Goblin Slayer Episodes 4, 5, & 6: Low-Level Adventurers & Instigating Destruction

Episode 4:

They go into the massive Goblin hideout and discover a captured Elf woman who had been abused terribly, and a couple of characters vow to get vengeance on her behalf. The rest of the episode proceeds with them fighting the goblins and then an unexpected new baddy towards the end.

There is a part of me that felt Goblin Slayer is so fucking overpowered, but then the more that I thought about it, the more I realised it’s not that he’s OP. In fact, he’s pretty much right where he needs to be in terms of his current rank. What gives him an edge over other adventurers is that he’s not arrogant and cocky, allowing his successes to not go to his head, and he just has a shite ton of experience. Plus, he always makes sure to be as prepared as possible prior to engaging with his given quests. Thinking about it that way made me appreciate him a bit more and it also really makes me want to play Champions of Norrath again.

I feel like I just stated something obvious, but that’s okay. Aside from appreciating his skills at kicking arse and his overall preparedness, it was neat to watch everyone work together as a team. I’ll confess that during the big baddy fight, I wanted them to struggle just a bit more, to maybe see someone else get beaten up a bit more considering how incredibly tough this dude was supposed to be. However, I’ll just be grateful that no one has died (yet).

Episode 5:

This was a neat episode that focused more on other adventurers as they struggled with their respective quests. Meanwhile, Goblin Slayer did some basic tasks to help out the Guild.

Seeing low-level guys really have difficulties with their quests was a nice break from all the powered people kicking arse. On the one hand I did feel kind of bad for them because being low-level sucks a lot. But it was a good change.

Overall, it’s also quite nostalgic for me in terms of when I played D&D. Even the alignments are the same—as is shown when Goblin Slayer helps out with a rank promotion exam later—when it comes to how the characters will behave in certain circumstances or the ways they shall help/betray their team members.

Of course we wouldn’t be able to have an episode of Goblin Slayer without some kind of gratuitous fan-service element, which in this case is about boobs and phallic items. Without this over-sexualisation, the series would be so much better. So. Much. Better. I feel like I can rarely have a fantasy anime that is serious with excellent fantastical elements without something inconsequential thing bugging it up.

I’ve mentioned this in the comments before with friend before, but having a series focus so much on rape and then turn around and then have this sort of nonsense really detracts from the intensity of those heinous acts. Plus, it just makes the rape a terrible narrative device that is in and of itself further fetishised. I really kind of hate it.

Episode 6:

Goblin Slayer receives a special request from the archbishop at Water Town for a serious goblin problem threatening the city.

The most surprising part of the episode was Goblin Slayer seeking out his newly acquainted buddies for help on the adventure. This was a good mark of development for him as an individual, which a couple characters even jested about.

The camaraderie of everyone working together was once again quite pleasant. I love the chemistry and the bickering back and forth. They seem to have found a rhythm with working as a team as it was very smooth and natural.

As they get to the city and learn more about their quest and get a bit into tackling it, an air of political intrigue rises up here as the accumulation of goblins and their new tactics are artificial when compared to their personas. So, the curious element moving forward will be seeing who or what is instigating the attacks on this town, and what their motives may be.

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12 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episodes 4, 5, & 6: Low-Level Adventurers & Instigating Destruction

  1. This series really reminded me a lot of my D&D days as well. But I agree, I could have done without all those unnecessary fanservice moments as well. I think episode 6 or maybe 7 is about the final ones that I watched. Guess I progressed farther than I thought 😊

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  2. For me, the ridiculous sexualisation and fanservice didn’t make me angry or anything, but it made me unable to appreciate the show as a serious dark fantasy. And I find the plot and character elements incredibly predictable and boring. I don’t think the rape scenes were fetishised though. They seemed like they were portrayed pretty horrifically. Just my thoughts.

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    • Yeah, I don’t mind fanservice of ecchi stuff at all, but like you said, it took away from the seriousness of the dark fantasy and I didn’t like that at all. Esp cause I love dark fantasy. And you’re right, it is traumatic. I just feel like the sexualisation of all the females negates the impact of the rape scenes since the show basically doesn’t take its women seriously at all. Just violence against women for the sake of it. I’m probably not articulating myself well about this. Just prattling. Sorry.

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      • No no you’re fine. I get what you’re saying. It kind of makes you question the intentions of the creators when there are so many scenes of rape and sexualisation, which can make viewing uncomfortable. Just of out curiosity, have you seen and/or do you like Claymore? (Manga or anime or both.) Now that’s a dark fantasy I adore.

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          • Yeah I think it’s pretty great. There is a lot of violence, sometimes way over the top, but I am just in love with the fact that there are so many strong half-demon women around with giant swords lol! There is one major downside to the anime, however. Starting about halfway through the series, it starts following a different story than the manga. I still think the anime original story is pretty good, but the manga is slightly better. In turn, the issue with the manga is the character art isn’t so great.

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  4. This show seems to be all over the place, serious dark fantasy…HEY BOOBS! It can for sure take away from the story telling, and it seems that the quality of the story is not holding up episode to episode. Sad as this could have been done really well! Also I like how you spaced the episodes gives a nice way to keep each one in focus as you are reading.


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