Goblin Slayer Episodes 2 + 3: The Naked Stretch & Finding Camaraderie

Goblin Slayer is a seinen anime series that I did a first impressions for a long time ago (in March, I believe) and I have finished watching the entire thing since then. However, between some writing slumps and my personal life being all over the place for me mentally and emotionally, I haven’t been able to get a proper review out there. In an effort to help re-ignite the inspiration that I had upon finishing the anime and also as a means of rediscovering my review thought processes for it, I figured I could share my episodic musings of Goblin Slayer here. I recall that I had some great elements I wanted to chat about, however, getting those words and basic ideas back into my brain have been difficult to say the least.

If you’ve seen the series, or have been interested in it but haven’t had an opportunity to try it out yet, I ask you to chat with me about it (respectively spoiler-free). I’m sure it can help me re-acquire my inspiration for it!

These posts may contain spoilers for the listed episodes, so if you haven’t watched Goblin Slayer, proceed at your own discretion. I’ll try to keep them free of any major spoilers or character deaths (if they occur) for sure.

Episode 2:

After watching such an intense first episode will all of the violence and the disturbing scene of rape, it felt really uncomfortable for the second episode to open with hardcore fanservice of a big-breasted lady waking up and stretching provocatively while being completely naked. It’s like, is the series trying to be a serious fantasy narrative that isn’t afraid to be dark, or this slightly comedic fantasy that has all of the typical humour-inducing elements? Or is it some weird mutation of both? So, I think my first impression of the second episode—after a few minutes—was more along the lines of “what the fuck?”

Aside from that, it was nice to see the daily grind of Goblin Slayer and to learn just a tiny bit more about him. I’m looking forward to discovering his history and maybe some of the more serious reasons as to what makes him focus entirely on Goblins rather than going after all of the larger loot-cretive monsters (I know, that pun was terrible).

The jealousy from the red-haired lady towards the priestess that Goblin Slayer is working with was mildly entertaining, but also very predictable. I’m trying to figure out how I may feel about her. Normally, characters like her tend to be very boring and even annoying to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where my feelings will end up with her.

With the priestess character—the blond girl—trying to give Goblin Slayer a more humanistic approach to his slaying, my curiosity has been awoken. He’s extremely stoic and straight-to-the-point, or all-business when it comes to what he does. So seeing her part his black and white approach with some grey would make the series far more interesting to me.

Beyond that, it was pretty decent second episode. Nothing mind-blowingly fantastic or spectacular, but a good transition from the dramatic pilot. As I move forward, I hope it doesn’t stay in this sort of regular mode for too long, or that pilot will  feel like nothing but shock value for the sake of being so and that will make me feel sad.

Episode 3:

A trio of oddball adventurers arrive in search of Goblin Slayer’s assistance with a demon army that is threatening the existence of all people. They specifically need his help with slaying the goblins, which works for him as it’s the only thing that he goes after.

I like the variety of the personalities and races of the party that Goblin Slayer and Priestess has been shanghaied into. It feels really authentic to a campaign from table-top games like Dungeons and Dragons or classic fantasy video games like Champions of Norrath, which was a big-time favourite of mine. I also like that upon meeting rather than jumping straight into a hack-and-slash mess, it shows them starting their journey with camping out together along the way. This way they get to become somewhat acclimated to one another’s persona and quirks, which should theoretically help them function more cohesively as a team.

The most fascinating parts of their camp-fire chit-chat were the reasons they became adventurers. Goblin Slayer doesn’t talk about his reason for doing what he does, however later on when they discuss their beliefs on how goblins originated in the realm, we do get a hint as to why he’s so Hell-bent on executing every goblin out there. I feel like it’s going to be an emotional as fuck revelation too.

My final thoughts with the episode are that I hope this party can help him come out of his shell a bit and give him more humanising traits rather than this stoic, robotic goblin-killing-machine vibe he has going on. I also hope that none of them die (wishful thinking probably) because I love their personas and how their differences complement their overall chemistry.

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15 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episodes 2 + 3: The Naked Stretch & Finding Camaraderie

  1. It is all about GS’s emotional growth (however glacial) and the camaraderie of the team he gets surrounded by.

    As for the girl stretching, maybe that is to remind us what we are fighting for. Or just random fan service thrown in.

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  2. Because of my hiatus I kind of fell behind on watching this one. (As with a lot of seasonal anime I was watching at the time). Will have to get back to it, as I was really enjoying it. But then again, there are way too many things I need to get back to lol 😂😂 Lol, and I kind of liked that loot cretive pun😂😂

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  3. I think it fails to be a really entertaining fantasy story, and stays in the 6/10 range in my opinion. The ridiculously oversexualized female characters are part of it. I liked the sword maiden as a character but I can’t take her seriously now because of the way they animate her. I’m not a fan of GS also because I don’t like the art, and the story is extremely predictable with a boring conclusion. What little development of GS there was, well, it wasn’t nearly enough to maintain my interest.

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