The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 23 – Technology

Day 23: What use of your phone are you most grateful for?

Keeping track of my progress for my writing projects. I found an excellent app for clocking in all the words I write per day, the time spent writing, and setting up goals to meet for relative projects. As an aspiring author, it’s brilliantly useful. A second appreciated use would be the ability to renew my library books when I’m away from the computer. (Ironically enough, I don’t use it for phone-type functions.)

For anyone interested, the app is called Word Keeper and I have it on iOS.

5 thoughts on “The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 23 – Technology

  1. That sounds like a great app! I’m definitely thankful for my phone. I think my favorite use of it isn’t as productive as yours though. I just love watching Youtube videos on it! lol

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