The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Days 27 & 28 – Home & Country

Day 27: What are you most grateful for in your country?

I live in the United States. Do I really need to say anything more? (i.e.: This place bloody blows.)

Day 28: What about your home are you most grateful for?

I’m grateful that it is my first home and that it allows me to have a living area dedicated entirely to my feline masters. Seeing them running around and playing gives me joy in knowing they’re content as indoor potatoes, like me.

6 thoughts on “The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Days 27 & 28 – Home & Country

  1. Aside from that state nestled safely in the north west corner of the country, this country does indeed blow. Hopefully it will be in the rear view soon. And yay the feline den.

  2. Out of curiosity, what state do you live in? My husband wants to move to the US and I don’t see why he doesn’t like Canada. Sure, Canada is expensive but I don’t see why we need to leave this country. I’m sorry you don’t like where you’re living.

    • This is not safe or accepting place of people of colour AT ALL. The country has terrible leadership across the board and because of that, it’s kind of headed towards civil war if measures aren’t taken to tackle all of the prejudices and hate crimes that have been going on. I’m an Asian-Polynesian person and I come from an Islamic background, and I’ve been subjected to such terrible acts of disrespect and dehumanisation, more in the present time than during 9/11 era, to the point where I’m too afraid to leave my house. I can barely go grocery shopping without being harassed or worse. Places like California (where I live) and Washington (specifically Seattle area) aren’t as bad as other places like Texas and other Southern States, but it’s still extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. I mean, the country has been holding immigrant children hostage at the border for months in atrocious conditions to the point where many children have died, and they still don’t see the problem with it, to give you an idea of current affairs. It’s very corrupt and broken.

      • Thank you for telling the freaking truth. The whole “come to America have a great life” is pure propaganda. This is NOT a welcoming country and you will NOT find love, kindness and easy success. There are worse places, but this is NOT heaven, nirvana, utopia or whatever you might think it is. Especially if you are an immigrant, legal or not, or any shade of skin darker than lily white. We are going through some really dark times here, and I don’t know when or if it will ever be a good place to come to. I’ll just point out that the number of Americans LEAVING this country increases every year. If it were not for my husband’s health condition, we would have left years ago.

        • I think at one point the country was doing good and was headed in a great direction, but when ideals are opposed every four to eight years and instead of focusing on future improvements leadership is concerned with “undoing” the previous leaders’ work, it becomes stagnant and even de-evolves, which is what’s happening now. Also, the people aren’t willing to take steps towards changes because everyone is so concerned about being oppressed, which is ironic considering those that are worried are the ones who oppress others themselves in much more harsher and inhumane ways.

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