May’s Massive Blogsphere Highlights! (2019)

Welcome to another instalment of Blogsphere Highlights! Originally, I began doing this segment of posts in May 2018 and then took a break around the beginning of the year, circa March. I found myself struggling with the start of the new year and with implementing some plans towards improving my future endeavours (like going back to Uni and deciding to write books seriously). Additionally, I fell into a transitionary phase with blogging and the type of content I wanted to create (e.g.: deciding to slowly remove the focus from books or turning the platform more personal; still a work in progress). However, now that I have most of my shite together with regard to those things, and more, I’ve decided to resuscitate Blogosphere Highlights!

For folks who may not be familiar with BH, it’s a special slot where I share with you a collection of amazing content that I’ve stumbled across from various bloggers around the community from an array of subjects, such as anime and books, or cooking and video games. Typically, these posts go up twice in a month—once at the midway and once at the end. The second monthly instalments shall also collect some of my favourite posts that I have written here on BiblioNyan, as well as any special challenges or celebrations that may have occurred during the respective month. For example, this month the focus was on Muslim Voices Rising Up, which was a community-wide project that worked on raising awareness for Muslim voices within a difficult political climate and as it pertains to publishing. So, long ramblings short, it’s a compact collection of highlights of what’s been happening in the community.

Without further ado, let’s get this shindig going! Everything shall be broken up into categories down below, so it’s a bit easier to navigate towards whatever topics that may interest you the most. Normally, I like to provide my own description of the all posts shared, but due to the sheer number of them this time around, I’ve merely linked the individual posts with their full-titles.

If you have any posts that you have read, or that you have written, please share them in the comments down below! The goal is to share recognition and bring attention to the many content creators’ voices out there. ✌🏾

Best o’BiblioNyan:

🌺 Self-Care Sunday #17: Coping with Blogging Slumps Pt. 1 – Stress & Burnouts
🌺 Territory of Light by Yūko Tsushima – Book Review (Japanese Fiction)
🌺 Eclipse Volume One by Z. Kaplan, G. Timpano, & C. Northrop – Comic Review (Science-Fiction)
🌺 Satoko & Nada: A Respectful & Free-Spirited Look at Empowering Females in Friendship & Faith – Manga First Impressions (Josei)
🌺 Saint ☆ Young Men Volume 1: A Fun Frolic Through Japan with Jesus Christ & Gautama Buddha – Manga Review (Seinen)
🌺 Top 5 Mediocre Manga I Love to Re-Read
🌺 Mid-Season Episodic Musings: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 (Spring 2019)
🌺 Rokuhōdō Yotsuiro Biyori & Breathing Life into What Japan Values Most: Family & Tradition
🌺 3 South Korean Dramas to Watch Before Summer Arrives

pet owl gif

OWLS May 2019 Blog Tour – Happiness:

🦉 Jack: Anime, Writing, & the Endgame
🦉 Karandi: Finding Happiness In & Out of Your Comfort Zone
🦉 Naja: Finding Happiness in Little Things
🦉 Matt: Seeing Your Inner Happiness
🦉 Nyan: Finding Happiness with My Brother & Initial D
🦉 Aria: Pushing the Boundaries of the Mystery Genre (and My Life) Through Fanfiction
🦉 Flow: Happiness
🦉 Takuto: What My Anime Collection Means to Me
🦉 Irina: Natsume & the Myriad of Happiness
🦉 Matt Doyle: Cosplay
🦉 Shokamoka: Be Happy with RNGesus
🦉 Mel: Fullmetal Alchemist Ladies
🦉 Megan: I Choose Joy
🦉 Lita: The Me That Got to Come Out
🦉 Crimson: My Dilemma with Happiness
🦉 Lyn: Happiness is FANIME!
🦉 Scott: My Anime Collection is Like My Story

Muslim Voices Rise Up:

This was a special month-long collaboration that took place during the Holy month of Ramadan between three fellow diverse book bloggers—Aimal, Fadwa, and Adiba—and it here was its ultimate goal:

We invited Muslim bloggers and authors alike from all walks of life to share their experiences with everyone who will happen to read the posts and follow along the series. Our aim with this project is to centre Muslim voices and experiences in these troubling times where we’re often erased from narratives -even when they’re our own narratives. We want Muslim Voices Rise Up to be a public discussion among Muslim readers and writers about what is important for us. About our experiences both inside and outside of this community, our hopes and dreams, our fears, what kinds of stories we want and need.”

You can visit all of the posts from this collaboration down below, as well as the introductory post that outlines the main aim of Muslim Voices Rise Up.

☪️ Introduction to Muslim Voices Rise Up
☪️ What being Muslim means to me
☪️ Favourite books by Muslim authors
☪️ Why #OwnVoices Muslim stories are important
☪️ What drives me to Write
☪️ Muslim Fantasy authors in conversation
☪️ Muslim Fiction and our Real-Life experiences
☪️ Experiences wearing the Hijab
☪️ A Glimpse at Black Muslim Experiences
☪️ Navigating Mental Illness as Muslims
☪️ Self-Care advice for Muslims in the current political climate
☪️ The queer Muslim experience
☪️ How to Be a Good Ally to Muslims – Guest Post

Ramadan Readathon:

The Ramadan Readathon was another month-long celebration of Muslims in literature, and it occurs annually! This was created and hosted by British-Muslim writer and blogger, Nadia, who has one of the most brilliant blogs around! I highly recommend that you visit the blog and check out her fantastic content.

The point of Ramadan Readathon is to support and celebrate Muslim authors during the Holy month of Ramadan. There was a reading challenge, which I shall be using as an annual challenge to help guide my reading, as well as Instagram challenges. There were a plethora of marvellous author interviews and recommendations that also went along with this monthly celebration, which you can check out down below. There’s also the Twitter page and the Introductory page for anyone interested in more information.

🌙 #RamadanReadathon 2019 | Recommendations #1 – Faith/Shahadah
🌙 #RamadanReadathon 2019 | Recommendations #2 – Prayer/Salah
🌙 #RamadanReadathon 2019 | Recommendations #3 – Charity/Zakat
🌙 #RamadanReadathon 2019 | Recommendations #4 – Fasting/Sawm
🌙 #RamadanReadathon 2019 | Recommendations #5 – Pilgrimage/Hajj
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with Shereen Malherbe
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with Nafiza Azad
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with Farah Heron
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with Farah Naz Rishi
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with London Shah
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with Nadine Jolie Courtney
🌙 Author Spotlight | Interview with Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Alrighty, those were the monthly celebrations going on during May for Ramadan! As someone who is Muslim and grew up Muslim, I’m so immensely grateful for all of these wonderful individuals and all the hard work that they put into raising awareness for people like us. You are seriously heroes to us all. ♥

Please, take a gander at all the other fabulous content that I’ve come across this past month from many other talented and hard-working individuals.

reading 23

Books & Comics:

🧡 The Comic Vault: Gunslingers, Outlaws, and Anti-Heroes: A History of Western Comics
🧡 The Comic Vault: Game of Thrones Broke the Traditional Arc with Jamie Lannister’s Story
🧡 The Quiet Pond: Book Recommendations with Varian – YA Books by Pasifika Authors
🧡 The Quiet Pond: Six Tips to Diversity Your Reading!
🧡 Vicky Who Reads: Latinx Science-Fiction & Fantasy You Have to Pick Up
🧡 Headscarves & Hardbacks: Books by Muslim Authors (2019)
🧡 Bookshelves & Paperbacks: Review – We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal
🧡 Happy Indulgence: Descendant of the Crane Review: A Thoughtful, Fantastical Read
🧡 Matt Doyle Media: A Fall in Autumn by Michael G. Williams (Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Sci-Fi)
🧡 Madame Writer: Dangers of Hyping Books
🧡 Bookdragonism: Everything You Need to Know About Edelweiss || FT. TIPS AND TRICKS
🧡 Cat on the Bookshelf: A Guide to Instagram Hashtags for Book Bloggers

Kakashi reading 2

Anime & Manga:

💚 Wretched & Divine: The Rising of the Shield Hero Impressions – Episodes 1-7
💚 100 Word Anime: Foreigners in Anime
💚 100 Word Anime: The Benefits & Pleasures of Reading Light Novels
💚 Au Natural: March Comes in Like a Lion
💚 Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers: Carole & Tuesday is Infectious
💚 Drunken Anime Blog: The 5 Ws of Blogging – What
💚 Drunken Anime Blog: May 2019 Anime Blog Discovery!
💚 Reasons to Anime: 5 Reasons to Watch Shugo Chara
💚 Mechanical Anime Reviews: Don’t Diss Fans of the Original Work
💚 Mechanical Anime Reviews: Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Let’s Talk About Something Different and Cheesy
💚 Welcome to Hell Zone: 6 Weird, Mind-screw Women-Loving-Women Movies/Anime — PopLurker
💚 Anime Rants: Underrated & Obscure – “Canaan” Quick Review
💚 The Infinite Zenith: Masterpiece Anime Showcase: Nagi no Asukara – The Merits of Co- Existence & Adaptability Towards Change
💚 All About Anime & Manga: Defending InuYasha’s Indecisiveness
💚 TFW Anime: Top 5 Anime OVAs
💚 TFW Anime: The Importance of Goals – Shirobako Review
💚 Takuto’s Anime Café: 400 Followers Q & A Celebration – Your Answers

anime gaming gif

Cinema & Gaming:

❤️ Moe Gamer: NES Essentials – Donkey Kong Jr.
❤️ Moe Gamer: NES Essentials – Mario Bros.
❤️ Before the Clock Strikes 12: After the Fact: Thief (2014)
❤️ K-Drama Kisses: 10 Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas
❤️ Drama with a Side of Kimchi: 4 Reasons You Should be Watching Chinese-drama: The Legends
❤️ It Started with K-Drama: First Impressions of “Her Private Life”

dr stein smoking

Mental Health:

💙 Falling for Romance: Journaling on Bad Mental Health Days
💙Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers: Boba Chat | Mental Health Awareness Month—Self-Care, Lessons, and Gratitude
💙 What the Log Had to Say: #MentalHealthMonday: BPD Myths vs Realities
💙 This is Lit Blog: Guest Post – How Can a Writer Maintain Mental Well-Being
💙 Between Folded Pages: Mental Health as a Book Blogger
💙 Life’s Fine Whine: Technology & Mental Health
💙 Read at Night: Let’s Talk About Mental Health – Suicide & Existence
💙 Read at Night: Let’s Talk About Mental Health – Memory, Perspective, & My Problem Opening Up
💙 Read at Night: Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Seeking Help

anime food ramen

Travelling & Food:

💛 The Flying Tofu: Chapter 612 – The Great Torii of Itsukushima Shrine
💛 The Flying Tofu: Chapter 617 – A Stroll in Miyajima
💛 Levi Talks (Travel & Thoughts): Ninh Binh – Vietnam in Photos
💛 Amy McLaughlin: Day Trips in Lebanon
💛 The Discount Diaries: Kyoto Travel Guide
💛 Vegetarian Adventures: Sweet Peanut Butter Mascarpone Fruit Dip
💛 Peas & Crayons: Roasted Portobello Mushroom Tacos with Creamy Carrot Slaw
💛 Vegan Richa: Curried Tofu Banh Mi Vegan Recipe

That does it for May’s Blogsphere highlights! Please, do take a moment or two to look over these creators and maybe even give out a follow or two. I shall see you again in mid-June for more fabulous content from around the community sphere.

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Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 🌸

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