The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 02 – Technology

Welcome back to day two of the challenge. Today’s question had me pondering for a long time. It really puts all of life’s current advancements into perspective and how lucky many individuals are to even have access to such conveniences and amenities. It definitely changed my outlook on much of my surroundings.

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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Prompts

Day 02: What technology are you most grateful for?

This was kind of a difficult one for me. Technology is in essentially every part of our existence. How do you decide which one impacts you the most? Initially, I was going to say my computer—a pretty  cliché yet straight-forward answer—since I use it more than anything else. But if I had to choose one piece of technology that I’m most grateful for, it’s going to have to be a washer and dryer. I know! Totally strange, right? But have you ever hand-washed a load of clothes and then painstakingly awaited it’s dry-time? Because I have and it fucking blows. It’s also the one piece of modern technology that I think we all take for granted. It’s such a convenient and essential part of most people’s daily lives that thinking about it being non-existent rarely, if ever, crosses our minds. Even if I could learn to live without everything else, I wouldn’t miss those nearly as much as I would my washer and dryer.

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10 thoughts on “The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 02 – Technology

  1. To be honest, I think also would go with the washing machine… Or better yet, my iron!!! Can you imagine ironing clothes with those old, really heavy, irons? God, I think I prefer to hand wash my clothes rather than that xD

  2. Dude yes, washer and dryer is totally essential and a looked over piece of technology! Mine though would have to go to Air Conditioning. Sweet, sweet cold air!

  3. My parents had washboards and basins but we didn’t use them. Our first washing machine was a hand-me-down wringer washer and our dryer was a clothesline. (Indoors in the winter.) When I was very young they got a washing machine with a spin cycle and a gas dryer.

    I am so f***ing old!

    • I remember I had to hand-wash and hang dry clothes for an entire summer because my landlord at the time was obsessed with saving energy. It was so brutal. But it does make me appreciate the modern day conveniences.

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