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Ani-Twit Watches – A Community-Centric Anime Watching Shindig for My Neighbour Seki: The Master of Killing Time

One of the best things about being a part of the anime community online is that people can come together to watch shows and do collaborations or merely have fun discussions about differing perspectives on the same things. Starting on Monday July 22nd, the anime community over on Twitter shall be partaking in one of these community-based events hosted by the fabulous Jon Spencer Reviews. A group of us will be getting together to watch an older anime series called My Neighbour Seki: The Master of Killing Time.

The whole point of this gig is to incite enthusiasm within the community for chatting about things we love! It can be so intellectually stimulating for me to be able to have discourse on an anime I have seen with other people, especially when they show me unique and fresh point-of-views that I may not have thought of, or can point out thematic elements that I completely missed during my watch through, which is further enthralling when you have a mixture of newbies to a franchise and friends who are returning for a second (or third or fourth) re-watching.

Since this is so community-centric, JS wanted to open this up to the WordPress otaku individuals as well. A couple of reasons for choosing My Neighbour Seki are because it’s legally accessible on multiple streaming platforms (CrunchyRoll & HIDIVE), it’s a relatively short series and that makes it easier to watch for chums who are loaded with seasonal pickings, and—from everything I’ve heard and read about it—it’s really light-hearted as well!!

If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in partaking in, then please check out the details down below which highlights the start date, watching schedule, and the appropriate hashtags we’ll be using to discuss this over on Twitter. Also, please feel free to make posts or videos on your own respective platforms to share your participation!

Ani-Twit Watches:

🐣 Every Monday—starting with July 22nd—we’ll be watching 3 episodes of My Neighbour Seki, which run approximately 7 minutes a piece. There are 21 episodes, so it’ll take us 7 weeks to finish the whole thing.

🐣 Discuss the anime with us over on Twitter using the hashtag #AniTwitWatches and we’ll promote the discussions. Also, feel free to tag Jon Spencer as well at: @JS_Reviews

🐣 Feel free to write posts/make videos of your discussions and we’ll promote them as long as you tweet them out with the hashtag and/or mention above. If you don’t feel like doing episodic musings and merely want to do a series review or round-up, that’s perfectly cool too! Additionally, don’t feel pressured to create content for this if all you’re interested in is watching and chatting. There is no pressure!

My personal plan so far (definitely tentative, thanks school) is to do rough episodic thoughts here on BiblioNyan and then a full series review a week or so after we’re all done watching it. I sincerely hope you’ll join us for this amazing community-collab! If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below, thank you!

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