Anime Character Spotlight: Tōru Honda from Fruits Basket (2019)

Fruits Basket (2019) has been such a ride thus far. Twelve episodes have elapsed, and I have cried, laughed, and felt an array of mushy-gushy feelings in every single one of them. It’s no secret that Fruits Basket has tender moments in abundance, and one of the people who almost always has a part to play in those precious instants is Tōru Honda!

I remember the very first time that I sat down and watched the original Fruits Basket anime from 2001, and how much Tōru resonated with me. Her compassion and selflessness were admirable and inspiring, so much so that I could feel her words reaching out to me during some dark days. When I picked up the beautiful remastered editions of the manga last year, all of those feelings came rushing back in a sweeping embrace of nostalgia, warmth, and heartfelt motivation. Out of all of the shōjo manga that I have read, or anime that I have seen, I don’t believe I have ever respected nor loved the female leading woman as much as I do Tōru Honda.

To celebrate my affections for her, as well as the insurmountable amounts of pleasure this new visually and emotionally breath-taking re-make has given me with the first twelve episodes, I wanted to do an appreciation post just for her. I’ve saved up some of my favourite moments and screen-grabs of Tōru and friends since the premiere and wanted to share them before I dive into more fleshed-out musings on the show thus far in a couple of days.

What are some of your favourite Tōru Honda moments from the series thus far?

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9 thoughts on “Anime Character Spotlight: Tōru Honda from Fruits Basket (2019)

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  2. When I was younger, I had the biggest crush on the lady who vibes people lmao. She was so frightening and I love that. This is good post. Tohru is someone I think a lot of young people can relate to and possibly learn from that compassion isn’t a weakness but a strength.

    • I love both of Tōru’s loving mothers, LOL. They are super scary and fantastic people. They’re my fave female characters (aside from Tōru of course); a balance to my love of Shigure and Ayame (a double date image just popped into my head and I feel it’d be fucking hilarious).

  3. I can’t always empathize with Tooru, but I appreciate her character, and in a way, I admire her. What would people like me and the Souma boys do without the unreasonably giving and self-sacrificial people who make our lives worth living? Anyway, my favorite Tooru moment was when she cried from relief and gratefulness in episode 5, after Kyo told her that it’s ok to get discouraged and complain sometimes.

    • That was a great moment!!

      I think I empathise too much with her. There are so many things about her and her experiences where I’m like, “Oh man, i understand that way too well.” She also reminds me of my friends when I was much younger. They always fought and bickered, but together we were a big family that would die for one another when it really came down to it.

  4. I loved Tohru when I was in elementary school and wanted to be like her. She was someone I looked up to, but now I feel differently. :/ I guess I like more outspoken people in anime now. Still, I really enjoyed reading this post and I can feel that appreciation you have for Fruits Basket and for Tohru. xx

    • I just like kind people in general. I feel like the world has very few kind and genuinely self-less people in it, so when I see them in fiction, whether it’s in books or anime, I tend to gravitate towards them lol. Fruits Basket is one of my favourite anime serials ever. ♥

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