Goblin Slayer Episodes 9 & 10: A Magical Portal & Making Friends

Episode 9:

So, the motley crew found a magical portal Gate that they believe leads to the goblins home world and is how these goblins have been invading the sewers underneath the city.

To be perfectly honest, I kind of checked out of this episode a little bit because I found myself feeling bored. I wasn’t surprised by the mirror portal thing because it was just convenient enough to match the flow of the series up to this point. Nothing has been too sensationally difficult or challenging for the characters. Sure they did almost die a couple of times, but in the end,  they always walk away after a feat of opportune badassry.

Wrapping up the quest, and just the whole adventure in general, was rather anti-climactic. The good parts were seeing Goblin Slayer develop more small morsels of sentimentality from the friendships he has formed with the five individuals that made up his party. There aren’t any strong romance vibes either and that’s been quite a pleasant change from typical anime tropes. Will something sprout up before the end? Probably, especially with Cow Girl (big-boobed red-head girl) and her emotional attachment to Goblin Slayer.

An über baddy called Demon Lord has been mentioned quite a few times, so I’m going to assume that’s where the next quest shall lead, or up to a cliff-hanger surrounding it. Given there’s three episodes left, it could be doable, or it’ll be a rushed hot mess of disappointment, which again, won’t be a surprise.

Episode 10:

Another sort of chill episode where Goblin Slayer gets his shit maintained and then ends up having lunch with his friends and the red-haired chick.

When the episode began, I thought it would be the flashback episode that was to arrive eventually as it was narrated by Goblin Slayer himself and he was talking about a loved one. But that only lasted for the starting portion before moving onwards. In a way I’m sad because I’m dying to learn more about his training and whatever led him to become so closed off and singularly focused on goblins. However, I do understand that it’s an extremely painful memory and trauma, so it may not be depicted completely for that purpose.

Watching the dwarf and elf ranger girl go toe-to-toe in a drinking battle brought back lovely memories for me with regard to Gimli and Legolas. “I’m starting to feel something.” What a pair of dorks. I love them to bits. My Lord of the Rings bias is definitely the reason why these two from the anime are my favourites. I also relate quite a bit to the lizard wizard’s love of cheese. Yummy nectar indeed.

I glanced ahead somewhat and saw that the next episode is a filler of sorts, so I’ll probably skip that one entirely.

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3 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episodes 9 & 10: A Magical Portal & Making Friends

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  2. It seems like this show is just slowly declining as it goes on, with some flashes here and there of what could be a really good series mixed in just enough to keep you going. Sad as this is like an intro to D&D of sorts, it makes me wish they just adapted one of the built in stories.

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    • It has very interesting mechanics to it, and that’s probably what I will focus on more in my review since I did all my venting and whining in these episodic things haha. So, that bit actually made it worth watching. I just wish it was crafted with more serious undertones and respect towards the women.


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