The Iron-Tome-A-Thon: Adult Fantasy Readathon Announcement & Preposterous TBR

Happy Friday, chums! A few days ago I prattled on and on about readathons, chatting about their good qualities and some of the more challenging aspects to keep in mind. One of things that I had forgotten to mention in that post—an element that a lovely friend reminded me about in the comments—is how old readathons tend to make me feel nowadays. Most, if not all, of them revolve around young adult literature. There is absolutely nothing wrong with children’s and YA literature. Hell, I’m taking a class right now to learn more about their history and how to assist in its evolution within the industry moving forward. But as someone who is pushing into their mid-30s (in a few years), reading those types of books all the time, particularly in community-based events like readathons, make me feel bleeding old and out-of-place. Luckily for me, I have a fabulously Zayn-obsessed bibliophile blogger mate who is hosting a fantasy-based readathon that is going to revolve exclusively around adult books.

ALHAMDULILLAH! My time for oldy bookish shenanigans has arrived and I couldn’t be happier! Aimal, the brilliant owner of Bookshelves & Paperbacks, is hosting the Iron-Tome-A-Thon Readathon, and if you’re someone that enjoys adult fantasy and A Song of Ice and Fire, then you should definitely join the biblio-party. Honestly, you don’t even have to like the latter. The challenges are all inspired from that series, and they add more quirks to the gig for people to play around with. But you don’t have to worry about any of the challenges at all if you don’t want to. All you need is to have a desire to read adult fantasy.

When I sat down to create my To-Be-Read (TBR) list for this thing, I got very carried away and ended up with thirty or so books. However, Sir Besty and Kiki were kind enough to help me shrink that pile down (sorta…). I also originally moulded my stack around the given challenges. Yet, after giving it some consideration, I don’t think I’m going to actively follow them. I’m quite a moody reader and whenever I try to focus like that, it almost always leads to a rut or slump or burnout of sorts. I don’t want to deal with any of that shite. Thus, I shall merely read all the adult fantasy books that I’m physically able to do! Also, I did choose my house, which is House Martell.

House Martell

Since this is taking place in July—from the 1st unto the 31st—while I only have one class, I know that I can give it quite a big chunk of my attention! Updates and progress of my reading mischiefs will most likely be shared on Twitter and Instagram, so feel free to follow me there if you’d like.

Before I jump into my ridiculous TBR (only sharing the book titles/covers since I didn’t want to know what most of the books were about in great detail), I would like to share all the relevant links one more time. Once more, you don’t have to be too serious with this. The whole point is simply to read adult books from the fantasy genre and its relevant subgenres. That’s all. You don’t even have to make a full-blown announcement like this. A random tweet or Instagram story mention shall suffice. Nevertheless, if you are interested in checking out all of the challenges and the different Houses you can join, and 100% of the deets, do visit the links given below and see if this is shindig is for you.

#IronTomeAThon Announcement  |  #IronTomeAThon Twitter  |  Aimal’s Twitter & Insta

Owned Books To-Read


Library Books:

I know what you’re thinking. “Holy cat beans, Nyan! That’s twenty(ish) fucking books! I thought you shrank your bloody list?!”

I did… sorta.

I do not expect to read every single one of these in the next four to five weeks. Truthfully, I anticipate that I’ll read approximately nine or ten. If somehow by the miracle of Boss Man’s magic I do manage that feat, then… I will follow Leth and watch an anime from a genre that I loathe (okay, so not quite on the level as Master Leth; he’s braver than I am). As I mentioned above, I’m a very moody reader. I want to make sure to give myself plenty of fucking options to prevent any kind of sneak attack from the Gelatinous Slump Monster of Destruction.

If you’re participating, let me know in the comments so I can follow your updates and progresses. With that, I bring this outrageously inconceivable TBR post to a close. Wish me luck, mates. My arse is going to need every bit o’ it.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 

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18 thoughts on “The Iron-Tome-A-Thon: Adult Fantasy Readathon Announcement & Preposterous TBR

  1. I’m curious about Half a King. Everyone loves Abercrombie but few ever talk about this series. I own it too so I’ll be looking forward to your review if you get to it.

    I have read The Last Wish and adored it. It’s a bunch of very grim retellings- very well done. I’m also slowly reading The Queens of Innis Lear now and enjoying it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that Half a King is rarely talked about and it’s one of the first books of his that I’ve ever became interested in. I may start the readathon with it. It’s a shorter one so that’s cool too.

      I love The Witcher video games and I can’t wait to read the novels that they adapted! I’m going to try not to get swept away and do nothing but binge the novels haha.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying The Queens of Innis Lear. I love the premise, and I’ve heard it being compared to A Song of Ice and Fire, particularly with Cersei Lannister.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s definitely got a cast of morally grey women which I love. I am struggling in places because there are some viewpoints included that I’m really not interested in.

        I would have preferred it had been told only from the sisters and Lear’s POV. They are who King Lear is really about. Instead we are getting a random POV from Ban the Fox who im not sure what his equivalent in Lear actually is, and another POV From one of the handmaidens of one of the sisters…

        Cracked open the book yesterday meaning to read it, saw it was her POV, shut it again and didn’t read.

        This is largely due to my mood though so don’t let that put you off, there’s nothing wrong with their viewpoints I just haven’t figured out why they’ve been added yet.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hopefully their significance will come up soon.

          I love morally grey women too, and I can tolerate POVs from people I don’t typically like if they have interesting journeys. I didn’t care for Theon’s POV in the ASOIAF saga, but his journey really made reading about it very interesting. Same for a couple of others whom I won’t name to avoid spoilers for others.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yeah- I think Ban’s will definitely prove interesting, I’m still failing to see the other’s though. She’s the Fools daughter. So I’m hoping it comes in there. If I remember correctly though- the Fool was in King Lear to not only provide comic relief but comment on the “truth” of things since Lead was delusional. I almost think the fool himself would have made a better more interesting POV. Either way, I hope you get to it! Especially if you liked King Lear. It was one of the few Shakespeare plays I loved and enjoyed.

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  2. Hey, thanks for sharing this read-a-thon. I’m not a large participant in them, but they are largely focused on YA and while I like many YA books its nice to see one based on more adult fantasy. Your list also looks amazing. I’ll have to check them out myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooo – me? Me! Me! Me! I was looking for something for July and I, too, get tired of all YA books. I like them, but I do get tired of them if I read several in a row. I love fantasy, but haven’t read much of it lately and this will notch nicely into my personal J.D. Robb marathon – giving me something completely different to put in between the In Death books. I have to go to the library tomorrow, so I think I’ll make a list of the prompts and browse…


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