June’s Blogsphere Highlights Pt. 1 (2019)

Good evening, mates. I hope that your weekend have been kind to you. Things have been getting very hot in my corner of the world, which isn’t great for me health-wise, but I am learning ways to stay cool and hydrated! Hopefully that shall help prevent bouts of heat exhaustion.

This may be one of two posts that I share for the rest of June. There was a family emergency that came up and it has forced me to shift my priorities around a bit for the remainder of the month. I did make a brief announcement about it on Twitter, but it didn’t feel right to not say something here on BiblioNyan. My goal is to return to my regularly scheduled shenanigans at the start of July, however, I shall keep things flexible due to the unpredictability of my current duties.

You can still expect these Blogsphere highlights. They are important to me as they allow me to give a little bit of support back to all of the individuals who continue to show me kindness and offer their support with whatever seems to come up, personal or professional. My gratitude is intangible and I just hope you know how much I respect y’all.

If you get an opportunity, please do visit these posts and their creators. They are brilliant and hard-working individuals who are passionate in the content they put out.

See y’all in July. Much love to you. ♥

Books & Comics:

The Comic Vault – Coping with Claustrophobia: The Mental Health Journey of Storm – This is an excellent write-up that talks about how everyone is susceptible to mental health disorders, including powerful superheroes by exploring how Storm from the X-Men battles claustrophobia.

Bookshelves & Paperbacks – Announcing the #IronTomeAThon: An Adult Fantasy Readathon – Aimal, who’s one of my favourite bloggers and humans ever, is hosting an adult fantasy readathon during the month of July! It’s inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire saga by George R.R. Martin. The challenges are amazing, and it makes me feel so ecstatic to see a readathon revolving around adult literature specifically! I’m definitely participating, and I hope y’all will join in on it too!

Happy Indulgence – The Bride Test Review: Adorable #OwnVoices Romance with Vietnamese + Autism Rep. – Jeann shares a review discussing how the two representations shine individually, as well as  cohesively, particularly where cultural stigmas and associations (or lack thereof) are concerned.

Falling for Romance – Thoughts While Reading The Bride Test by Helen Hoang – Another post about The Bride Test, Bree’s musings during her reading of the novel are honest, candid, and beautifully revealing about what makes this read such a marvel.

Fictionally Sam – Rec Me Sunday: LGBTQIA Books I Can’t Wait to Read – Sam has compiled a list of excellent Queer reads for this splendid month of inclusivity! So, if you’re searching for some recommendations for Pride Month, take a gander.

Between Folded Pages – Pride Month: LGBTQIAP+ Book Recommendations – Another stack of recommendations for Pride Month! This one discusses the representation of the novels mentioned, and which ones the blogger has read themselves!

Read by Tiffany – Book Review (ARC): Red, White, Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston – This was one of the most enjoyable reviews I’ve read for this book! There’s excitement, passion, and superb musings on what made it such a fun contemporary.

Cat on the Bookshelf – Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis | Book Review – Carries reviews this YA contemporary realistic fiction wonderfully. She goes over why this was a good film novelisation, albeit quite a bit clichéd.

The Bookworm of Notre-Dame – On re-reading books – Clara chats about her passion for re-reading books and what it means to her as a bibliophile. Reading this made me smile because it made me feel warm and fuzzy. Admittedly, I never used to re-read books, but over the past five to six years, it brings me new sense of comfort that I’ve grown to appreciate dearly.

Anime & Manga:

Mechanical Anime Reviews – Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love – Scott reviews this sequel, examining how Yamato 2202 is a worthy successor to 2199 with a larger scope and a higher emotional kick. He’s pretty much the authority (for me) on science-fiction and mecha anime, so if you enjoy those, visit him!

Nefarious Reviews – Mushi-shi: Anime Review – A fabulous review explaining why Mushi-shi is a must-watch! As someone who’s positively obsessed with Natsume’s Book of Friends, after reading this review, I know that Mushi-shi is a series that I cannot wait to get to. If you’ve ever had an interest in the anime but haven’t picked it up yet, this review may convince you to do so sooner!

Otaku Central – Akame ga Kill! | Disappointing – Another favourite anime reviewer of mine dives into this hot mess of an anime, highlighting where it went wrong, particularly when compared to the manga. They’ve also highlighted another anime that they are looking forward to in here: Tenki no Ko | Expectations.

Drunken Anime Blog – Top 5 Ways in Which Anime Opened My Mind – Irina’s top five post here made me feel rather nostalgic for the first time I dove into otaku culture, especially with regard to how being alone isn’t always a bad thing. Check out this unique list!

Watashi wa Bucho!! – Character Spotlight: Immortal Sugimoto – I love Golden Kamuy! I fell in love with the first season of the anime and then hunted down the manga, which has since become one of my favourite seinen serials ever. This character spotlight really showcases all of the reasons that Sugimoto is a badass and phenomenal character, and probably one of the main reasons to invest in this series.

Daiyamanga – Manga Review – Mink – Krystallina’s review of this short mang series (six volumes) chats about how the series is a bit outdated and can have some busier panels to it, however, if you’re in the market for a simple read, this isn’t a bad choice.

Cinema, Games, & Music:

Average Joe – Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) – Movie Review (Spoilers) – This was a super fun review to read. I like the discussion of how the film faired overall, with the acting and plot, and as a sequel.

K-Drama Kisses – Her Private Life: Korean Drama Review – This blog knows how to review Korean dramas so exceptionally. The drama mentioned is a romantic comedy, a genre I only seem to adore from this specific medium. If you also like RomCom K-dramas, give this review a read and see if Her Private Life is for you. Additionally, Kay has shared the new dramas that shall be arriving to Viki: Viki Delivers New K-dramas in June.

K Drama Kween – He is Psychometric – Such an enjoyable and well-written review for a drama that I’ve been eyeing quite a bit recently. This sounds it has an emotional element to it, which I can’t resist. If you prefer more evocative titles, try this one.

The Kitten Who Eats Ramen – Pride Month: My Roommate is a Fairy Fox (Review) – A great critical review for a Chinese fantasy BL drama that came out a couple years ago, critiquing the elements that caused this series to turn sour. They’ve also shared Japanese MVs/Songs for Pride Month: Pride Month: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Japanese MVs/Songs.

It Started with a K-Drama – 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Boy for Rent’ – I’ve never seen a Thai drama before, but this one is based off a series of novels and describes five reasons why it’s totally worth the watching investment.

Moe Gamer – Our World is Ended: The Harmony of Chaos – This in-depth review is so fantastically written. The game seems quite appealing to me with its themes on sexuality and diversity, and I look forward to trying it out.

Anime Rants – Sundays Select Seven: 7 Survival Game Anime – Survival game anime is a genre I never expect to enjoy, but then end up adoring so much. BTOOOM is a great example. This list of anime consists of awesome titles within the genre that y’all should visit.

Blerdy Otome – Otome Games I Wish Had an Anime Adaptation – Poke Ninja, who is an amazing otome blogger, shares some of the otome games that she feels would make great anime adaptations, and I’m inclined to agree! Otome fans, you won’t want to miss this one.

A Nerdy Perspective – Ourkid Live Review – Sam reviews a Manchester-based Indie band in her post. The passions and the phenomenal way that she talks about the performance, capturing ambiance and the sound, is so brilliant. Music lovers please go visit Sam and this review!

Phoenix Talks Pop Culture Japan — Ring in Reiwa -令和- with some Visual Kei – Japan shifted into a new era this year with the crowning of a new emperor. This post goes over the basics rather succinctly and chats about how Visual Kei bands will do tributes to the new or current era. This was one of the very few posts I saw chatting about the new Japanese era, and I loved it very much.

Blogging & Mental Health:

100 Word Anime – Do Blogging Breaks Work? – Irina asks a very important question here, and one that shall vary depending on the individual blogger. Breaks are suggested as a means of avoiding burnout (I’ve made a similar recommendation on my own space), but how effective are breaks in the long run? This contemplative article really dives into the topic delightfully.

100 Word Anime – Blogging Habits & Losing Momentum – Karandi chats about what blogging has been like for her, partly in response to the article above. She shares her experiences of being a creature of habit and how that contributes to her as a content creator. I found this to be insightful and contemplative. It certainly made me think about the sort of blogger I hope to become one day (one who posts everyday with natural ease).

Mental Health @ Home – A Grumpy Guide to Blogging Etiquette – I loved reading this post! It’s got marvellous advice for how to practise respectful blogging etiquette. They way that each one is explained made me chuckle while ensuring that I check myself as a member of the blogging community.

Kitten Who Eats Ramen – Pride Month: My Coming Out Story – This is a difficult story to read as it has triggers for homophobia, but I also believe it’s a supremely brave and important one. Most of us aren’t blessed with a happy coming out story, I know that I wasn’t. Struggles like these further cements the need for Pride Month and the vitalness of raising awareness for how the Queer community are individuals who should be treated with respect and as equals. Who we love isn’t a moniker of our self-worth. If you can, please check this one out.

Standard Lifestyle Academy – How to Bring Change to Your Life Through the Power of Mindfulness – Practising Mindfulness has been something that I’ve been doing for the past year and a half or so. It’s a long and sometimes terrifying journey as it makes you face parts of yourself you may not be ready to confront. This post does a remarkable job of examining what being mindful means and how to become more mindful in order to life a fuller, more rewarding life.

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  1. If you ever get a chance, I would love it if you did a review on a Japanese film, “Calmi Cuori Appassionati”. Especially listen to the music.

  2. Thank you so, so much for featuring me and for making this list – I have so many blog posts to read now!
    I hope that you are okay and that this month will be now kinder to you ❤

  3. It’s real treat to be mentioned here! Thanks a bunch! 🙂
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  4. Thank you so much for the shout out and for making me discover some great posts. Please let us know when things get better!

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    • Thank you. This year has been one heck of a bumpy ride. But I’m taking it as it comes. And you’re very welcome.

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        • I’m doing better. Now that the funeral stuff is over, and most of the family shtick that was happening is basically resolved (or as good as it will get), I’ve been focusing on trying to get my blogging rhythm back. It’s been tumultuous this year and I miss the consistency I had last year. One day at a time, but hopefully I’ll be back to my comfort level soon.

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