The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Days 03 to 05 – Food, Memory, & Home Goods

Welcome to more of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. I didn’t share anything over the past couple of days because I took them off to celebrate Eid with my family, which consisted of Sir Besty. Even though it was my mini-vacation, I still ended up working majority of the time. The joys of being a workaholic, oops. So, tonight, I shall be covering days three to five and should be getting back on track!

These questions seem to get more and more challenging as I move forward with them; really been making me think hard about my surroundings, particularly Day Five’s question. I stared at my computer for about twenty minutes before I could come up with an honest answer for that one.

If you’d like more information about the 30 Days of Gratitude challenge, please visit my introduction post where I link-up all of the information.

Day 03: What food are you most grateful for?

The Fijian barfi. In my family, it’s traditionally made with dry milk, and it’s been my favourite dessert since I was a kid. I can recall learning how to make it with my maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was eight years old. But, on special holidays like Eid, I would visit her and watch as she carefully made the mixture, poured it into pans, and then decorated them as they cooled down. The memories and the rich milky, spiced flavour remind me of comfort and home. I shall always be grateful for it.


Day 04: What memory in life are you most grateful for?

This one is difficult to answer because I feel there are so many. All of them are memories that I share with my brother too. If I had to choose one that means more to me than the others, then it’s the very first time I watched him play piano. He was a teenager and I was kid, and it was in a public setting, and it was an experience, to say the least. That moment is one of the most impactful memories of my life, so much so, that I even wrote a work of prose for it in my poetry and prose manuscript (one day when it’s published, y’all will get to read it).

Day 05: What item in your home are you most grateful for?

My whiteboard. When I began studying Japanese seriously, I purchased a large whiteboard that I can roll around the house to whichever room I’d like to study in. It’s also double-sided. That thing has come in handy for so much stuff! Aside from practising my Japanese writing, I’ve used to create schedules for work and school, outline essays and blog posts, leave notes for my flatmate, and more. It’s such a versatile thing and I never expected it’d become an item that I’d rely on so much.

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5 thoughts on “The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Days 03 to 05 – Food, Memory, & Home Goods

  1. I think I’m a whiteboard addict. One led to two that led to three, plus one permanently marked with days of the week for a weekly schedule done on Sundays. Those things are brilliant! I’m a little ways behind you in the challenge, but now I will really have to think about what item I will pick in my house…

    • They are SO convenient. The only reason I haven’t bought more of them is because they can be expensive and I don’t have any more space for them.

      • I like the little ones that I can get for under $10 but I am totally out of space. Since I live in a 26 foot RV I have limited wall space. Actually, most of them are hung on cabinet doors. I only have two large ones on walls, plus the nifty schedule that is long but not tall squeezed in over a window. Your rolling large board sounds like so much fun. I’d be drawing on it all the time, probably. It would be so cool for running a tabletop rpg as well. Hubby and I both have some memory problems so they are almost essential to our lives now. Choosing a memory was a tough one. I ended up with a top ten list! LOL.

  2. That white board has allowed me to make many drawings of Kheb for you muwhaha! The first time we experience a profound moment that will affect so much of our life, and when it is a good one. It is always something to cherish forever. Also Barfi is amazing, and totally something to be grateful for, even more so when tied into happy childhood memories!

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