the pure vicious execution of his grief and rage… just wow. I feel like it will be one of the best scenes in anime to go down for a long time.

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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    • They are doing a fantastic job. It’s going to suck when the series switches to a new studio. I hope they can live up to this season and hopefully keep the momentum going.


  4. As someone who was in the room with you as you watched this, I believe your reaction to this was “O MY GOD! O MY GOD SHIT THEY BETTER NOT…OKAY GOOD. WHAT THE FUCK?” Or something like that 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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