Goblin Slayer Episodes 11 & 12: The Ultimate Horde of Goblins & Goblin Slayer’s Face is Revealed!

Episode 11:

In this episode, the inevitable has happened: signs of goblins scouting the farm where Goblin Slayer resides have popped up, which means they’re planning a grand-scale attack. In an effort to save the people who gave him a home, Goblin Slayer makes a risky request.

I wish all of the episodes were like this one. The focus was centred on this terrifying impending assault, giving the entire segment a serious tone to it that helped provide some intensity and suspense. Seeing Goblin Slayer plead for assistance in his own way was also refreshing because it shows that he’s not an arrogant idiot and does feel the limits of his inadequacy when faced with alarmingly large numbers of goblins in an open field versus the tight confines of a cave. His goblin speciality also created an air of respect and acknowledgement with other adventurers, whether they openly admitted it or not, which came in handy here.

This sort of gathering of adventurers doing what they do best was actually kind of cool. It reminded me of large raids in MMOs or an epic-level campaign with a large D&D group (I’ve only ever participated in one such campaign and it was so kick-arse). There were all levels of adventurers and their strategy at working together was exceptionally smooth-going (strategies provided from the Slayer man himself, of course).

I’m still surprised there haven’t been deaths yet. I’m not this terrible human being who just wants to watch everyone die (at least not entirely), but I do believe that significant deaths of people who the audience has a had a chance to develop an emotional investment in may give Goblin Slayer the sort of depth it’s severely lacking. Either that or A Song of Ice and Fire has royally fucked me up, which I wouldn’t doubt.

Going into the finale, I expect much arse-kicking and blood baths, as well as warm-hearted wrap-up of everything that’s happened. I just don’t find it feasible for a series like this to end in anything but the mushy gushy.

Episode 12:

The adventurers finish off the rest of the goblin horde as Goblin Slayer confronts their leader, the Goblin Lord in the toughest battle against goblins that he has had yet. (That was an interesting sentence.)

Okay, this was yet another episode where things went rather well in terms of flow and very limited use of women just being bouncy breasts in questionable fabrics. I feel like the last two episodes gave us a glimpse of what Goblin Slayer could be without the unnecessary fan-service elements, and dare I say that it was more decent than the previous nine episodes. The fight sequences between some of the other silver ranked adventurers were also kind of fun, mostly because they were so damn bloody. There was blood spraying left, right, and centre. I loved it.

After everything, people gathered up at the guild to eat great food, get passionately drunk, and celebrate their fantastic victory. I loved that the guild provided a special reward for this quest and they stuck to it regardless of monster subclass and level. It was so very D&D in a lot of ways (again). The most shocking part (not really shocking because I expected it, but heartfelt none the less) was Goblin Slayer realising that he may one day want to venture forth as an actual adventurer taking part in quests that aren’t solely devoted to defeating goblins. That is growth, my friends. Small, itty, bitty growth.

Lastly, Goblin Slayer acquiescing a request from Priestess to take off his helm (of course we didn’t get to see what was under that bucket) was fucking hilarious. A supremely drunken Elf Ranger notices and then everybody rushes to him to see what his face looks like because GS never takes the bleeding thing off. It was like someone had brought a mermaid or Haruki Murakami to the party; everyone wants to take a look and see! Ending the episode and the series on such a comforting and friendly manner was a good balance to the destructive and disturbing way in which it began.

My final impressions as I call it close and ponder my review outline is that the show was not as terrible as people made it out to be and not nearly as great as people hyped it up either. It was about as average as it can get. There were many things about Goblin Slayer that I appreciated immensely, and those things will more than likely be the focus of my review. However, there was a lot of crap it could have done without.

If you want a simple “Should I Watch” or “Should I Skip” answer, my response is you should skip it if you’re searching for a dark fantasy story that takes itself far more seriously and go find one that doesn’t have gratuitous amounts of unnecessary and debilitating fan service while trying to pass rape off as a horrendous act of violence (which obviously it is, but that aspect is significantly deprecated due to how women are portrayed here). Yet, if you’re the type who doesn’t care for that shtick and just want a series that has both dark fantasy elements, tons of violence, and an air of light-heartedness to it, then you’ll probably enjoy Goblin Slayer to some degree, more so if you’re a fan of RPGs (role-playing games). I should have a full spoiler-free review for Goblin Slayer up within the week, if you’d like to wait for that instead.

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5 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episodes 11 & 12: The Ultimate Horde of Goblins & Goblin Slayer’s Face is Revealed!

  1. It seems like this show is so unbalanced. It is like they wanted to make something epic and dark, but whether it was due to pressure from the studio, or not sure how the audience would react if they didn’t put a bunch of extra stuff, it got bogged down and lost itself. The last two episodes seems like they where able to show that this show could be awesome, hopefully season 2 will be more of this.

    • Yes, unbalanced is an excellent way to describe it. There will be a season two from what it teased at the end of the final episode, so I’m going to hope that one is a better put together.

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  3. Well, I have to finish this one still, and I think after having read your series of posts about it, I will eventually. Just not in a real rush to do it, especially with quite a lot of other shows that are much better than this one 😊

    • I saw that they are making a season two down the line, so if you’re interested in seeing then I recommend finishing it. But as you said, there are better things out there that can easily take priority after this. 🙂

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