June’s Blogsphere Highlights #2 (2019)

Welcome to the June’s second Blogsphere Highlights! It was an immense pleasure being able to read so much brilliant content this month! Between all of the Pride and mental health stuff, along with the fantastic seasonal recipes and the plethora of content on books, anime, and Asian dramas, I never ran out of glorious things to help me keep my watchlist and reading list growing.

Everything has been broken down via categories. If you have a post that you’ve written, or that you came across and would like to share them, please drop them in the comments section. If you’d like to be featured in a Blogsphere Highlights post, go ahead and send me an Inquiry.

The Best o’BiblioNyan:

🦑 The Iron-Tome-A-Thon: Adult Fantasy Readathon Announcement & Preposterous TBR
🦑 The Perks & Pitfalls of Readathons: Are They Worth It? – A Discussion
🦑 Tada Never Falls in Love & the Dysphoria of Subliminal Loneliness – Anime Review
🦑 Self-Care Sunday #18: How Self-Affirmations Can Help Fight Systemised Negativity
🦑 The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

June OWLS Tour – Vulnerability:

🦉 Megan @ Nerd Rambles: An Open Blog
🦉 Crimson @ Read at Night: Language and Vulnerable Women in Music

🦉 Hikari @ Hikari Otaku Station: Courage in All Kinds of Forms
🦉 Aria @ AniManga Spellbook: Expressing Feelings Doesn’t Make You Weak
🦉 Dylan @ Dynamic Dylan: Check Please & Weaknesses
🦉 Irina @ I Drink and Watch Anime: Powerfully Vulnerable Natsume
🦉 Lyn @ Something About Lyn Lyn: Being “Vulnerable” in Love According to Secondhand Serenade
🦉 Jack @ Animated Observations: Wandering Son: When Being Vulnerable Isn’t an Option
🦉 Ange @ Just Being Otaku: Vulnerability is a Strength
🦉 Matt @ Matt-in-the-Hat: Sword Art Online/Alternative: Digital Faces for the Vulnerable
🦉 Karandi @ 100 Word Anime: I’ll Walk on My Own/I’ll Walk With You
🦉 YumDeku @ MyAnime2Go: Shin Sekai Yori Living with Our Vulnerability
🦉 Naja @ Blerdy Otome: Inspiring Hope and Strength in Others: Making a Case for the Vulnerability of Otome Heroines
🦉 Scott @ Mechanical Anime Reviews: Moribito: Strength Covering Vulnerabilities
🦉 Mel @ Mel in Anime Land: He Only Wanted to Protect His People
🦉 Carla @ Popculture Literary: No One Struggles Alone, Exploring Dual-Vulnerabilities in The Prince and the Dressmaker
🦉 Takuto @ Takuto’s Anime Café: Sarazanmai & the Price of Connection
🦉 Fred @ Au Naturel: Vulnerability – My Take

Pride Month:

🏳️‍🌈 Diana @ Women Writing Women: Transgender Women in a Transitioning World – This excellent article talks about transgender women in a world that is constantly evolving. It’s insightful and very powerful.

🏳️‍🌈 Live Love LGBTQ+: The Best Pride Parades in the World (Pride 2019) – This is a fun and short post that shares some of the most extraordinarily festive Pride celebrations across the globe.

🏳️‍🌈 Don @ Don’t Golden Blog: Why You’re NOT Alone! (Personal) – A deeply personal and revealing post that talks about discovering identity and coming out.

Books & Comics:

📚 Bookshelves & Paperbacks – Review: Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson – This is such a marvellous review for a young adult fantasy novel that compels me to pick it up, being an avid aficionado of the genre. If you’re searching for excellent settings and fantastic characters, this may be a book for you.

📚 Asiana Circus: Best Comic Books & Graphic Novels with Stunning Art – This is such an awesome post full of brilliant comics that fans need to read if they haven’t already. I’ve read most of the titles on the list and cannot agree with it more.

📚 Happy Indulgence: Jade City Review: Best Book I’ve Read This Year – A superb book review for this #OwnVoices novel that chats about the fantastic world-building and many other aspects that make it a must-read.

📚 Falling for Romance: Spring Reading Faves – Bree has given us a list of her favourite books this past Spring, and books that are delightfully complementary for the season. If you’re a fan of romance, give her a visit!

📚 Read at Night: Why Do I Participate in Bookish Blog Tours and Do Review Requests? – Crimson has shared one of my fave bookish posts for the month. They tackle a subject not many book bloggers talk about with honesty and passion. I recommend this particularly to newbie book bloggers and reviewers.

📚 Bookdragonism: Why You Should Read Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay – Another absolutely wonderful review for an #OwnVoices Filipino-American novel, Rain chats enthusiastically about how powerful and vital this novel is, especially for the Filipino-American identity. It’s about family, faith, and acceptance, and much more.

📚 The Bibliofile: Wine and Book Pairings: 2019 Summer Reads – I came across this very fun post that pairs up wines to various novels. Folks who enjoy a glass of Malbec or Chardonnay shall get a kick out of this one.


🧡 Lethargic Ramblings: Introducing Leth’s Journey Through 40 Terrible Anime Series – Leth chats about the list of 40 anime that he must suffer through (self-inflicted ha-ha) and I must say that I’m quite looking forward to seeing his opinions on what many people construe as “the worst anime ever.”

🧡 Mechanical Anime Reviews: Of Minimal Story Telling and Demon Slayer – Scott discusses the subtlety of storytelling in Demon Slayer, which is an aspect of the series I love very much. As he points out, most shōnen anime aren’t subtle in their execution, but Demon Slayer is far more introspective. His discussion here highlights why it works for the series, especially within the genre and I highly recommend it.

🧡 Jon Spencer Reviews: When an Anime Shows & Tells – A Discussion ft. Waiting in the Summer and Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu – This is a great exploration of how certain anime will highlight a strong character, but never actually exhibit those strengths. Here we see how a story can be impacted when the anime shows us what those strengths do.

🧡 Truly Trash Media: Seasonal Anime Almost Killed My Love for Blogging – This was a post that I related to so much. One of the reasons I don’t do seasonal episodic musings of anime is because so many already do them, and it also can make me burnout really quickly, not wanting to pick up anime at all. This post goes into that a bit and also chats about how they found their love of anime again.

🧡 A Nerdy Perspective: Akira: Film Review – Sam’s review of Akira was very interesting to read as her opinions were different from the norm. I appreciated this review because it can show that popular things aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. It even allows us to learn new things about those specific popular titles, and I love that feeling. Plus, it’s excellently written.

🧡 Otaku Central: Sword Art Online II | Yes, I liked it – This is an anime that garners a lot of hate, yet this review chats about the things that there are to enjoy regardless of the flaws and things that people complain about. As someone who also enjoys SAO for what it is, I loved reading this.

🧡 The Pantless Anime Blogger: Assassination Classroom Review – This blog is one of my favourites for anime reviews. Their reviews are also so well-written and quite a bit in-depth. Assassination Classroom was a title that I really liked a lot and the review chats about how it can be a lot of fun and character rich.

🧡 Takuto’s Anime Café: Izetta: The Fairy Tale That 2016 Slept on | Review – I hadn’t heard much about this anime at all, so it was neat to see one of my fave blogs doing a review for it. It’s an original project that is puts a unique spin on a historical setting with characters to love and lovely visuals.

🧡 Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers: The One Episode Test – Kenneth talks about a bunch of anime serials here that can tell you whether they are worth the investment or not immediately from their pilot episodes rather than needing to watch a few. I’ve seen almost all of the titles on this list and concur very much!

🧡 All About Anime and Manga: 10 Anime I Am Watching This Season – If you’re still trying to figure out what to check-out during the Summer simulcast season, this excellent list may be able to give you a hand!

Music, Cinema, & Games:

📺 Sounds of the Rising Sun: One Eye Closed Interview – Sam interviews an up-and-coming Japanese nu-metalcore band called One Eye Closed that is so fricking awesome!

📺 Ryder Krystal Rose @ Kitten Who Eats Ramen: Pride Month: Androgynous Girls in Dramas – A wonderful list of Asian dramas that have androgynous characters in them!

📺 Mel in Anime Land: K-Friday / True Colours Inspiration – Mel gives us their favourite tracks of off Yunho’s debut album (you may know him from the K-Pop band, TVXQ). I remember loving that band when I was younger, and I didn’t even know about this solo project, but after checking out Mel’s post, I’m very excited for Yunho’s solo career!

📺 K-Drama Kween: While You Were Sleeping – A great review for this South Korean drama about a young woman with the ability to see premonitions who suddenly encounters others like her. I loved the exploration of the different characters, which is my favourite part about watching K-Dramas, plus the different ways the show was pleasantly surprising.

📺 Dramas with a Side of Kimchi: First Impressions: Chief of Staff – Normally, serials about politics don’t interest me too much, but based on these first impressions, I feel like the series will have a lot of intrigue to it, and that I definitely adore. Plus, it’s also fast-paced! I loved these first impressions as they are succinct but give you exactly what you need to know in order to add it or skip it (I’m adding it).

📺 It Started with a K-Drama – Japanese Dramas on Netflix – Finding a plethora of Japanese dramas can be difficult sometimes, as most sites are tailored to Korean and Chinese titles. This spectacular list compiles an amazing variety of Japanese serials and films that are available to watch on Netflix right now!

📺 Kdrama Kisses: My Fellow Citizens Korean Drama Review – Kay talks about this political comedy and it’s a pure joy to read. So engaging and wonderfully written, it really highlights what worked well for the series and what didn’t do as well. Also, the screen-grabs that Kay has of Choi Siwon are so funny and that alone makes me want to add this to my watchlist.

📺 Moe Gamer: The Zelda Diaries Part 1: A New BeginningThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is probably my favourite Zelda game released to date (after my first of course) and reading this extraordinary first impressions of the game just reminded me of everything that Nintendo got right with this game. If you’re a fan of the game, or have an interest in checking it out, you’ll want to follow this playthrough.

📺 Blerdy Otome: 5 Otome Games Like Steam Prison – I love game recommendations, especially when it’s for a genre I haven’t played in a long time or haven’t played nearly enough of. This list has some amazing titles on it for fans of Steam Prison.

📺 Two Happy Cats: Interview with the Localised Game Director of Ayakashi: Romance Reborn – I haven’t read many interviews with localisation game directors, so this was something new and quite interesting to read! What makes this great is that you can see the director’s enthusiasm and passion in the answers he provides.

Blogging & Mental Health:

🖥️ I Drink & Watch Anime: The 5 W’s of Blogging: Why – Irina’s series on blogging reaches it’s conclusion with the last and more important question: why do we blog? As always, this is such a delightful and insightful post, especially if you’re new to the community.

🖥️ The Art of Blogging: Six Essential Blogging Hacks – This post gathers six essential and helpful ways to make the most out of your blogging experience, both as a content creator and a writer.

🖥️ Purely Olivia: Should You Have a Blogging Niche? // ft. pros, cons + my thoughts! – Olivia chats about having a blogging niche, and how it can be beneficial to your content and/or how it may bottleneck you into a tight corner. It’s an excellent discussion that all bloggers should read over.

🖥️ Fighting for a Future: The Importance of Self-Care During Grief – Grief is the one thing that I struggle with the most, even nearly a decade after the most agonising loss of my existence. Self-care during a time of grief and loss is excruciating and seemingly impossible. This post meticulously outlines why it’s important and the steps a person can take towards practising self-care during such a horrid time.

🖥️ The Cucumber: Self-Care – What It’s Not – Another one of my favourite posts for the month, Appy chats about how self-care isn’t about superficial indulgences, but something that goes much deeper; a practise in bettering oneself as a person and focusing on long-term joy. I related so much to this and feel anyone interested in self-care needs to check it out.

Food & Travel:

🍲 Vegan Richa – Crispy Vegan Smashed Potatoes with Chimichurri – This is a stunning recipe for all potato lovers! As a vegetarian, I love exploring and learning new recipes. Highly recommended to all foodies. Additionally, she’s also got an excellent recipe for one of my all-time favourite childhood dishes, cauliflower and pea curry (gobi matar).

🍲 Happy Skin Kitchen: Baked Gnocchi alla Puttanesca – My favourite Italian dishes came from my brother. They were so authentic and delicious. Yet, this foodie blog has some of the best vegan renditions of my beloved recipes, such as the gnocchi. Another they have that sounds mouth-wateringly divine is asparagus and pea quiche.

🍲 Beauty Beyond Bones: Beet and Mushroom Flatbread – Mushrooms are one of the best things in the world (for me). I especially love them on pizza and flatbreads. I’ve never had beets, but this recipe is beautiful as it sounds  yummy!

🍲 The Comic Vault: Check-Out Budapest’s Comics Bar and Drink Like a Superhero – Budapest has been on my Bucket List of places to visit and the fact they have a comics bar has just pushed them nearly to the top!

🍲 Endless Roaming: Roaming Cadiz Spain to Marrakesh Morocco – This isn’t a typical travel post, but more like a journal on a journey. It’s beautiful and features some breath-taking scenery and shows the cities with authenticity that is rarely captured in such a way.

🍲 The Flying Tofu: Chapter 645: Tsunoshima Lighthouse – I’ve been fascinated with lighthouses since a conversation I had with Sir Besty (in my previous Self-Care Sunday post), so when I saw this one about a lighthouse in Japan, I had to share it! Tofu also has a manga exhibition at the British Museum to share that I thought was pretty neat.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I appreciate the support! Until next time, keep reading and keep otakuing. 

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  1. Ahhhh thank you so much for including not one but two of my posts!!! It is always so lovely to see that people enjoy what I write :’) I have so many amazing posts in this list to catch up on!!

  2. So much great content! And thank you for the lovely shout out. I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Thanks for including the OWLS posts.

    I nominated Leth a series for his challenge – Seisen Cerberus (since my go-to nomination for a terrible anime, Vampire Holmes, was already there when I got to his tweet) – so I wonder how he’ll react to both when he gets to them…

    • I nominated one of the first anime I ever saw–like before I understood what anime really was–and I’m very curious for his reactions to that. Haha.

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  5. Thank you for mentioning my post!! As much as I’m happy to see Yunho debuting solo, I hope having a comeback of the duo soon.

    • Yeah, I didn’t realise it had been so long since they worked together. Man, I wish they all stayed together, I love them so much. Especially Jaejoong, yummy.

        • Yeah, I remember there was a lot of bad stuff that went down. I think I discovered them the same year they all disbanded, which sucked so much. I’ve tried to keep up with them, but lost track when Jaejoong went into the military years ago.

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