Favourite Reading Holes #5: The University Quad

Summer this year has not been pleasant. I’ll admit that it has been far better than the previous few years, however, it’s still just deathly enough to keep me indoors. When you take my poor physical health into account, venturing outside usually leaves me recovering from mild to moderate bouts of heat exhaustion. So, I stay where it is cool and comfortable with my cats: home. Nonetheless, I also have ADHD and when my stress or anxiety becomes too much for me to handle at home, I tread lightly beyond the confines of my cave. This time I ended up at my local university.

I think one of the main reasons that I chose to visit the Uni that particular day was because I wanted to try getting more acclimated to being on campus. While I moan and gripe about Uni probably not being for me anymore (story for another day), I am planning my return to it in 2020. (I’m currently attending a junior college to work on my Japanese and flesh out the credits necessary for my Bachelor’s requirements at a fraction of the cost, at least all the classes from the programme that are available at to the junior college.) The Uni that I shall be attending is one with very traumatising memories for me, mostly where my abusive ex and his bullying partner (and her entire sorority) are concerned. However, the campus has changed quite a bit and none of those arseholes attend the Uni anymore as it’s been about four or five years since the trauma occurred. So, theoretically I have nothing to feel afraid or anxious about. Theoretically. It doesn’t mean those feelings won’t sprout the fuck up when I least expect them to.

Since it’s Summer Semester season, most of the campus was eerily deserted, which was so fantastically lovely. I was able to take my time walking around without feeling an ounce of social anxiety, and negative feelings from the past were also at a minimum. As I walked and basked in this rare feeling of ease, I came across the Uni’s Quad where they have the most beautiful rose garden. There are small benches placed around the garden as well, with rectangular gazebo’s hovering over them. Plus, there are so many gigantic trees in the Quad that all the benches were beneath the shade.

I sat down on a whim to see how it would feel and then pulled out my book a couple minutes later. It was so wonderful. The breeze was cool enough to take the bite out of the heated atmosphere. Some birds were chirping in a tree many feet above my head. A couple of people were having light conversation on the opposite side of the Quad, so I could feel their presence without being overwhelmed by their chat. That was the first time I had gotten so much reading done in a while (I was battling a slump).

It just ended up being a great day and I made sure to snap pictures of the flowers before I finally left. When I got home, I did find myself suffering from moderate heat exhaustion and that had me down for the count for a while, but it was still worth it! I’m glad I can add this to my list of charming reading holes, especially because I’ll need it once I’m knee-deep in my programme next year.

6 thoughts on “Favourite Reading Holes #5: The University Quad

  1. Yay pretty places to read! It is always nice to remember that when all the chaos is gong on you can still find nice and quite places to go and enjoy a good book.

    • Indeed, I agree! And you can look forward to a pretty place to study/read yourself when you accompany me some days. 😀

  2. Wow! Absolutely wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing these. I’m glad that you were still able to go here as it really looks like an amazing place to take some stress relief. 😊

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