Goblin Slayer Episodes 7 & 8: In the Face of Death & the Healing Powers of Naked Virgins

Episode 7:

The adventurers go back under the city to continue clearing out the goblins and to figure out who the big baddie is that’s been creating the chaos.

Man, this episode was a hot ball of surprise and just the sort of blood bath I’ve been waiting for since the first episode! It was so refreshing to watch everyone get their collective arses kicked and to feel the immense pressure of inevitable death beating them in the face, which includes our stoic goblin slayer bro-dude.

There was a sequence of strung together flashbacks that provides some insight into what happened in Goblin Slayer’s past to make him so hell-bent on eradicating goblins from the realm. It’s pretty  much predictable if you caught some of the references and flashbacks from the second or third episode and I wonder if they will do a proper revelation later on. As far fantasy genres go, it’s grade-A cliché handiwork and just as depressing as one would expect. However, that horrible past of his is what ended up spurring him to keep going even though he was bleeding from practically every orifice, which was also essentially his Death Saving Throw (actual dice did appear on-screen for it) and it was neat to see.

Aside from that there wasn’t much else going on. Typical boobs-in-the-bathtub portion occurred at the start of the episode, but when these pop up now, I just kind of ignore the series and go grab a beverage or snack or something.

Episode 8:

Goblin Slayer recovers from his injuries and what better way to heal than by laying in bed with virgins? Because it has resurrective powers? Yeah… that makes total sense… Afterwards, he went for a weapons and armour upgrade and repair.

Rolling my eyes at the first few minutes of the episode aside, I liked watching him go shopping and spend some time with Priestess. Their interactions seem to make her understand him better and also allow for him to develop more humanistic qualities such as empathy, which given his traumatic childhood, his stoicism is far more understandable.

I don’t really have anything else to say about this episode. The best part for me was the introduction of the Beholder, which is one of my favourite D&D monsters ever, but of course Goblin Slayer kicked it’s arse so fucking easily that the entire scene was a huge let-down and a bit of a waste.

There are four episodes left and I’m trying not to think about things with too much effort because I feel I’ll be left disappointed if I do. Suffice to say that the outcome is relatively predictable, and from what I’ve heard about the finale, somewhat unsatisfying things are headed my way, well more so than normal. Aren’t I lucky?

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12 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episodes 7 & 8: In the Face of Death & the Healing Powers of Naked Virgins

      • Some harem shows have multiple women throwing themselves at a guy who is too dense to notice their feelings. Goblin Slayer is a bit like that. Maybe not dense, but he is too focusing on goblin murder to make room for romance.

        Pretty much every girl in this show has a scene revealing that they admire him. The guild girl for example really digs him.

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  1. The bed of virgins just gives me Monty Python and the Holy Grail vibes! (Sir Galahad is in a castle of sexual charged nuns and Lancelot comes to his rescue to keep him pure) “I’ve come to rescue you” “I don’t need rescuing” “No, you are in terrible danger!”

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  2. Episode 8 was the most frustrating episode for me, because it has what would have been very interesting character development for Sword Maiden… if all the shots hadn’t been of her crotch, thighs, and boobs. I mean she’s hot, but I can’t handle that much super charged sexually and also pick up on the character insights. (You know what I did? I rewatched the whole scene with Sword Maiden and Goblin Slayer talking, with the screen covered except for the subs. Then I was able to appreciate what the Sword Maiden and her story is all about.)

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    • Yes! I felt exactly the same way, and that’s a good idea. I may have to do that with a couple of episodes just to see how it goes. It was difficult to take Sword Maiden seriously, which feels terrible to say because she had quite a compelling story.

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